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    Pet Air UK - Transporting your pets to Australia

    Tell her that the colours that they take on are different when you're in Australia. Either that or tell her you flushed them down the loo! Then use that as an explanation as to the why water flows down the toilet/sink!
  2. ayatollah

    Pet Air UK

    Tell her that the colours that they take on are different when you're in Australia. Either that or tell her you flushed them down the loo! Then use that as an explanation as to the why water flows down the toilet/sink!
  3. ayatollah

    Pet Air UK - Transporting your pets to Australia

    Just tell her that you did bring them, and buy new ones! She's 4, she'll never know!
  4. ayatollah

    Pet Air UK

    Just tell her that you did bring them, and buy new ones! She's 4, she'll never know!
  5. ayatollah

    How viable is this? Timescales and other questions...

    The shipping won't be much, we'll just be shipping essentials so don't envisage a large outlay. Reading around it seems like £5k would be approximately the cost for the dogs, with flights around £1.5-1.8k, I can see £10k being about right. But I could be wrong, haven't looked into it all. We have to sell our house, which should net us around £15k, and 2 cars, around £2k, pay off some stuff, maybe £5k, so we should be in good enough shape. That's another thing though, selling the house, that could prove to be long and arduous and we won't be able to pay for anything until that is done. So that could be another delay! Everything really adds up, in time and money, whenever you start to think about it! Dunno about relocation allowance at the minute, I'm pretty sure they'd help us out to some degree, I suppose I'll have to wait and see.
  6. ayatollah

    How viable is this? Timescales and other questions...

    Thanks for the info lebourvellec. I think we will leave the application until after the baby is born but I'll try to get the ball rolling regarding the sponsorship. I just think that asking someone if there will be a job in a years time for me is a bit strange. But I suppose asking now won't do any harm. Another question...dogs. We would be looking to move our 2 dogs over, would we need to start planning for the various vaccinations, etc, now? Gonna need about £10k for all this aren't we! With dogs, flights (how much is it for a baby anyway?!), shipping...It's an expensive business this. I'm gonna have to give up everything until we go to afford it!
  7. Ok, it's been a couple of months since I've been on the forum. Last I was seen I was discussing trying to convince my wife over the opportunity to migrate with a young child. She is pregnant, due in November, I think we have came to an understanding about moving to Australia. We will be looking to move to Tasmania (Hobart), we have family and friends based there and one has always said that he would do his utmost to get me sponsorship to move over. (He is the manager of an IT firm and I am a software developer.) My wife would also love to study nursing, and we have seen that there is a 2 year fast track course in Hobart. I think I read somewhere recently that this might be being discontinued though. So my questions are: - With my wife looking to study Nursing, if there is a course in 2014 she will need to apply by August 2013. Which means we will have to have a PR visa. Is this timescale doable with an employer sponsored visa? - With the child on the way, we would need to include the child on the visa application. Does this mean we have to wait until November before we can apply? Would this impact the timescales for the visa, bearing in mind the date we would need to have PR by? - When would be the earliest you would advise travelling with a new born baby? I was thinking 6 months, which would bring us into May 2013 before being able to travel. - Should I begin the process of getting in contact with the family friend with the job offer now? Seeing as we may not be moving for up to a year would this not be premature? - What should the chain of events be for us in this situation? Is there anything else we need to do? Is there anything else you need to know for an informed decision?
  8. ayatollah

    OUCH steam burn

    Pics or it didn't happen!
  9. ayatollah

    Flights to the UK

    Why are the flights from inside Australia so much more expensive than from outside?! I was just browsing the other day and saw return flights from Heathrow to Sydney for £599. Booking inside Australia is so much more expensive!
  10. ayatollah

    Dream might be over before it has even begun

    Seriously?! That's what you got from that post?! I think it's quite obvious that the child would take precedence and I am ecstatic at the prospect. I just thought post up, maybe with some support from others who have been in a similar situation but still make the move. Actually your post has quite annoyed me, so judgmental.
  11. ayatollah

    No Union Jack as it may offend

    Being from Northern Ireland I can tell you for a fact that anything released over here, bearing the Union Jack, would suffer a significant hit on sales. Now I would be from the Nationalist side of the community, the side that wouldn't be fans of the flag, but I wouldn't stop buying something because it has the flag on it. But I know that the majority of other will and it can be seen as insensitive. Can't speak for Scotland though. But it's the same deal as with this Team GB thing in the football. It was only the English FA, maybe the Welsh (?), that wanted to be a part of if it. I think the issue is summed up in a line from Moving to Melbournes post: I have bolded the key word. The English are the only ones who would classify nationwide to encompass NI, Scotland and Wales. We have our own identities and this one "brand" to cover all does not appeal to us. I'd wager that if you went around the world and asked people what did the Union Jack represent, a lot may say the United Kingdom, but a lot will say Britain and a lot will say England. And those last 2 are not right in the slightest, but some people can't see this and then show they're ignorance by declaring that we are all the same and should fly the flag with pride. (Not aimed at Moving 2 Melbourne btw, I think he just quoted a news story (?), more the suppliers of these products.) Fair play to Asda for flagging this issue and looking to do something about it.
  12. For years I have been trying to convince my wife to move to Australia. My dad lived in Tasmania for 13 years so I have close ties there, including a 15 year old sister. 2 years ago we took a trip out and seen family and friends in Perth and Tasmania. My wife absolutely loved it, a fantastic time was had and upon returning she was adamant that she wanted to move to Australia, Tasmania in particular. Even though I wanted nothing more in the world, I decided to have the sensible head and calm here down a bit. I said we'd think about it and talk in a month's time. I knew she was still in holiday mode and she wouldn't be making a decision based on that feeling. So a month went by and we broached the subject. And sure enough, her enthusiasm had died. I knew this would happen, so I hadn't got my hopes up too much. She kept saying that I should have sorted it when she wanted to go, and if we had have done it then, then she felt like this after then it would have been the wrong decision. While I was a bit upset, I accepted it as I don't want to force her to do anything she doesn't want to. That was all fine. Until about 2 months ago. She brought up the subject again. She said she had been thinking about it for a long time and said that she really wanted to do it. I brushed it off initially as folly, but she kept going on and I got excited! I sat her down and tried to explain everything that we would have to do, the expense, the pain of leaving family/friends, etc. But she was coming back with the fact that we already have a lot of friends in Tasmania and a community to walk straight into. She was in the perfect frame of mind, so I started making enquiries. In Tasmania I had met a lot of people, who were friends of my dad, and one of them offered me a job. I couldn't take it at the time but enquired again there when my wife had this change of heart. He said the job was still there if I wanted it and they would sponsor me for it. He said to name a date, it didn't matter when. So we were planning to go over this time next year, we wanted to have our 30th birthdays at home, which will be Jan and Feb next year. We got quotes for our dogs, belongings, etc. But we never committed to anything, thankfully. Because now, it turns out we might be pregnant. While I am over the moon at this, it is still very early stages and we are not getting carried away. But I know my wife will not want to move anywhere with a child. She has already said that we will have to move it back another year if we have a kid, but I can see this being an indefinite wait. As I say, I will be ecstatic if everything is confirmed. But this is a double edged sword and I might be losing out on Australia. Hopefully, it does just mean putting it off for another year, but I don't know if I'll have a job waiting for me then, and don't know if we'll be able to afford it with a child! But at the minute it's all guess work, and we know nothing for sure yet, but it feels weird to have one brilliant thing maybe happen in my life but another brilliant thing taken away. Just thought I'd share.
  13. ayatollah

    Irish people going to (already in) Tassie

    Ok, so I don't know if anyone was down at the Fleadh in the New Sydney but you missed a great weekend if you weren't. Here's a video of one of the acts that played over the weekend, and a good friend of mine.
  14. ayatollah

    Springfree Trampolines

    A 12 inch trampoline isn't going to be much use! :wink:
  15. ayatollah

    Australia cricket

    So Australia have just won the Tri-Series with a 2-1 victory over Sri Lanka. I have always been a fan of Australian cricket, my dad lived in Tasmania for 13 years and really got me into it. Growing up in Ireland, I never really had much to shout about surrounding our cricket and so adopted Australia as my team. Over recent years Ireland have been up and coming, and I would support them if they played Australia, but Australia is my first class team. So just wondering, for Poms in Oz, do you follow the Australia cricket? Do you find yourself supporting them when playing anyone other than England, or does the old rivalry always stay with you? It is a huge draw for me to get to Australia to see more cricket and get involved more too. What about the rest of you?