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    189 it's now a 10 week wait for CO

    Thanks, that is what I wanted to say, got my terms upside down, must go edit my first post.
  2. capetosydney

    189 it's now a 10 week wait for CO

    If you received invite than your points are locked in, no matter how long CO takes to process the paperwork.
  3. capetosydney

    189 it's now a 10 week wait for CO

    At the point of invite by DIAC, not EOI.
  4. capetosydney

    Help.......do i need to sit the english language test?

    Yes, exempt, and deemed to be equivalent to overall 6 band. However if you need extra points you can always sit the exam and if you pass with 7/8 in each band you can claim additional points for superior english.Keep in mind that for certain educational assessment, i.e. teachers, you might need to sit academic ielts exam, and this is purely for skills assessment, not for visa application.
  5. All must validate individually,and must enter at the same time or after main applicant (this is usually mentioned in grant letter). If your kids do not validate by entering Oz they will loose their visas whilst you and hubby keep yours. Keep it simple and enter by due date.
  6. capetosydney

    Exchange rate shot up!

    Generally trading volumes thin over Christmas and NY, so any currency movement is likely to be exaggerated, so it is very difficult to draw any conclusions.
  7. capetosydney

    189 Visa Refusal

    Should be OK, you'll get your visa in next few weeks. Sretno.
  8. capetosydney

    189 Visa Refusal

    Should be OK mate, honest but costly mistake.
  9. capetosydney

    189 Visa Refusal

    I assume medicals were requested by your CO.If so, than I think you should be OK, they would have not asked for medicals if something was wrong on your application.
  10. capetosydney

    a couple of family issues

    Your BIL's record will not influence your application,or slow it down, so do not stress. I was in identical situation and no issues whatsoever...
  11. Visa evidencing can be done at any Aus house,or high commission, visa sticker is free,but if you use courier service than obviously you pay for that. If you do decide to get new passport, you must let DIAC know, as your visa is linked to your passport number.
  12. No, it is not compulsory to evidence your visa,it is all stored electronically at Aus ports of entry, so one swipe of your passport tells them all they need to know. Lots of people do it purely for convenience sake, easier to prove your visa status to banks, employers, airlines and such. Instead of having visa evidenced in your passport, just carry on you grant letter from DIAC, to prove your visa status when boarding planes etc...
  13. UK is changing immi laws in April, not Oz. OP probably misread the email, I also subscribe to few web sites, and one of the news is April changes to UK Tier1 and 2.. Featured News Top Stories Visa changes you MUST know before April On 23 November 2010, the Home Secretary announced a number of changes to UK immigration law and policy as part of the government´s commitment to place a limit on non-EU migration to the UK. The changes largely affect Tiers 1 and 2 of the points-based system, and those who wish to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain should especially take note of the changes before they come into effect in April this year. These are the most important changes to know, whether you are already in the UK or not.
  14. capetosydney

    How long before I have to get the Visa stamped on Passport

    Ezy Going, you do not have to have visa stamped in your passport. People do it because it is convenient, as easy proof of residence status for employers, banks,airlines and such. All you need to enter Oz is your passport, which you used when you applied to DIAC, customs will scan it in and all your details will pop-up on their screen, including your visa status. If you do decide to get visa evidenced,than you can do it at any Aus embassy, and closest one to you currently is probably Pretoria, you can courier your passport to them via VFS Australia Visa - The Rules, The Procedure, The Documents.
  15. Based on what you listed as your responsibilities I'd say Analyst Programmer sounds more like a fit, as some of the responsibilities are not only writing code, but also analysing requirements and dealing with customers, which are more of 'analysis' part of programing, and depending how much of your time was spent on coding vs anlsys part. If coding was 70-80% or more of your tasks than developer programmer is certanly more apopropriate, but if alnalysys part was 30% or more than you are analysts and developer. Having said this, both codes are so close together, that one could easily argue either way and apply for either one of the two, and structure/and highlight letters of reference in such a way to favour one or the other.