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  1. Jems30

    Family suburbs and climate

    Can you recommend which area is nice in Frankston? or is it just a big avoid area?;-)
  2. Jems30

    Family suburbs and climate

    Thanks BuzzyBee. Frankston does look really nice, and the houses are fairly priced too.
  3. Jems30

    Emigrating cats

    Has anyone taken their cats over to Australia? My daughter would be truly heartbroken if we left out British Shorthaired cats. We have 2 and they are beautiful, our babies and i don't think I could leave them either :-( I just don't know if it's safe to do this with cats, would they be ok?
  4. Jems30

    Family suburbs and climate

    Thank you. I like the idea of living near the beach but of course my husbands job would come first so the commute couldn't be too far for him. I heard Frankston was a little scary at night, very rough, is that not the case now? It looks a beautiful place.
  5. Jems30

    Family suburbs and climate

    Thanks all for your help, much appreciated.
  6. Jems30

    Family suburbs and climate

    Thank you so much Lady Raincorn. Big help, I shall take a look x
  7. Jems30

    Family suburbs and climate

    Thank you both. That's what I'm thinking, Adelaide heat might be too much for me. Thank you. I shall take a look at that forum. Much appreciated.
  8. Jems30

    Family suburbs and climate

    We are torn between Adelaide and Melbourne. Hubby has more opportunities in Melbourne. My questions are what is the climate like in Melbourne? is the climate like the UK like some people say? I suffer with SAD's but don't like the strong heat so we think Melbourne could be a good option. Also could anyone recommend a good family suburb near the beach. Our children are 12, 10 & 8. We want the outdoor lifestyle and being near a beach would be great for us. Thanks
  9. Jems30


    Thank you all, lots of great replies:-) x
  10. Jems30


    That is what I am hoping, that you just get used to it. What does humidity feel like? lol!!! Here in the UK I guess we don't get it;-)
  11. Jems30


    How do you cope in the humidity?A few friends have told me it is terribly humid in Brisbane and I won't cope with it. Is it that bad??
  12. Jems30

    Nice suburbs in Brisbane

    Thanks Alaska. My cousin lives in Thornlands, I am now thinking that area, Victoria Point etc.... She says it is a nice area, near the beach, good schools etc... Do you know Thornlands at all? My husband would be working in South Bank area of Brisbane.
  13. Jems30

    Nice suburbs in Brisbane

    South Bank. My cousin lives in Thornlands, it seems a lovely area.
  14. Jems30

    Hello again:-)

    He is a Quantity Surveyor.
  15. Jems30

    Nice suburbs in Brisbane

    My husbands employer have an office in Brisbane, we are wanting to look at nice suburbs, good schools and not too far from the beach for our young family. Previously we have always looked at Perth as our preference and Adelaide close second. The company he works for have openings at the Brisbane office, I already have family there which is appealing I just really want to live not too far from the sea, nice family suburb with good schools. Can anyone give me some info on some good suburbs? and tell me what you love about Queensland, sell it to me.:wink: