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  1. I wouldn't worry, you'll have the experts cold calling you from the UK when you get here. I'm not kidding.
  2. Not sure about modules or log books, but I know the uk caa have been funny with australian log books. Wouldn't be too difficult to double up log book wise as it's a long trip back if you need it down the line. Although they do seem to be a lot less officious there than caa.
  3. If you were planning to go out there asap I'd recommend doing your casa licence. However this cannot be transferred to an easa licence but an easa licence (with active type) can be transferred to casa. If your staying in the UK for a few years I'd recommend going for the easa licence as a UK issued easa is highly regarded (they're all supposed to be equal but trust me they're not).
  4. Thanks s92lame went through the lta process and got the letter from casa saying just need to do the AA exam. Sat a aa course in Brisbane after a course with queensland aerospace college. Now one final form should get the casa licence, took a lot longer than i expected though.
  5. hi, really interesting finding this thread and wish you all good luck getting to oz. Haven't been on this forum for a while as we got our 176 a few years ago. We went through TRA for the visa. I used to serve in the Army as an avionics tech but left about 12 years ago so luckily manged to get electrics under the old section 'l' licencing system. Was just surfing through the site as i'm about to convert my easa licence to an aussie one and was fishing for some info. I saw a few other posts about having to have a type on your licence to convert to the aussie one and believe that's still the case. Also after finishing in the military you need 12 months experience in a 145 maintenance organisation before they will grant you your licence, and to make matters worse not only do you have to sit a theory course. You also have to have completed OJT just to get the type from august this year. I had a restriction on my B2 and had to remove it and go for a new type to suit the city where we want to go and it's a hard slog. Its been three years now and we're just about ready to make the move as there's a lot of moving goalposts to jump through. Now wondering if I also need an aeroskills certificate to gain employment there? assumed a licence would be enough, anyway one more goalpost shouldn't be too hard.
  6. k9pjuice

    So what happens when the visa is granted ?

    Is there a form that has to be sent with the passports or do you just send the grant letter. Its really not too clear
  7. k9pjuice

    So what happens when the visa is granted ?

    we went through the how do i pay the second installment thing. Ignorance and lack of research is bliss when faced with the reality you are $3500 richer. Or not poorer. Although still unsure of wether we have to send the passports of as it says on the grant letter that it's evidence enough.
  8. k9pjuice

    Going it without and Agent???????

    i would also like to say that going through this ourselves had taken up quite a lot of time and effort. Much of this time was taken up with research and if anyone considering doing the visa process themselves have busy lives with limited free time i would look into using an agent. However, i'm Scottish and genetically tight i suppose and wanted to save some money for a surf board
  9. k9pjuice

    Going it without and Agent???????

    we were quite lucky the process changed on us. When they were only looking at csl applications from may-jul this year which speeded up the process considerabely. The previous post did state that a complicated case is a different matter so its not really a sweeping statement. I would say more complicated cases would involve families with children to different partners, health issues, police check issues. In cases like these an good agent could be invaluable but i don't think they are required if you are willing to put in the work yourself and keep abreast of things as we had the suspension of the MODL list and points which affected us but there are plenty of people on here who give excellent advice freely. Most of the relevant DIAC goalpost moving measures are posted and dissected on here in detail within a few days if not hours of them happening.
  10. k9pjuice

    Going it without and Agent???????

    our tuppence worth, we went it alone for a 176 visa with a succesful outcome. We found the worst/hardest bit was going through the skills assessment. The visa itself was just a matter of very carefully filling in the forms. There are ways of amending them if you make any mistakes. Essential stuff you will need. A colour scanner (best to convert files to pdf less than 1meg), anything with colour on it we scanned and sent uncertified without problems. We also scanned any hand written forms and sent them uncertified ie form 80. Form 80 have a look at that it's worse than the visa application form, some get asked for it some don't, we did. Any difficulties we had with any forms we always found an answer on here and verified it from DIAC website. It will also take up quite a bit of time on here and DIAC website which isn't perfectly user friendly but most information you will need is on there. I've noticed some agents commenting that doing it yourself is like defending yourself in court without a lawyer, this is simply not the case. An agent will need you to provide all the information that DIAC will require which you will probably have to hand after the skills assessment. The rest of it is filling in a form which you hardly need to be a qualified lawyer to fill in. But there are people who have difficulties filling in a passport application or getting some road tax, maybe an agent would be better for these folks. The DIAC will send you a list of the required information they need but bear in mind you have a maximum amount you can upload, we are a family of four and managed it with less than 40 i think. But if you send a loads of payslips as proof of employment this could lead to difficulties, we used a letter from my employer. Good luck
  11. shaz, i wish you luck haggling them down, reading this with interest we are also going to brisbane from glasgow (well just outside) let us know how you get on
  12. k9pjuice

    visa granted

    Well after plenty of form filling and stress our 176 visa has been granted yesterday. We would just like to thank everyone on this site who have helped us. We decided not to use an agent and if we were unsure of anything we always had an answer to our queries from this site. Hang in there everyone and good luck.:cool:
  13. k9pjuice

    Colour scanned docs query

    we have used uncertified colour documents with our succesful application which does save a lot of hassle. I think taking photo's using a camera would be ok if they are legible but i would convert them to PDF files as there is a limit to jpeg files and they require photo's of all applicants. We also scanned uncertified copies of our form 80's without any problem
  14. k9pjuice

    DIY or an Agent???

    we went through a 176 family sponsored visa application ourselves. There is a lot of information and help available from this site. The most difficult thing (in our experience) is finding all the certificates and other paperwork required for the application which involved hunting high and low for some of it. Our visa has not been granted yet but we have just submitted our pc checks and had our medicals completed also. The only thing i would say is that it does require a bit of time patience and research but anything we were unsure about we manged to find lots of people on here freely giving help and advice. Good luck
  15. k9pjuice

    Online Application Advice please

    i'm pretty sure its fifty documents. Had a bit of bother converting everything to pdf files originally but got there in the end we uploaded 33 documents for family of four so it isn't to much of an issue if it's planned well. Good luck with the big click