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  1. chalkyhill

    Barbers in Perth

    Salon Express Subiaco - $16 and the guy does a great haircut.
  2. chalkyhill

    Looking to Remortgage UK Property

    I had a chat with a specialist broker a few weeks ago (been busy and having looked further into it). They were able to offer me a better rate (2% less than current deal), however I had to complete the documentation and post from outwith Australia. It was suggested that I fly to Bali or NZ. I also had to say that I was considering moving back within two years.
  3. chalkyhill

    December 190 lodged gang

    We got an email back from immigration who said that because we were onshore they were now activated, where as in the past you used to have to leave an re-enter.
  4. chalkyhill

    December 190 lodged gang

    Thanks for the help guys, the missus checked and we don't have to leave. We might take a holiday anyway!
  5. chalkyhill

    December 190 lodged gang

    Once you get one it goes through very quickly, I wouldn't worry too much about it. We just got our visa grant this morning, do we now have to leave australia and come back in to have the visa activated?
  6. chalkyhill

    December 190 lodged gang

    We are just going through our application, and all the documents have been uploaded - however when we look on the site the attachments seem to be now missing. Does anyone know what this means?
  7. chalkyhill

    190 Visa Stamp

    We are on a 457 and applying for the 190 visa, is it possible to get a stamp in our passport?
  8. I live in Perth, but am being seconded to Albany for the next six months. I quite like it, and 4 hours drive is not that far.
  9. chalkyhill

    457 Visa can I get a car loan ?

    I don't know about a car loan, but we are on a 457 and are salary sacrificing a car.
  10. It's all about making business decisions.
  11. No matter how much bank/business bashing you put onto it, you are still nothing more than a thief. You have the ability to pay back the debt, yet you are choosing not to - this isn't anything clever its just simple fraud. In the end, I hope it all catches up with you.
  12. you sound like your getting some professional advice - so I would go with that. Bankruptcy and starting from scratch sounds like the best option.
  13. No worries. If I make the decision to not pay rent - that is a personal decision, not a business decision. If I choose not to pay my credit card - that is a personal decision, not a business decision. It is a business decision, you are are set up as a business. Are all your occupants corporate entities? Do you make sure they are registered businesses prior to setting a lease? It must also be noted that companies do not just default constantly, companies who default would very quickly lose customers and suppliers.
  14. I could become a drug dealer - Just because I can, doesn't mean I need to. Whilst we are maturing we realise that we don't have to follow our base instincts. I also think your are confusing personal and business decisions. If I decide to default on my credit card debt its a personal decision not a business decision.
  15. chalkyhill

    Is this an abuse of working hours in Oz?

    Also with smartphones, your never that far from work.