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    Medical Insurance for 457 Visa (Epilepsy)

    We have ended up going with AXA, which is very expensive and doesnt include any pre existing medical conditions, which we are told is standard practice. But we arent bound to a contract so when we have susses out the market a bit more will go with somebody else, perhaps in AUS. We were told that we were required to have private medical insurance to proceed with the visa, but as far as I am aware we should only face problems if we cant convince immigration that the epilepsy is under control? Anyway the application is in now, so we are just hoping for the best. Thanks for all the feedback
  2. Hi, My company are sending me to the Brisbane office for 2 years and we are currently in the process of applying for the 457 Visa for my wife and I. We are at the point now where the Visa has been paid, and uploading all the supporting documents. My company have asked that I cover myself and my wife using private medical insurance. We have been told to specify that my wife suffers with controlled eplilepsy in the application, and provide a supporting document from the doctor which we have. The main issue we have is getting the appropriate medical insurance. We are confused as to which type of policy to get, as we have been told that we wont get a policy that covers the epilepsy. But we a re worried that if the policy doesnt, then immigration could turn down the application. Does anybody have any advice regarding pre-existing medical conditions, and which companies they have used? Our main priority is to be accepted by immigration. The condition is well controlled using medication and the policy with AXA which we inquired about excludes epilepsy and even the medication. She could probabaly still get the medication sent over though. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Marcus