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  1. b14ck

    Super nervous!!

    well done on the 100%
  2. b14ck

    Super nervous!!

    Watch the DVD they gave you links to, it was all i needed to do. I watched it the night before and smashed the test in 3mins and got 100%
  3. b14ck

    Postage back to the UK

    Just put general household and personal items.
  4. b14ck

    Shopping, first thoughts

    Was only two or so yrs ago Bananas were 22 bucks a kilo here in WA thanks to the crappy harvest
  5. b14ck

    Six nations - how do I watch live

    Click this link for all the sports channels and much more, make sure you have adblocker running though otherwise you'll get swamped with adverts http://www.stream2video.tv/countries/united-kingdom/sky-sports-1
  6. My son came over last year with $4000 and stayed with us for around 2 months then went working on a farm for 3 months in order to qualify for a second whv, after which he did all the usual things visiting all the major city's he did all touristy stuff including the barrier reef, he managed to pay for six internal flights and also flew on to Cambodia and Malaysia before flying home with just $200 left but the best memorys and the chance to do it all again when he finishes uni. $10000 is more than enough if your planning to work as well.
  7. b14ck

    my $4.50 coffee

    You can easily pay 2 quid for a coffee in England and have to sit inside out of the cold and rain and stare out of the window looking at all the misery... just think of the higher prices as a "location charge" :laugh:
  8. b14ck

    TV in Aus

    Have a read of this thread http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/household/201057-sky-tv.html
  9. b14ck

    Sky TV?

    yeah the Broadband speed and reliability over here in Oz is shocking, it reminds me of when the UK first got broadband and they had loads of teething trouble... the thing is now Broadband is fifteen to twenty years old you'd think Australia would be able to supply a good cheap service but alas it cannot.
  10. b14ck

    Sky TV?

    Before Hola i used Astrill.com vpn for a few years and had no issue with speed plus you get access to 30 plus countrys all for 40 bucks a quarter but like i say Hola is the one for me because its free you could also try http://www.vpnbook.com/freevpn but you only get access to the UK, USA and a few european countrys. i use vpnbook for channel5 in the UK because for some reason Hola won't unblock it.
  11. b14ck

    Sky TV?

    If you click the icon in the top right corner of the browser you'll see the settings and if you click this link below it will take you to the tv channels that you can add and bbc iplayer is amongst them. https://www.facebook.com/notes/hola-unblocker-scripts/the-great-wall-of-hscripts/260403304101835
  12. b14ck

    Sky TV?

    If you use Firefox or Chrome then just download the addon Hola, it will detect the original country and then set it's self to appear to be in that country so you can watch iplayer, itvplayer and all the other uk ones as well as all the usa channels such as Hulu and fox etc. i've been using it for months with no problems. http://www.hola.org
  13. b14ck


    Agreed, that was shocking driving and she was lucky the train didn't take her out... it was her fault not the car drivers and she should have anticipated the car slowing in front, she almost killed herself, the driver of the car and whoever was on the train just because she was showing off in front of a camera guy for a show. I'm a truck driver of 25 years and was gobsmacked :shocked:
  14. I got the green card whilst on my bridging visa A. I took my passport, wedding cert and proof of visa application and it was granted there and then but was a paper slip and the plastic one came in the post a few days later, the guy at centerlink told me i had full rights but when it arrived it said interim and was valid for 12 months, it is identical to my wifes card except the interim part.
  15. b14ck

    Are they Dependants?

    Thanks for the link, but that only answers the Australian side of things what about England? are they classed as dependants in England and do i have to "declare" them if they are not coming to Australia and probably never will.