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  1. Hello guys! I was wondering if anyone ever wanted to convert a Contributory visa application into a non-Contributory one. The thing is that our financial situation has changed and we cannot afford the expensive visa any more. Has anyone heard about any possibility to change from 143 to 103 visa? Thanks in advance.
  2. Guys, can you recommend a nice place to dine with a live jazz band in Sydney/North Sydney area?
  3. Thank God, have not had a necessity to go to an emergency department. However, I have heard quite a number of horror stories about emergency departments in public hospitals, e.g. extremely long queues, etc. As I hold a private hospital cover, can I be admitted to an emergency department in a private hospital? And where can I find the list of the emergency departments in my area (Sydney)? Do you guys have an experience of being admitted to an emergency department and how was your experience and what is the best way to avoid the nightmares of long waits and other disadvantages of the imperfect health system?
  4. Olga

    Teaching English in Oz

    They require a Cert IV in T&A no matter what your qualifications are. It is just because you teach in a vocational educational institution or teach in an area related to workplace training. The lady was turned down not because of her Masters, but because she did not have the Certificate, which costs 1500 by the way. I agree that it is just silly to ask people to have a certificate on top of a Masters degree. Yeah, secondary school teaching might be a better option, especially if you want to go to a remote rural area. It is quite difficult to find a permanent job in metropolitan areas, though Western Sydney, for instance, might be an option, too, for the brave. Still, sponsorship seems to be a dream more than reality.
  5. Olga

    Teaching English in Oz

    There is a huge competition for TESOL positions in Australia. You will be lucky if you find a casual relief position. Sponsorship? No, I don't think so.
  6. Guys, I have some more questions. 1. How many references did you include in the reference list of your proposal? 2. Are publications a must to get a scholarship?
  7. Thanks, Vicky! I have heard that if you collect your data and are paid for the job where you collect it, you will be refused the scholarship. Is it true? Very important for me, cuase I hope to preserve my salary (even if it is part-time or casual) and get a scholarship. Is it possible?
  8. We all are supposed to be that flexible (change everything or at least a part if necessary) , aren't we?
  9. Hey, Sephie! Thanks for the reply! Well... I feel I need a couple of months at least It seems as if I am doing it 24/7 already. LOL.
  10. Tickled Pink, thank you so much! It was an awesome comment and marvelous advice - very inspirational. I am really excited and passionate about my area of research. I did MA by research several years ago and I am going to continue research in the same field: methodology of teaching. I did action research in the past, that is why I had to work and it did not interfere with my research time. However, this time I am applying for a scholarship and I have to play by the rules (and the scholarship I am applying for is only for full-time study). Having said that, one part of my investigation will involve action research again, which means I have to work. What is more, my topic choice was influenced by some issues from my teaching practice and observations. Realistically speaking, I believe I will have to juggle work (at least a little bit) and research...and family and kids too! I hope to get some work at the Faculty too (fingers crossed
  11. Guys! And how long did it take you to complete your research proposal?
  12. Thank you! It was very informative! I am applying for a scholarship and I suppose there is no option to do it part-time..or is there? I am going to do research at my current workplace. Has anyone got the same experience?
  13. How about scholarships? Are they tough to get? Is there a lot of competition?
  14. Marta, it seems to be much tougher in Germany