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  1. Just saw this: http://www.imaxmelbourne.com.au/movie/fifa_world_cup_2014_select_group_matches Sounds awesome!
  2. http://klausandfritz.com/top-5-venues-in-melbourne-to-watch-the-football-world-cup-2014-in-brazil/
  3. matjones


    It's not the snakes you have to worry about. I hear Drop Bears are prevalent on the peninsula.
  4. matjones

    Nab money transfer

    I use xetrade.com Find their rates to be the best.
  5. The biggest problem is that the games are going to be early in the morning, so I don't think you will find too many places open. Is turfbar open for all games? or just the England & Aus ones?
  6. matjones

    Moving to Melbourne

    Not sure about the job market right now. Hopefully someone else can comment on that. With regards to suburbs, you could consider carlton, carlton north, parkville & parts of north melbourne. They would be the closest to university of Melbourne. The public transportation to univeristy is really good. lots of tram lines, most which run up Swanston street through the city. You could also consider suburbs on the south side such as southbank and south Melbourne ( around Domain Interchange). There are plenty of bike lines/paths in the city and some really nice trails along the river. You can see some of the options here: http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/ParksandActivities/ActiveMelbourne/WalkingCyclingandSkating/Documents/Travelsmart_Melbourne_map_May_2011.pdf
  7. matjones

    do the locals and British expats bond well?

    Don't worry if you're not a sports fan! We have plenty of Aussie friends who couldn't give two hoots about sports. Just find people with similar interests and you'll be right. Melbourne is such a cultural mix, nobody really cares where you are from.
  8. matjones

    Inner City Suburbs Melbourne

    Have a look on google maps. Find the stop closest to your potential workplace and click it. That will highlight all the passing tram routes for you. That side of town is quite well serviced. Potential suburbs really depend on what you are looking for and your budget.
  9. matjones

    Moving to Melbourne from the 13 Jan...

    What kind of work are you looking for? Are you coming over on working holiday visa? For meeting others you might want to look at http://www.meetup.com/ They have quite a few local groups.
  10. One of my favorite views of the city is when walking/riding up the capital city trail just before swan street: http://goo.gl/maps/RH7VK The ever evolving artwork of Hosier Lane, and one of my favorite restaurants, Movida: http://goo.gl/maps/5gawX Always pay attention to the laneways in Melbourne. Walk down each one you never know what you will find, like this little cafe: http://goo.gl/maps/sJOmQ http://www.thelittlemule.com/ Melbourne Cathedral - from front it doesnt look that big, but quite impressive from the side view. Up at top end of Spring Street. (make a detour to Spring Street Grocer for some amazing homemade Ice Cream & Cheese Room). http://goo.gl/maps/AfVgb Brighton Dog Beach - if you have/get a dog. Best fenced in dog beach in Melbourne area, can be hundreds of dogs here on a nice summers day. http://goo.gl/maps/uzSF0 So many places along the Yarra River to walk and enjoy the scenery: http://goo.gl/maps/z75Q6
  11. I will pull up some fav spots a little later and post them, just remember, the street views can be out of date by up to 4 years depending on the area. Melbourne is evolving pretty fast so latest hot spots may not be visible yet.
  12. Don't always wait for inspections at the weekend. Give the agents a call and see if you are able to view the property early. Try and beat out the competition.
  13. matjones

    East Brunswick / Lygon Street

    A little noisy for my liking. Too many students. If they are looking for a quieter area with easy access, they could look at North Melbourne & South Melbourne.
  14. matjones

    Working in Port Melbourne

    We are around Albert Rd & St Kilda Rd in South Melbourne. Very easy to ride bikes around there, so that is a transportation option if you live in the area.
  15. matjones

    Working in Port Melbourne

    There are really only 2 trams that go anywhere near Port Melbourne ( 109 & 1 ). 109 runs closer to the main shopping strip of Port Melbourne, not sure what part he will be traveling to. Port Melbourne & South Melbourne are good options. We currently live in South Melbourne and it is very family friendly. Trams can be quite slow if you are as far out as Camberwell as they share the roads with cars in a lot of places, which is a nightmare during peak hours. You could look for somewhere along a train line, and then transfer to the tram at Flinders or southern cross.
  16. We have a bunch of stuff for sale now that we have downsized to an apartment. We are in South Melbourne. Contact me if interested in anything: Mat
  17. matjones

    Melbourne beautiful City... Anyone moving there?

    There is a good Filipino restaurant in South Melbourne called Dahon Tea Lounge http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/71/1618669/restaurant/Melbourne/Dahon-Tea-Lounge-South-Melbourne Their lease has expired and they only have about 1 month left at the current location. They are looking for a new spot, hopefully in the same area. It is run by a filipino family, very authentic.
  18. matjones

    Melbourne beautiful City... Anyone moving there?

    There are a couple of good restaurants there, but the main thing I like about St. Kilda are the penguins.
  19. matjones

    Melbourne beautiful City... Anyone moving there?

    It's certainly better than it used to be, but still, you can see signs of the old St Kilda. Just 1 month ago, a prostitute was murdered there. There is a bit of a misconception that St. Kilda is a great place to live by the beach. Just got to go in there with eyes wide open.
  20. matjones

    Melbourne beautiful City... Anyone moving there?

    Have you been to St. Kilda before? I find it to be very gritty. It's one of the suburbs that I feel a little uncomfortable when walking around during the day/evening. St Kilda is known as a prostitution & drug problem area, so be very careful where you choose to live. I certainly wouldn't walk around there late at night.
  21. matjones

    An English accent in Melbourne...a bonus?

    If you want to stand out, you should work on a french accent. Guaranteed to pull the chicks. I suggest watching 'Allo 'Allo for lessons
  22. matjones

    An English accent in Melbourne...a bonus?

    You're not the first Brit to make it across here. Not much of a novelty I'm afraid.
  23. matjones

    Rental Market in Melbourne

    When we moved from Canberra to Melbourne we applied for a rental before we moved. The agent conditionally approved us, providing I flew out there to physically inspect the property. I viewed the place, signed the paperwork, and flew back to Canberra. A week later we moved to Melbourne. I know perth is a bit further, but you could potentially find a place to stay and be ready to move in straight away without having to spend time in a hotel.
  24. matjones

    Melbourne beautiful City... Anyone moving there?

    Yay, city folks seems like most people who come here head straight for the burbs. Not my cup of tea really. Good luck with the move, have you visited Melbourne before? I wouldn't call Prahran posh. That end of Chapel Street is kind of grimy, with an abundance of pawn shops. The top end, by Toorak Rd is the posh end. Living in the suburbs requires a car. I love that fact that I can walk into the CBD in 15 minutes, or can hop on the tram for a quick 5 minute ride. Melbourne is a good mix of grime & new. I love a city that has that 'lived in' feel and you can see how it has evolved over time. I also love the fact there are people everywhere. Having previously lived in Canberra for a year, where the streets are empty, I felt at home when stepping out of Southern Cross Station onto the bustling streets of Melbourne.
  25. matjones

    Melbourne beautiful City... Anyone moving there?

    Living inner city, my main advice would be always be aware of your surroundings. If you go out late at night, try and be with a friend. Don't walk home on your own drunk at 2 in the morning. I would say overall Melbourne is relatively safe compared to some other big cities, just don't be complacent with your own safety.