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  1. Hi Thanks Bette Boop! Do you have his contact details at all. Greatly appreciated. Dawn.
  2. Prawny4

    457 Temp. (Long Stay) Visa

    Hi Gary, Thanks for replying. Please do keep in touch as we need all the help and pointers we can get. Very interested in what you achieve and how. It might help us in our need of hour! Regards Dawn.
  3. Hi all, Anyone have any experience of Regional Established Business in Australia (Subclass 846). Any ideas if it still exists and if we could go from 457 Business Temp. Employer sponsored visa? Also, would 2 full time trainees fullfil the criteria for employees for two years prior to application? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dawn.:biggrin:
  4. Prawny4

    457 Temp. (Long Stay) Visa

    Hi GRobbo, Be careful with this visa.. make sure you get it right from the outset. My husband was one of 4 directors in his own UK business and was sponsored by his own company to set up new business in Australia. We are now here on his 457 visa and after two years of working under this sponsorship and being paid by the UK company but working in Australia, he will not be eligible for a permanent visa. This is because when he applies for permanent residents visa he has to be sponsored by the new Australian business but effectively has not been employed by them for two years but by the UK branch, so it is not possible. We are tearing our hair out trying to resolve this. When we initially applied for the visa we had no Australian Business Number (ABN) for the UK sponsoring company but now we do for the new Australian company but they will not accept the two companies as the same entity. We have been told that if the two companies are the same entity, i.e. the UK company owns shares in the new Australian company this may be acceptable. We are checking out what % these shares must be to comply. Best get an immigration lawayers advise, or keep in touch with us to help you with advise and what's happening. Good luck.

    <p>Hiya yeh that be good - we are in Little Mountain so not too far - my mobile is 0451057133 so just give me a text and we can sort something out - maybe over the holidays?</p>

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    <p>Yes Natalie, we have arrived. We have been in Aus. for about 9 weeks, first up at Noosa with friends and now settled in Buderim. Fancy meeting up somewhere sometime? Dawn, Roy and kids Tommy,11 and triplets Travis, Darcie & Paige 5.</p>


  7. Prawny4

    Will we get Tax back? 457 visa

    Hi Alan, We are a bit confused by the tax issues on 457 visa. I have put in a seperate post about the following and wondered if you could answer please: My husband is being paid by a UK company that is sponsoring him to work in Queensland and they are paying him into his UK bank account in sterling ( equivalent to the wage agreed on his sponsoship paperwork ) and he will be paying his tax where and when applicable in the UK. How does he avoid having to pay tax again in Australia? We understand that the first 6 months is OK for UK to collect any tax due but what happens after this if he is still receiving his pay in the UK account in sterling? Should he after 6 months have his payments made into Aus account in $ and pay tax here in Aus ???? Confused, please help.
  8. Prawny4

    457......Tax, LAFHA, etc, etc,etc

    Hi Ian, Very useful site reply. Thanks. One question tho... what happens if one decides to apply for permanent residency after the four years on any tax benefits already claimed? Thanks.
  9. Prawny4

    457 & tax payments????

    Hi, Can anyone help please....? My husband is about to receive his first wage packet by the UK company sponsoring him on a temporary 457 visa. He is being paid in UK Sterling pounds into his UK bank account and paying UK tax where and when applicable. Does anyone know how he avoids paying tax again in Australia? Really confused:wacko: HELP PLEASE??? LOL!
  10. Prawny4

    Will we get Tax back? 457 visa

    Hi Alan, Wondered if you could advise before my hubby gets paid first wage.... My husband is being sponsored on 457 visa by UK company to set up new business here in Queensland, being paid into UK bank account in sterling GB pounds and paying tax where and when required in the UK. Do we still have to pay tax in Australia if we are living here and already paying in UK? Bit confused????
  11. Prawny4

    Monitoring of wage payments for 457 visa holders

    Hi, yes I mean paper ones. I trust that they contact the sponsors and not me for this proof?
  12. Prawny4

    Monitoring of wage payments for 457 visa holders

    :cute: Thanks. Needed to know really one way or other for accountants. Being paid but just need to know what the monitors actually require as my employees don't do actual pay slips. Cheers anyway. :wink:
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know how the government monitor wage payments made to 457 employer sponsored visa holders? Is it: A ) By wage slip proof B ) By bank statement transfer proof only It's important we know as soon as poss so any help would be greatly appreciated on this issue. Also, can a 457 visa holder take a months " garden leave " from working when first arriving in Australia and then start the sponsored work? Cheers all! :smile:
  14. Prawny4

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    I would love to open your link to the 121/856 timelines but cannot. Any idea what the average wait for this PR visa from a 457 temporary please? Thanks
  15. Prawny4

    Are house prices set to tumble in Oz?

    Sorry I bored you! LOL! x