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    Decent advice .......

    Great , thank you I have actually seen a business i would like to buy , does anyone have any advice ? Or a migration agent to recommend
  2. steano

    Decent advice .......

    I was told there is an option of starting a business in regional queensland as they are trying to encourage business growth , that is one option i am looking into. I have a background in engineering / building but have spent the last 5 years in performance car sales. and in the short time here imported car accessories as a form on income (something i would like to continue in future) Through my hobby of racing cars i have met a few business's i can work with , have you got a link to the conditions of both employer sponsored visas ?
  3. steano

    Decent advice .......

    Hi Guys , Let me explain my situation to you all , Basically i am living on the Sunshine Coast at the moment, i have been here for 21 months (firstly on working holiday visa) then on a 2nd year working holiday visa (did voluntary work) Now im currently working for my self on my ABN , i would like to stay longer as i have made some great friends , love the lifestyle and see business oppotunitys for myself here in the future. But before i can plan i need to work out to extend my visa , i have contacted a couple of migration agents but they all seem to be very vague and not have any concrete answers to my questions, which concerns me as time is running out. If anyone could help me / point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it. And id liek some advice from people have done it Basically ........ Getting Sponsored If i look for work , how hard is it for the employer to sponsor me ? what are the criteria ? how long does it usually take ? Buying a business Anyone done this ? how hard is it ? Starting a business Anyone done this ? Or could anyone point me in the direction of a migration agent who can 'GET THINGS DONE ?' Hope to hear from you soon J
  4. Any tips ? Been here 9 months and would like to stay a lil longer J