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  1. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction - in the construction trade here what is required a White card or red card for construction in Victoria? From reading on-line I can't quite figure it out? thanks in advance...
  2. We are CAT 5 and going nowhere fast ... it has been reccommended to us to drop our Victoria State Sponsorship (that we have) and to try WA as hubby's trade is still on there list ...which will result in us being moved to Cat 3. Now here is where I'm at... I have no want to live or go to WA (having been in australia on and off for over 10 years)... I know exactly where I want to be in Vic and a full network of friends and family there...I am aware that it is only a moral obligation to live in WA so my question is ... do I do the right thing and stick with CAT 5 and just see what will be will be ...or do I go for WA, to get Cat 3 and hopefully GET my visa (knowing full well that I have no intention of being in WA)!!!! Also, what happens ...if we do it (get CAt 3 on the back of a WA application and eventually get a VISA) .... can we just fly into Victoria and no more about it... or do we need to go to WA first????? Anyone know??? Thanks for reading!!!!
  3. gkcm05

    Job Offer

    Hey all, We are currently on a 176 (Cat 4) with approved state sponsorship from Victoria dating back to Jan 2010. It's taking sOOOOOOOOO long!! My husbands trade has since been removed from the list, but we now are in the position that he has been offered a job (in his trade) in Victoria...and I'm just not sure how we approach this.... do we now re-apply under a different sub-class of visa or what is the best approach? Do DIAC need to contact the employer ... just unsure what our next step is, so any help would be appreciated.... many thanks!
  4. A quick question...Does anyone know how long a decision made by the MRT will stand for??? A previous application for a Skilled Migration was refused, however after a Review Tribunal it was granted (some years back).... the confusing bit between is that since it was granted no-one was notified (that we are aware of...and several house moves later) this has only come to light now. I have tried contacting them directly but with no response to date as yet.
  5. gkcm05

    Is there any irish thread???

    Hi there, We are heading too... or at least that is the hope !! Headed to Melbourne...but WHEN is the burning question! Have our state sponsorship granted since last Jan, we applied for a 176 visa... still waiting to hear anything!! Good to know that there are others on the boards.
  6. gkcm05

    To email or not to email Vic, that is the question?

    Brilliant!!! Worth the call so, that is great news!
  7. gkcm05

    To email or not to email Vic, that is the question?

    Just to add to the responses. I hope you hear soon, we applied for Vic SS on 19th Feb 2010 and got approved on 3rd March. We were never expecting it that quickly, we had been told to assume it would take 10-14 weeks. My husband is a roofer.
  8. gkcm05

    Any Irish heading to NSW?

    We are living in Bray, Melbourne is our intended location for Oz, athough at the minute it just seems years away!!!!! It's great to have a few irish here, although it seems to be the same issues for all regardless of where your coming from.
  9. gkcm05

    Any Irish heading to NSW?

    Thanks Kerrygal - totally agree with your observations!!! This country is in a mess and I really don't hold out much hope for the further generations of kids coming up behind us!!! The very best of luck to you and your family for your big move. I will deffo be in touch!
  10. gkcm05

    Any Irish heading to NSW?

    Hi Kerrygal, We are living in Wicklow and hoping to make the big move to Oz .... we have victoria SS and our 176 has gone in...god knows how long we will be waiting!!! Especially with all the changes to SOL, which my partner is now no-longer on.... thank god we submitted prior to the changes!!!! I too have noticed that anyone we speak to from Ireland, does seem to be heading in the Perth direction. We are heading to Melbourne. I envy you heading off in 6 weeks.....
  11. Hi there, We applied for Victoria SS on 19th Feb 2010, it was granted 3rd March 2010.. :smile: (we had been advised it could take 8-10 weeks, so we were surprised but v. happy ours turned around so fast!).... we are going thu an agent, and are applying from Ireland, don't know if these factor into it!
  12. we have found the Prahran area excellent for the same reasons .., although not sure about the exact distance .... bout 5 stops on sandringham train line to CBD... hoping to be back there soon!!!!!
  13. gkcm05

    using a state sponsor and living somewhere else

    I could be wrong and please anyone feel free to correct me on this one, but my understanding is that it is only a Moral Obligation and not a Legal one.... Hopefully someone can tell you for sure!!!
  14. Congrats!!! It keeps the dream alive for the rest of us... we are only starting the process but very similar to your story....hope to be heading to melbourne also. Hope to post the same message one day!!!
  15. gkcm05

    Certified Copies

    Is a stamp from the police station and signature not sufficient?? ?? I was led to believe it was and it wont cost anything? :nah: