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    Cheapest way to book Emirates flights

    Found similar when just looking for Man-Perth flights. Agencies seem to be a few pounds cheaper than direct booking, but not by much, Flight Centre say they will beat any quote, but beware if using a credit card I found most of the agents add quite large charges on top, something Emirates direct don't charge. You can save a little bit by using cashback sites, Quidco for example was offering approx 3% cashback this week. (usually around 1.5%) Doesn't give huge savings but its better than nothing.
  2. rikmartin

    Shipping Costs?

    I'm planning the same at the moment to Brisbane in April. You mention 12-15 boxes but without knowing the dimensions of them it is difficult to give you any comparisons. For example we are looking at shipping up to 24 of the big Ikea boxes 78x56x42cm each and no big furniture items and this would cost approx £1000 before AUS Import costs and insurance, so probably closer £1500 (this is approx 218 cubic sq feet I've had other quotes for 250 cubic sq ft for approx £1600 without insurance Hope this helps
  3. rikmartin

    What happens after 5 years?

    To easily qualify for a 5 year extension you have to have spent 2 years in the total 5 in Australia, otherwise you would need to have some very specific circumstances for them to grant the extension. If you don't qualify them you risk having to go through the visa process again Remember the 5 year part of the visa only refers to travel rights into Australia. If you are in Australia 2 days (for example) before the 5 years is reached then it is still continues to be valid, but you wouldn't be able to return to Australia if you left the country for a holiday or other reason.
  4. rikmartin

    deadline to move to Oz looming...

    Hi, I think you already know what the answers are to your question. Wouldn't a validation trip with extended stopovers in Singapore 2-5 days for example at least make it less of an ordeal? Other than that you have no other options than what you've mentioned.
  5. rikmartin

    Sorry guys another Phone question.

    Vodafone do a decent set of options. I prefered the Prepaid Cap $30; 500mb data included plus any usage over that comes out of a $450 flexible credit. This is good for 30 days, and if you wanted to keep the sim active when in the UK (for example) you can switch it over to a Vodafone 365 day service I got mine from the airport at Brisbane, they activated it there for you, which is something to consider as activation requires ID checks to be done Lebara is another provider to consider but it will only work in Australia; no roaming options currently The supermarkets have variant PAYG sims that could work out cheaper. but for me I found Vodafone to be the best in my situation.
  6. rikmartin

    got my visa now what?????....

    i'm interested to know about rentals as well; in theory I think you should be able to get something in advance, but in reality I think it is better to see what you want to rent up front; plus agents may want to vet you, so you could do well to compile a 'why should you rent to me' booklet containing various character references, and other proofs, especially if you are going without a job. Your flight would also dictate the other things; so I guess that is first to book, especially with the short amount of time remaining, then shipping, since your stuff could be 70 days in transit.
  7. rikmartin

    got my visa now what?????....

    It all depends on when you plan to go? and if you have a house to sell
  8. rikmartin

    Cat crisis

    If you want to take the cat then because of the short notice I would think you should contact someone like PetAirUK to find out the options. either way I guess it would need to spend 6 months in the UK before (or 5-6 months in quarantine in Aus) since the rules have changes since 1st Jan If you have any family in the UK still then maybe they'll look after it (at least until you can ship it (or rehome it) Someone like PetAir could probably do a full service whereby they deal with the complete process; including getting the pet ready for travel. It wouldn't be cheap though I only mention PetAir because they have a history on this forum. Try calling them.
  9. Just been reviewing the various airlines regarding baggage allowances for migration flights and it seems Qantas have changed their policies. I don't think it has changed significantly however their excess baggage costs seem very reasonable. Although Singapore Airlines offer the migration allowance; it doesn't apply if you have already activated your visa (unless it has changed?) http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/checked-baggage/global/en It seems from this that an Economy ticket would get you: 1x 23KG (included) + a AU$50 Heavy bag charge if your bag is up to 32KG Also it seems you can pre-purchase up to 2 additional bags (23kg) for $90 and also have option to pay the $50 on each to give you 32KG per bag assume AU$1.55:£1 1 bag (23kg) = 0 1 bag (32kg) = $50/£33 + 1 bag (23kg) = $90/£58 + 1 bag (32kg) = $140/£90 Perhaps not the cheapest but 3x 32KG bags (Total 96KG) would cost approx £210 Can anyone confirm?
  10. rikmartin

    Online banking

    If you sign up via pomsinoz referal link then you get free transfers on the 1-2 day service; however I guess they "can" absorb some of the costs by offering a slightly lower rate compared to if you pay the transfer fee (approx £8). The more you transfer the better the rate also applies
  11. rikmartin

    Online banking

    If you use Moneycorp you can get 1-2 day transfer; just depends on the time of day you initiate it.
  12. rikmartin

    What happens in medical test ?

    Not going to be much help on how to proceed but from my experience and years of reading others opinions on this, getting an eHealth application done is hit and miss, even at the clinics defined as eHealth capable. If you haven't been able to sort out the ehealth route then I would just let the medical place send it via the usual postal method, it'll add 7-10days onto your decision but is the most reliable method. For reference I used Maidstone, and also went with high hopes of ehealth processing, however they couldn't find me on the system. The postal route was therefore used.
  13. rikmartin

    What happens in medical test ?

    As TheGrahams said above; however I will emphasise the blood pressure test, especially if you are prone to stress or perhaps a little overweight. it may sound simple but getting a medical is naturally going to cause some anxiety so I would encourage you to remain as calm as possible. This test can easily be failed if you get too nervous and they do require a passing level on the day. If you fail this on the day then you create a number of issues such as repeat tests by a doctor; causing a needless delay, maybe into the weeks. additionally the urine test: drink plenty of water beforehand; especially if you've travelled a long distance to the medical centre. they will only do the test once or twice and if you fail onsite it would get sent for referal causing a needless delay, again maybe weeks Both of these 'simple' checks on the day if not approached correctly could delay your results being processed. The other checks such as blood tests, doctors check have to go off for further analysis anyway so it doesn't really matter how you are on the day for those.
  14. Applied May 2009, Was Cat 5 for quite some time until Mar 2011; WA SS negotiated for their batch of off-list 2231-79NEC to be processed as Cat 2; visa granted in Apr 2011
  15. Hi, Could you give an estimate based on the below? 1) Year/make/model/mileage/aircon or no aircon 2006 / Mini / One 1.4Diesel (R50) / 102k miles / Aircon 2) Market value in the UK (be realistic!) £4000 3) Market value in Australia (search via www.redbook.com.au and make sure you click right through to the description to get the correct price ranges - if you don't chances are you're looking at the price it was sold at when it was new) $14-16K Diesel version doesn't exist in Australia, so price used is for Petrol version with 5 gears, ours has 6 gears