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  1. Hi, I am looking to see if anyone has any further info on the processing times of partner visa applications at present. I was surprised to hear from the immigration department that the times had increased to over 12 months for the first part of the process. I need to know as this would leave me on a bridging visa for far longer than expected. Plus I need to ensure that I am not out of the country when it is granted. I don't want to take any risks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ian
  2. ianmckeown

    Partner Visa Form and Honeymoon

    Assuming the offshore temporary visa is the subclass 309, I will only be out of the country for the honeymoon period and cannot afford to be out of the country the whole time of the application. By that stage I will be married and have a job. Because I am currently on a visa that means I am in Australia I didn't think it would be possible to apply for anything outside? Thanks for this. Ian
  3. ianmckeown

    Partner Visa Form and Honeymoon

    Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice. I am getting married to my Australian fiance in September and going to be on Honeymoon (international) for most of October. I am just about to submit my Visa Partner application with all the various documentation fulfilled. I am currently in Oz on a post-grad visa scholarship until the end of the year. I understand that I cannot be out of the country when a decision is made on this visa and I also understand that the current waiting time is about 12-18 months, however I do not want to have the situation where a decision is made while I am on honeymoon. This would not be good when I try to re-enter the country and I presume this would go massively against a future application. I have been in touch with the immigration department but they said they could not advise in this situation. Any advice on this would be most appreciated. Many Thanks, Ian Adelaide, SA
  4. ianmckeown

    Idiots Guide to Tax returns

    Thank you, that's as far as I had got. Sounds simple enough.
  5. ianmckeown

    Idiots Guide to Tax returns

    Guys, First experience of having to actually file a tax return here in Oz. Can someone explain the process or put me in the right direction of an idiots guide? I am here on a post grad research visa, I don't know if that makes any difference. Thank you, Ian Canberra
  6. ianmckeown

    Adding Defacto partner to existing PostGrad Research Visa?

    Thank you for the advice, any recommendations of a good agent?
  7. ianmckeown

    Adding Defacto partner to existing PostGrad Research Visa?

    Thanks for the reply Yes, I should have added her at the start. I should clarify I am on a Postgraduate Research Sector: Temporary Visa (Subclass 574) - Assessment Level 1 visa not a (476) Can you please advise
  8. Guys, I am here on a post grad visa, arrived at the end of October. Due to the nature of my girlfriend/Life partner/whatever's job, she did not come out with me, the plan was for her to get more experience in her present job before moving out here with me. She is a graphic designer. Anyway, I am looking to find out if she can be added to my visa as a defacto partner - we comfortably meet all criteria set and then some - is this possible? if so can someone advise on best course of action. I have had mixed messages previously re: this issue, and would like some clarification. If not possible, what do you reckon our options are? I'm out here for another 3.5 years and are very keen to explore any avenue. What course of visa applications 1. look best for potential employers? 2. look best to the immigration dept. in oz? 3. enable her to work fulltime and take advantage of our situation? I look forward to your responses. Thank you