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    Now where do we go???

    Lol. As I said blossom, any advise is appreciated. We have never visited Oz so we're sooooo blind.
  2. simott101

    Now where do we go???

    Hi folks, here's the dilemma, we've spent the last 18mths researching Brisbane as our preferred place to start our new life from the UK. We feel like we already know this place (ish) due to the amount of info we've gathered over this period & we have friends and family members there feeding us lots of info and reports. However, due to the fact that my wife is a Nurse (25yrs experience in Surgical) and there have been large job cuts in the public sector we now feel that we need to look at a different State as our Agent has informed us that "they" haven't processed any paperwork for Brisbane for quite some time! The IELTS has been passed and we're now being asked to apply for EOI. We are now looking at Victoria?!?!?!?!? Please, any info or advice would be so appreciated as we're at the crazy stage of "we're going for it on a Monday!" But not on a Tuesday & then "we're really going for it" on the Wednesday, but then not on the Thurs! OMG, I think my brain is really going to explode! PLEASE HELP US!!!!! Si & Ange.
  3. simott101

    Anyone Applied for ANMAC skills assessment recently?

    Well....on Monday we had news that our ANMAC had been completed and then woke up this morn to find that we'd already received our letter of Determination which had been emailed from our agent in Oz, quick or what? What a nice way to start the day! Si & Ange
  4. simott101

    Help please perth nurses!

    Thanks Fiona, Madcow & Ali. When you say prices vary massively, could you give us some names of Suburbs not to far from the new hospital that's being built? We'd rather a longer commute if that meant having a slightly more house for our money. Thanks, Ange & Si.
  5. Im a General Surgical Nurse and my family and I were planning on moving to Brisbane early in 2013...however, our (very reputable) agent has advised us to steer clear of Queensland for the near future due to the cuts in public sector jobs! They have however informed us that Perth is a much safer bet. We have just had our Skills assessment approved so things are moving along quite smoothly. My questions are, could anyone please advise on Perth house prices and nice suburbs as we have 2 kiddies (12 & 9) and how is the job front looking for a Senior Surgical Nurses in Perth? Everything was looking so promising until the new Queensland State Governers changed all the rules and now we really don't know what to do? If there is anyone with help/advice to put our dreams back on track, we'd love you forever! Si & Ange. X. :wacko::wacko:
  6. simott101

    Anyone Applied for ANMAC skills assessment recently?

    Great news Carol!!! Si & Ange x
  7. simott101

    Anyone Applied for ANMAC skills assessment recently?

    Well....after only 10wks I've just checked our ANMAC progress and it has been updated to "APPLICATION APPROVED" woop woop. We were planning on going to Brisbane but... With wifey being a Nurse we are very worried about the job cuts there. Anyone got any news ref Nurses and jobs? Si & Ange
  8. simott101

    Anyone heading to Brisbane in 2013?

    Hi everyone, we are also hoping to get to Brisbane June/July 2013! Wifes a Nurse and we are now waiting on the Skills assessment (and a long wait it is to) Has anyone else heard about the cut backs in the Public sector? And if they have or if anyone is actually already there, what effect has it had on the demand for UK Nurses? We'd love to hear your views. Si & Ange.
  9. simott101

    Your honest opinion?

    Hi folks, i would really interested to hear people's opinions on the state of the public sector with regards Nursing jobs in Queensland? We've heard the goss about job cuts but I'd love to hear from any Nurses that are actually there and feeling this 1st hand. Do you think the risks of selling up and moving to Queensland is greater than ever? many thanks, Si & Ange.
  10. simott101

    toughened up

    Hey there M, We are all thinking of you. Safe journey to Paradise and make sure that you do a proper wine and beer recce before we land there. Enjoy everything and forget nothing (except maybe the ejuts you've met through this process) Please keep in touch and hopefully we will see you soon. Si,Ange Ben & Abs. Xxxx
  11. simott101

    Anyone Applied for ANMAC skills assessment recently?

    Hi, We sent ours off about 2wks ago! Now it's just wait wait wait. )) Si & Ange
  12. simott101


    My clever wifey has only gone and just passed her Ielts exam! Ange, you're a brill lady and we all love you loads!!!!!!!! Si. Xxxxx
  13. simott101

    OMG! Friday the 13th

    Congrats to you both! Still no sign of our results. Which site did you use to check? Si & Ange.
  14. simott101

    OMG! Friday the 13th

    Well folks it Friday the 13th and it's also the 13th day since sitting the dreaded ielts exam!!! im a check check checking the Internet for my score but nothing as of yet!!! the suspense is literally killing me. Fingers and everything else crossed. :chatterbox:
  15. simott101

    457 travel insurance

    Go to the cinema M. Lol. Si & Ange. X