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  1. Hi all, We had travel plans to go overseas early May. My wife was awaiting her ceremony and called up immigration and notified of travel plans so that it doesn’t conflict with travel dates. Unfortunately, immigration allocated her ceremony to be 1st May. This doesn’t give us enough time to get passport. We called immigration and explained the problem and they said it’s fine - no need to attend. They will auto allocate in one of next batch of ceremonies. Anyone know if that’s really the case? (Bit skeptic as I’ve been given misleading info in my previous dealings by phone operators). Is there a mailing list where I can inform immigration about not being able to attend? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, what's the average timeline like for UK applicants for those who got it in last 5-6 months?
  3. My wife's on 10th months. Recently a month ago they asked more more financial docs which I sent through.
  4. Personally I don't think so but could be wrong. 309 is first step towards permanent residency so there is no scope for overstaying. If you were going for tourist, student or work visa then maybe it would have been an issue.
  5. Found this regarding planning number: http://migrationblog.border.gov.au/2015/07/09/australias-2015-16-migration-programme/ But I am not sure if this applies to 309 applicants as its not "PR" visa or just to subclass 100 applicants.
  6. No I havent done any interview. To my knowledge yes every visa category except tourist has quotas for financial years (1st July- 30 June).
  7. I think they have hit their quota for the FY. Hopefully will see some movement from July. My wife's been waiting since October 2015.
  8. Hi guys, if I lodge application through agent, how can I see the visa status? Previously (5 years back) there used to be a portal where you entered TRN, date of birth and last name and could see the visa status. I have a online account (it's a new system now) but I don't have visibility of the application lodged as its under agents account. Thanks.
  9. Hi shahzadmoh, Thanks. Do you have Case Officer? On different note where does the application go for processing if its lodged online via elodgement? Does it go to Brisbane/Adelaide processing center or to the AHC of applicants home country? Thanks again.
  10. Hi Guys, when status changes or CO is assigned do you get an email or do you need to check elodgement every day to see if application status changed?
  11. The timeline looks promising though given they are from HR country. 5/6 months seems reasonable. No idea what the queue is like now though.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. One more question, is there a timeline spreadsheet for partner/PMV visa? I remember when I was applying for PR long back we used to maintain a Google spreadsheet here in PIO where we we all entered our timelines with key dates. Would like to update it with my if it exists.
  13. Hi Guys, does it make any difference if the sponsor is Australian citizen (vs Australian PR) to the processing timeline? Had a few people tell me it will be quicker for me but not sure if this is true or not.
  14. Hi Guys, I've recently lodged a partner visa for my wife. Can I apply for a Visitor visa for my wife to travel to Australia (1, 2 or 3 months whatever they give) while the processing is going on? Is there any rule against this? Thanks.