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  1. pntaylor

    Life in Canberra

    Been living here since we moved out to Australia from Bristol in 2012. Nice place to live and if you like big city comforts without the hassle then Canberra's a perfect fit. The lack of traffic, for now at least, is wonderful and I certainly don't miss queuing on the M32 There's some lovely hiking spots within reach both in and around Canberra itself or just outside like Mt Tennent. The pub and cafe culture is ever increasing but mostly exists in Braddon so if that's you're thing bear that in mind for where you look to live. You do need to get and out and about though if you're wanting to meet people and create a social group. I joined a football club and most of my social circle is from there. People aren't just going to fall into your life so it'll initially take a lot of effort but it is doable :)
  2. pntaylor

    Visa 190 Moral Obligation

    As someone who came in on the 'ol 176 visa (granted by the ACT) we've stayed our two (and longer). However, during our first couple of years here I met a fair number of fellow 176'ers, especially those in IT, who couldn't find a job in their field no matter how hard they tried. I know of at least two who, after contacting the ACT Gov. showing proof of job applications etc and an offer of a position elsewhere, were happy to waive and just required them to fill out surveys and so forth. My takeaway has always been that you should try for at least 6 months (I remember there being a requirement of showing you had enough funds to last a certain amount of time, might just be my memory), and then if all else fails, look further afield. If something crops up, notify them of your intentions, your reasons and proof you tried your best to honour the agreement and I doubt any would refuse it. An employed, working (and taxable) citizen is better for the economy I'd imagine.
  3. pntaylor

    Finding a job in ACT with no security clearance

    Moved here in 2012 and was in a similar position as you. There is enough private work which doesn't require clearance but the vast majority are public service etc. It's not impossible and depending on your skillset you could land work for many of the managed services companies here in Canberra. They do still have work for Federal Departments but equally work that non-cleared staff can do. It'll be a question of casting your net far and wide across Canberra and not worrying too much about the commute. Once you can apply for citizenship do so and then the rest of the market opens. Happy to answer any specific questions so feel free to message me.
  4. pntaylor

    FA cup final in June. Where to watch in Canberra?.

    Some clubs may show it, might be worth ringing round to see if any will have it on.
  5. pntaylor

    anyone up for cycling?

    Apologies, Sunday kind of ran away from me this week, our 15mnth old daughter needed extra attention today With it being mother's day next week would the week after work? Again, sorry I didn't touch base sooner.
  6. pntaylor

    anyone up for cycling?

    Cool, I'll see how things are looking and send you a PM, most likely going to be a Sunday afternoon.
  7. pntaylor


    Southside look at MPower Dome. I play there Monday nights and they have leagues on pretty much every night during the week and have competitive, social and mixed leagues.
  8. pntaylor

    anyone up for cycling?

    I'd be up for a ride sometime, live in Wanniassa so not too far away
  9. pntaylor

    Canberra Newbies

    Been here a shade over 3 years now and still enjoying the lifestyle. Happy to meet up once you've arrived
  10. pntaylor

    Moving to Canberra in 2015 thread

    We had a solo container and it took about 3 months door-to-door. We left the day after our container so it was fun living with only a few items in the house for a little while but we got by
  11. pntaylor

    Moving to Canberra in 2015 thread

    Family live in Greenock and I was taken to a couple games when I was a wee lad so same reason as you really. TV should work just fine here, we brought ours over and it using the box we got for our TV provider had no issues though if I remember right if you plug the aerial straight in you may need to select German as the TV's audio language as Australia re-use the same code or something and that will make the audio work if it doesn't straight away. However, buying one over here is probably the best bet and saves you worrying about the TV getting damaged. We opened an ANZ account a couple years before we moved out here so it's definitely possible with some banks specialising in migrant banking. When we moved here we just got some basic furniture from Freecycle/Gumtree/Savlos just to get by till our container arrived. We used Doree Bonner and couldn't have been happier with their service, all the best with the move
  12. pntaylor

    Moving to Canberra in 2015 thread

    Most of the boxes you'll get will have PVR capabilities so you could record them, I back Morton myself North of the border so Hibees are not quite that rubbish
  13. pntaylor

    Moving to Canberra in 2015 thread

    Best record stores? Have to agree about JB Hi-Fi, if you're looking for vinyl I'm not too sure. Places to see local bands? Not sure if I'm honest Where to watch Scottish footie? Most clubs (no pubs round here!) will show football and many will happily change channels. Whilst I've never been in the Burns club (Scottish orientated club) near Tuggeranong may be a good bet. Where to watch American football? Again, clubs will show games if you ask them, all games happen in the morning here due to time differences. Some games are on Free-to-Air TV on 7Mate I think whilst others are on ESPN on FoxTel/FetchTV Anyone know of a fiddle society? No, sorry Any 'new to town/expats social groups? Not that I know of but feel free to touch base with me when you land we can meet up Good softplays? My daughter isn't quite at that age yet but some Malls have kiddie areas First 'wow, we're not in the UK anymore' experience? When it hit 40+ for three days straight in the summer.
  14. pntaylor

    Employment prospects for the event manager in Canberra

    There are some roles within the ACT Govt. that don't require citizenship but for everything Federal that's a requirement. Can't advise much on the events scene but there are seemingly plenty of things happening in the region. All the best for the move and job hunting!
  15. pntaylor

    Anyone going to the cricket Wednesday?

    Family and I were there, stayed for Australia's innings then home to put the bub to bed. Enjoyed watching the run chase on TV, was quite the game!