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  1. JayBone

    Does this sound cheeky?

    I have just got a relocation package, Mine is an internal Australian move but its the same package that overseas employees get. Flights (one way) - business class if over 4 hours Shipping up to 30m3 of personal belongings Storage of belongings for 30 days Fully furnished house for 30 days (can be extended in certain circumstances) Car hire for 30 days $5000 disruption allowance (one off payment to us for costs like breaking leases etc) No animal costs paid for, however they did find us a pet-friendly rental. Hope this helps
  2. JayBone

    Giving up my job to go :-/

    I was 29 when we made the move, i was in my 13th year of a career in the Oil Industry, 12 months previously I was made up to an Operations Team Leader, great salary, great prospects and a job i really liked, ticked all the boxes for me. Resigning from the job was obviously a BIG decision, i had the option of keeping it and flying to and from Australia (i worked in the Middle East) or taking a 2 year leave option. I decided on option 3, cut all ties and see what happens, i figured that with that job in my back pocket we would have never really had a fresh start and that 'have to make it work' mentality. It was a real breath of fresh air been able to do what we wanted, stressful as my wifes present earning potential is not great, i was the bread winner, so we have lived of savings. Have just done 7 months travelling around Australia and have found an even better job!! You have kids which means you have to be a little less ruthless, but, your wife is a nurse. Sounds like you have the winning ticket to re-invent yourself in any guise you want to mate - plus if you get that 'burning' desire (sorry for the pun) you could always be a volunteer firefighter in a local community, whilst building your dream job/business, and spending time with the kids. Hope it all works out for you mate, it has been a great move for us! P.S a good positive attitude to emigrating here will get you through all the difficult things like the price of bananas
  3. <p>No more pics of yer travels jay? where are yer now mate? lol just seen...nsw</p>

  4. JayBone

    Is 100K enough for a couple in Sydney?

    I'm a smoker but i think Australia is fairly priced (cheap even if i dare say it :wideeyed:) Would rather have a 20 a day ciggie habit than 20 bananas though :biglaugh:
  5. JayBone

    Car dilemma when visitors are here

    Personally i wouldn't be putting too much emphasis on this They are adults at the end of the day, and surely don't expect free accomodation AND transport when they come to visit? If somebody came to visit me and asked 'How are we supposed to get around whilst we are here?' i would look at them blankly for just long enough for it too sink in, and then open another beer This is your home, not their freebie holiday destination.
  6. JayBone

    fly in fly out

    Keep plugging away at it mate, hopefully you will get a break one day! There are training centres opening up in Queensland to get local people into the industry that is springing up on their doorstep
  7. JayBone

    fly in fly out

    Fair comment, that sounds terrible:frown: But, if the soldiers from another Batallion were doing 2 days on 2 days off you'd be pretty annoyed:mad: and would rather have their roster?:biggrin: in the same industry
  8. JayBone

    fly in fly out

    Ive worked in the Oil Industry all my career, last job was 4 years in the Middle East working 4 weeks on / 4 weeks off. Previously i had done 2 weeks on / 3 weeks off . To me, 3 weeks on / 1 week off sounds like a nightmare, unless you only plan on doing it to fill the bank account up for a year or two? What kind of a lifestyle is that for a family? especially when you emigrate for a better life usually? The wage would have to be astronomical to get people to do that roster? There are plenty of 2/2 jobs around, and other attractive equal time rosters. Is it Oil & Gas or mines?
  9. Have you considered Holiday parks, they have lots of options, cabins, motels, onsite vans etc. Try Gold coast holiday park http://www.goldcoastholidaypark.com.au/contact A google search will put up a dozen or so options, even if for really short term to buy you some time Good luck
  10. JayBone

    Hey all :)

    I reckon you would be pretty good on that basis, especially if you're working! We have been travelling last 7 months on a budget of $100 per day for two of us, plus a dog. (we smoke and drink too) - and have had campsites to pay for out of that, average around $30 a day, and fuel, 18,000km and counting You have the $100 a day already between you, and extra income from work too, this should see you pretty comfortable.
  11. JayBone

    Positives about living in OZ.

    Places that used to be so far, are now so close You can take a road trip in Australia that lasts for years and you're still seeing new places! Australia is still a land of opportunity You can have a beach all to yourself, even in Summer! Barbecues are not just a Summer activity! The Hospitality! only yesterday a guy on our campsite had caught loads of Red claws, he cooked us a starter of them in Garlic, and then a hand crafted curry for mains, he then proceeded to fill us with beer Internal flights are cheap, you can have awesome city breaks! There are hidden gems everywhere for free, places that in Europe would have been built up and made into tourist traps long ago! National Parks and State forests are all free, and they have awesome camping spots You can get a good feed from the Sea, Rivers and creeks wherever you go and in some states you don't even need a fishing licence! No MOT for your vehicles! could also be included as a negative though, as im sure there are some death traps hurtling towards you too - but mainly positive for me, i just used to get ripped off all the time You don't 'bat an eyelid' at the thought of travelling long distances in Australia, when i was in the UK i considered 60 miles to be a full days trip! Here we do 8-10 hours driving and consider it to be an integral part of the trip! Australia is set up for Outdoor recreation, really good if you like the great outdoors! And even in the cities there are so many free facilities I like the radio (and TV) advertising, its truly awful and makes me laugh at how bad it is! haha The food in most the service stations is much better, there is way more selection than a Ginsters and a packet of Werthers original! haha Air for your tires is still free, no searching the glovebox for a 20p coin Thats enough for now i reckon
  12. JayBone

    Earwax /cotton buds

    I thought they were supposed to draw out all the wax? But I've read up on them today and apparently they do sweet FA! Better not tell my mate, it's obviously a good placebo for him
  13. JayBone

    Earwax /cotton buds

    My mate uses Ear candles, swears by them Available in Australia now http://www.biosun.com.au/
  14. JayBone

    salary averages

    Have you looked at the HAYS salary guide? Here is a link http://www.hays.com.au/salary/salarysurveyrequest.aspx Fill in the details and they e-mail you the information you are interested in, its very thorough, and for certain jobs it breaks it down into different cities also Good luck
  15. JayBone

    Hello! We have a dilemma :-)

    Hi Otsmith1, We were in a similar situation to you a few years back, we really wanted to move to NZ, but could not secure a visa for there, long story! I spoke to a migration agent who informed us that we would be able to get a PR visa for Australia which gives us PR in NZ too, we thought that was a great deal ......However...... When you look at the timescales for getting citizenship, its 4 years in Australia, 5 in New Zealand. If we lived in New Zealand for the 5 years that our Australian PR lasted, we 'should' have been able to get NZ citizenship, we decided against it as it would be cutting it a bit fine, if we failed to get NZ citizenship we would have been asked to leave and had to go back to the UK as Australia would not have us as we hadnt lived there We decided, why not live in Australia for the 4 years it takes to get citizenship, and then, if we still had a desire to move to New Zealand, we could try that as Australian citizens and still be able to come 'home' to Australia. We have now been in Australia since December last year, travelled 18,000km in 7 months and absolutely love Australia, New Zealand will just be an AWESOME holiday destination! as its only a short hop over the Tasman now There is no doubt that New Zealand would be a great place to live and explore, but Australia certainly has more opportunities for people, certainly the young (like me fortunately) Hope you can make your mind up soon, and just remember, it's not a bad predicament to be in Jon