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  1. Racheyroo

    Two-minute distraction!!! Exciting!!!

    Thanks again guys :smile: Results are looking really interesting so far, I'll post a summary on here when I've re-learnt statistics and analysed them :err: Survey still open, the more replies the better!!! If any of the categories don't apply you can answer hypothetically if you want to, this will still give us valid results. :smile:
  2. Racheyroo

    Two-minute distraction!!! Exciting!!!

    Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far, much appreciated. There's still time to take part for anyone who hasn't yet. :biggrin:
  3. Hello all, Please could you spare me two minutes of your time to take my survey about Attitudes to Organ Donation? It's for an undergraduate biology project and the answers will be anonymous (not linked to you). http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VYY5535 I would be very grateful :wubclub::wubclub::wubclub: Thanks in advance, Rachel
  4. Racheyroo

    F1 HUNKS! Sorry guys ladies only

    Jensen = :wub: But when I was about 12 I had a weird-crush on Martin Brundle :embarrassed:
  5. Racheyroo

    Thyroid people - Eutroxsig?

    I agree with littlesarah. I've checked in Martindale (the ultimate drug bible!) and it says Eutroxsig contains levothyroxine sodium, which should be exactly the same as what you are prescribed in the UK. It used to be called thyroxine sodium but name was changed to bring us in line with the rest of Europe etc. I would assume your dose could be converted mcg for mcg, unless your dosage requirements change due to new climate or something. It's not uncommon to find people on doses of up to 300mcg so a 200mcg tablet is very sensible and I wish we had them here! Pretty much all drugs should be stored below 25 degrees and since thyroxine is a hormone it is possibly more sensitive to heat than other more stable drugs so I guess that's why they say to keep it in the fridge, since the temp in Oz is regularly hotter than 25. Obviously not much of a problem in sunny ol' Britain :laugh:
  6. Racheyroo

    Dropping out/not conforming

    This amused me because one of my Aussie friends is a professional concert trumpet player, who incidentally has an excellent sense of humour and is having to return to Australia because the job opportunities for him as a professional musician are much better over there than in the uber-cultured UK. Back to topic, I have seen people in my local Tesco in their pyjamas. I admit I find this odd (why not just put some clothes on!?) but if they really want to do it who are they hurting? NO ONE!!! In future I will congratulate them for their non-conformity :yes:
  7. Racheyroo

    Dropping out/not conforming

    I think some people become very uncomfortable when faced with anything that contradicts their view. Some people are scared of 'change' and 'difference' because they worry that it will threaten what they see as 'normal' and therefore 'right'. I just cannot understand why people feel the need to judge others who think, feel, look or act differently to the majority, (as long as they are not damaging anyone else). Hate crimes make me really angry. Live and let live. Bigots should get on with their own life and let everyone else live theirs in peace and safety.
  8. Racheyroo


    I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that. I write this in my uni notes a lot :laugh:
  9. Racheyroo


    Yes! My favourite is ITYFIABMCTT. This could turn into a very long thread game...
  10. Racheyroo


    When I worked in hospital pharmacy, patient notes were full of TLAs, it's like learning a whole new language. Fortunately I didn't have to understand most of them but I always felt sorry for the trainee doctors in their first week when a consultant reels off a whole list of them and expects them to get it all straight away. It's one thing seeing them written down, quite different when someone shouts them at you! And then I developed an OCD thing where I'd see them everywhere, especially on car number plates. So for example if I see LL53 LFT I think 'liver function test'. I actually end making up phrases to match the number plates. Maybe I should get some help!!! :jiggy:
  11. Racheyroo

    Dropping out/not conforming

    I've been lurking on this thread for ages trying to find the right words so for now I'm just going to have a bit of a ramble and see where it goes :confused: Outwardly, I appear fairly conventional. My non-conformity is in the way I think and feel, my plans for the future, my spiritual beliefs, the way I understand the world. I've never wanted to follow the traditional path of settling down, starting a family, paying off a big fat mortgage and upgrading the wide-screen tv and car every few years. The idea of bringing up children makes me shudder. My 9-5 job bored me so I made the decision to go back to university to study something that really interests me and will hopefully lead to a more fulfilling career. I want to travel, to experience other cultures and to see with my own eyes that the commercialised materialistic western way of life is not the only way of being. I'm gradually becoming more comfortable with who I am and stressing less about not being what other people expect me to be. People are often surprised that I have a tattoo, then even more surprised when I tell them that in my ideal world I'd have a whole back full of them :laugh: I kind of like this, confusing other people's impressions of me but it still feels very lonely sometimes. I've learnt that trying to conform when you know you don't is not good for your mental health. I've met a few people recently who share similar views to my own and this has made me realise that there are actually some people out there who are a bit like me :smile: Freethinkers unite!!! I know my friends don't judge me, that's why they are my friends. My family do though and it really grates sometimes :arghh: My non-conventional ways are hardly extreme and don't impact negatively on anyone so why should anyone give a stuff about what I want to do? Mum- if you're reading this, I've got a tattoo, haven't got a pension and I'm never going to give you a grandchild. Accept that I will never conform to your ideals because if you don't you're in for a lot of disappointment :cute:
  12. Racheyroo

    Study in different state

    As I understand it the 176 being a pr visa allows you to study and pay domestic fees (but I'm still a bit confused by the different fee levels even for domestic students!) I think all unis set their own fees and you can apply freely to any university in any state. Whether or not you move to a different state before the 2 years is up brings up the 'moral obligation' question again but there are plenty of other threads about that so it doesn't need discussing here. So basically, yes you can study in a different state, there is no legal block. Unless anyone knows different? In which case I'd be very interested because this may be my situation in a couple of years...
  13. Racheyroo

    Mozzie bites and feeling unwell!!

    I would recommend a precautionary trip to the doctor, especially if your temperature stays up more than 48 hours. Glands on their own just mean the immune system is dealing with something, high temp may indicate infection. Also agree with Srp, allergies usually appear pretty quickly but infections take a couple of days. Creams are usually rubbish, antihistimines tablets generally more effective and you can buy decent ones over the counter in Oz that you can only get on prescription in UK (always read the label :yes:) Having said all that, as long as you are generally healthy, not very old or very young and have a non-compromised immune system most bite reactions will go on their own eventually once the body sorts it out. I got bitten by insects from all round Oz when I was there and the only ones I reacted badly to where the ones in the south-west. One bite on the back of my hand swelled and hurt so much I actually thought I'd somehow broken my hand :huh: ***DISCLAIMER*** I am not an Oz-qualified pharmacist, would hope those working in Oz would be well-up on advising about insect bites :err: This advice should not be taken as a substitute for a consultation with a local medical professional. I'm just saying hypothetically what I might recommend if you happened to come into my pharmacy... That should keep my insurers happy :rolleyes:
  14. Racheyroo

    Forum apps for Android phone.

    Since the forum upgrade (which looks great on my computer screen) the pages don't load properly on my mobile phone anymore. It's getting very annoying having to scroll back and forwards to read each line of a post.Does anyone know if there are any decent Android apps to cure this? Is tapatalk worth spending a couple of quid on?cheers,Rach
  15. Racheyroo

    We're Going Mad

    This is a bad thing????? :tongue::confused::tongue: