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  1. Hi, We've been running a friendly game at Football Fives in Wantirna South now for about 4 years. We've been getting low on players from people moving on etc so we're looking to recruit some extra bodies. All ages, fitness and abilities welcome. The games are pretty friendly but can get competitive. Nothing extreme though :-) Get in touch with me nnoble @ seek dot com dot au
  2. EMS1

    5-a-side football in Melbourne

    Hi - Never really heard anything more about this. I've found somewhere that's about to open which is a bit more like the 5 a side we know and love from the UK. Trying to get 10 together for a game! Check out my posting http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/victoria/122580-5-aside-social-soccer-players-wanted.html
  3. EMS1

    Renting in Melbourne

    well just thought I'd give you all an update. been here 8 days and we have viewed approximately 10 properties and made 2 applications. our 2nd application was accepted last night. some properties were viewing at set time but the majority would meet us there on request. apparently this is a quiet time of year for rentals. Also didn't have to pay extra months rent up front. Most agents saw that as more of a hassle that benefit!
  4. EMS1

    Champions League Final

    Hi, I just moved to Melbourne last week and we're still in the process of finding a rental accommodation so I'm still way off getting Foxtel installed! I would really like to catch the Man U Barca game on Sun morn but have no idea if there is anywhere that will be playing it?? Can anyone advise??
  5. EMS1

    5-a-side football in Melbourne

    I'm moving out in 3 weeks and have played a regular game of 5's for the past 5 years with mates. Would be up for a game!
  6. Yep - That's who we went with! Ended off getting a rate of 1.3!!
  7. EMS1

    Think I've failed IELTS!!

    I don't think I even counted mine. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  8. We haven't used PSS but my wife got quotes from a whole bunch of them. We managed to get our original quote from £2700 down to little over £1900 just by playing them off each other. We ended off going with Whyte & Co. Also don't go with the shippers insurance. They charge you 3.6% whereas you can easily organise it yourself for 1.6%. 1.6% is the standard charge for shipping insurance and the additional 2% is put on by your shipper.
  9. EMS1

    Think I've failed IELTS!!

    Don't worry. It's a test on English not numeracy. I'm sure it'll be plainly obvious that English is your first language. They get applicants doing it for the points all the time. I got marked down on my written piece as instead of answering the question I wrote an essay on how stupid the question was. Still passed. As long as you did well enough on the other sections (which if you didn't then perhaps English isn't your first language) then I'm sure you'll be fine. One thing I've learned going through the whole process is that just when you start to freak out that you haven't done something right, you just seem to get a letter saying that it's fine.
  10. EMS1

    Renting in Melbourne

    Right ok. I feel I need to clear a few things up. I'm not expecting to have to pay 6 months up front. I'm simply willing to do it because I can if it makes me a prefferential choice over another applicant. I'm only looking at Brighton, Hampton and Sandringham. I visited Melbourne last year to go through all the suburbs and see where I wanted to live. Which we did. It's possible that we may not like where we rent but that's why we are renting and not buying. If we rent a place for 6 months or a year then we are contracted to stay there for that time. So whether we pay the money up front or not is simply a matter of whether you have it to offer or not. Companies do it all the time when relocating employees. We've already spoken to Real Estate agents in the areas we are looking at and have been advised that the time we are looking is optimum in the Melbourne rental market. I've also spoken with a friend of a friend who moved over at the same time last year and they had a rental sorted within 2 weeks. Like I say - I'll let you know how I get on :biggrin:
  11. EMS1

    Renting in Melbourne

    Hi thanks for the responses guys. I was actually planning on offering the 6 months rental up front for the property anyway to speed along the chances of securing one. If it's a place we really want I can offer them 9 - 12 months if they like. We're not really shipping that much out to be honest. Just mountain bikes, snowboards, books and electronics to be honest. We were planning on buying new when we get there. So I don't have any issues on whether the place is furnished or not. Plus not working for the first month or two gives me time to sort it all out. Been looking on Domain and have seen quite a few properties that would be suitable for us around about the $650 a week range so I'm pretty confident on finding something relatively quick. I've also been looking at hotels on last minute and should I need to get one for an extra week it doesn' really seem to have an impact on the price or availability with it being at very short notice. I think we're going to chance it and go for two weeks! Will let you know how we get on!
  12. Hi there, Been a member for a while but I think this is my first post. My wife and I are moving out to Melbourne at the beginning of May. It's our intention to rent out or property in the UK and in turn rent out a property in Melbourne for the first year. I have a couple of questions and wondered if anybody could offer some advice. I'd read / heard that most people tend to sort out some sort of temp accomodation (say 4 weeks) which they give themselves to find a rental property. In peoples experience does it really take that long to sort something out. I'm not planning on starting work for 1 - 2 months after heading out so I'm going to have plenty of time to look. I'd thought that perhaps giving ourselves 2 weeks (we don't have kids so we can be pretty flexible and adaptive if need be). Also with the work situation. Like I say I don't intend to start working straight away. I was wondering how estate agents / landlords may view that. I have statements from my mortgage company to say that my payments are up to date and I can show bank statements that prove I will be able to pay the rent. I simply want to have a bit of a break when I get out there and try to sort things out with a little less stress than having a full time job would add. We headed out for a visit in November and had a look round all the suburbs so we're pretty clued in on where we want to stay and the type of property we are after. I guess I just don't want to get lumped with a bill for temp accomodation that after hindsight we may not have needed. Serviced Apartment charges seem astronomical in Melbourne.
  13. EMS1


    Hi I actually joined a while back but have yet to say hi. It's not been exactly a year since we started the whole process but our 175 application was officially launched on the 18th of Feb 2010. Had to go down the ACS / RPL route which was a total nightmare but only applied as a software developer and got the result of a .Net specialist which pleased our agents no end. Was a bit gutted by the withdrawal of the MODL as it we'd been trying to submit our application for about a week prior to that. Luckily I still somehow had 120 points without it. I'm a software architect and my wife is a clinical pharmacist so I'm hoping it won't be too hard to find work when I get there. We're looking at Melbourne. Anyways this place seems to have tonnes of info and I was even stoked to see there was info about footy clubs out there so no doubt I'll be a regular. Peas
  14. This is what I got from my migration agent. "What sponsorship means is that you commit to live and work in the state that sponsors you for the first two years of been a permanent resident. If you change your mind about which state you would prefer to live in once you arrive in Australia then you are welcome to relocate." Should there be a "you'll just get deported if you do" sentence on the end of this statement?? Am I being conned by my agent??
  15. I've been advised by my migration agent that although I can recieve state sponsorship from ACT, it's only a moral obligation to stay in Canberra and not a legal one?? Is there any truth to this?? They seem straight up enough.