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    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    Yes- I've just had my cap and cease letter. Family Sponsored 176 - applied in May 2008. Received CO on xmas eve 2008, was told to get medicals and police checks done, loaded early Feb, everything stalled to a halt a few days later... Anyone remember how much we paid in those days? I have no idea and the relevant pages on the immi website aren't working. Ex is trawling through our files (which were just about to go on a boat over to me in Oz next week!) to see if he can find anything. More info here btw in case anyone else is affected... https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/CapandCease
  2. haselgre

    How many cat 6 applied in 2008

    We applied in May 2008 - Cat 6ii (family sponsored). Got all the way to meds and pc in Feb 2009 then...nothing.... Sigh. Given up.:frown:
  3. haselgre

    Category 6 Applications

    I would take what your agent says with a pinch of salt to be honest. From what I understand, a lot of agents are recommending to people to get their applications in asap, just in case. But of course it's in their best interests to say that to keep the applications/cash flowing in.
  4. haselgre

    Category 6 Applications

    Minh Man - we can only hope....
  5. Hi Jennyloh How do we know that Cat 6 is moving???? (oh please, oh please).... Liz x
  6. haselgre

    Do stat decs have to be hand written?

    We did that as well - typed up the statements and then signed the bottom by hand. Our friends/family did the same.
  7. My partner (de facto) and I applied for a 176 family sponsored visa in May 2008. I recently wrote to DIAC to complain about the way we've been messed about etc, and they replied with the usual guff, however, they also suggested trying to apply for a Remaining Relative visa. My only living family (two brothers) are both now permanent residents in Perth, so I would be eligible for the visa by myself. I was under the impression though that I wouldn't be able to apply for this visa as my partner has all his family over here in the UK still. And as we've already got a visa in the system with him as my de facto, it would look v dodgy if I were to say that I was now single (especially as I'd want him to come with me)! Does anyone know if it would be a good idea or not for me to apply for a Remaining Relative visa? Any advice really would be very helpful. Thanks! Liz
  8. Oh - and don't leave any gaps on your CV! Always account for gaps of more than a month. I had someone recently who left a gap of 6 years!!! BIN!! If they're not bright enough to fill in a gap in a CV, then they're either hiding something that I don't want to know about (prison??) or too stupid to work for me.
  9. As far as I'm aware, the main differences are that the Australian CVs tend to concentrate on what you've achieved, rather than just the tasks that you were assigned to do. But I'd say that's what you should do anyway as it helps you stand out from the crowd. You should always bear in mind a) what are they looking for/what do they want to see and b) what have I done that shows that I'm not just any old accountant/plumber/whatever. I've got tons of things on my CV that are along the lines of "first assistant to take on x task" or "completed project that saved the company $400k a year" or "overhauled system to be more streamlined" etc. Basically, employers want someone who is going to be proactive and go that extra mile, rather than just do what is the minimum required, and you need to show them that that's the kind of person you are. It'll take a while to do well initially, but then will be easier to just tweak for individual jobs as needed. Have a look at this as well. A lot of it is the obvious stuff like no spelling mistakes (it really does send a CV straight into the bin!), but there are some other useful tips as well. CV Writing Tips - Australia Job Search & Employment Site. AU Jobs, Careers & Part Time Vacancies. Basic layout should be: - name at the top with contact details underneath (mobile/phone, email, address) - don't need anything else (DOB, marital status etc) - Personal profile - brief couple of sentances summing up who you are and what you're looking for, e.g. Qualified Accountant with x years' experience, looking for position which is challenging and allows me to grow further. Known for reliability, attention to detail" etc etc. Again think about what they want to hear. - 4-6 bullet points of Key Skills - such as IT knowledge, languages, good skills that are key to your industry, key specialisms etc - Work experience history with most recent first. - Education with most recent first. If your grades are rubbish - don't list them! Include extra training courses or qualifications here. - Leisure and Interests - they want to see that you're a well rounded person who doesn't just sit in front of the tv and eat KFC every night. Sports clubs, volunteer work, leadership roles (e.g. board of governors or football team captain), unusual hobbies etc always go down well and give you something extra to talk about in an interview. Hope that helps! Liz
  10. No problem. Send me a msg through on lizzyh@ekit.com and I'll have a look later today. Liz
  11. Hi TopGun I'm happy to help if you like - am always advising my friends on their CVs as I'm a HR Manager so used to sifting through CVs! PM me and I'll have a look/send you my personal email address. Well done on your PR! Best regards Liz
  12. Hi I applied for 176 family sponsored in May 2008. My brother filled out all the forms, got his passport and citizenship certs etc notarised, then scanned everything and emailed it over to me. I think uploaded everything at the same time. I would deffo recommend doing an online application. Is easier, quicker and things can't get lost in the post. The only thing to be aware of is that they don't give you a lot of mb at all, so you need to make your pdfs as small as is humanly possible. Let me know if you'd like any further help - I did family sponsorship, IELTS, de facto etc so can give you some tips if you need them. I got my request for meds and PCC in Dec 08 but then got caught up in all the changes of 31st Dec 08 [sob sob]. Good luck! Liz
  13. haselgre

    Category 6 Applications

    Hi Gill Thanks for this info. Does anyone have any advice for us? We received notification on 24th December 2008 to get our meds and PCC done, which we did asap and it was loaded onto our profile on 5th Feb 2009. Do you think there's a decent chance we might get our visa this year? We're 176 family sponsored, non-MODL/CSL by the way. Annoyingly, if I were single (I'm in de facto relationship), I'd be able to apply for a Remaining Relative visa as both my brothers are now living in Perth (oldest is citizen now and the other moved out on an independent 175 over a year ago). No other living family. As we're not on CSL, it's unlikely that we'd get state sponsorship and ENS is also highly unlikely. I'd be incredibly grateful to hear anyone's thoughts on what we should do / expect? Many thanks in advance. Liz
  14. haselgre

    176 Fam sponsor non CSL non SS where are you at?

    We applied for our 176 (sponsored by my brother in Perth) in May 2008. Age 34 and 11 months when applied. Office Manager (non-CSL, non-MODL) Application - May 2008 CO assigned 23 Dec 2008 Requested meds and PCC 24 Dec 2008 Meds received and finalised 5 Feb 2009 Then...nothing.... We're hoping that we'll be fairly quick through the door when they get to Cat 6 as it looks like we're pretty much "decision ready". Annoyingly, if I were single, I could apply for a Remaining Relative visa as my only remaining family (both brothers) live in Perth now. But my OH's family all live in England. Keeping fingers crossed for July. Que sera...