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    Is a Skills Assessment Needed? 187

    Thanks for your replies guys I'm still none the wiser about whether a skills test is required, but I will continue to hunt for the answer! Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
  2. Hi My partner is a hairdresser and has a company interested in sponsoring her. It's in a regional area so RSMS 187 visa is an option. As is a 457. I know a skills assessment is not needed for the 457, but I'm a bit confused as to whether one is needed for a hairdresser applying for a 187. Does anyone have the answer? The processing time for the 187 looks better, but not if a skills assessment is required. They want her to start ASAP. Thanks Joe
  3. Penfold

    Visa Issue

    That's a very good point. My apologies to all. I'm not normally so highly strung, I just went into panic mode. I appreciate you taking the time to help me. Thank you. I will give DIAC an honest account and cross my fingers
  4. Penfold

    Visa Issue

    And I want to neither work illegally nor overstay. I just wanted some advice on how best to tell them that.
  5. Penfold

    Visa Issue

    Absolutely right, it makes no odds if I'm french, Welsh or German. However, I am aware that some countries are considered less of a risk than others. Anyway, that's by the way. I can't apply for family sponsorship because my closest relative is 1st cousin once removed. JUST spent two years in Australia. My first WHV was 2006/2007, my 2nd was 2011/2012. But yes, as I said in my original post, DIAC are aware I would like to live/work in Australia......... but surely I should still be able to holiday there.
  6. Penfold

    Visa Issue

    50/50 for a British Citizen to HOLIDAY in Australia. That's insane. I'm not saying you're insane, just the situation. It makes me want to gouge my own face off.
  7. Penfold

    Visa Issue

    [h=2]Request For Further Info To Process eVisitor Visa[/h] Hi I recently applied for an eVisitor tourist visa assuming I would be granted one hassle free. However, I have been asked to provide additional info: I require additional information to be satisfied that you have a genuine intention to visit Australia temporarily as a tourist or for business purposes. Please provide the following additional information or documents: ● Please provide details of your reason for visiting Australia. ● A full travel itinerary covering your travel arrangements and dates of travel to and from Australia. ● A description of the activities you plan to undertake over the period of your intended stay in Australia. ● Astatement about your intentions after departure from Australia (for example, continue to travel or return to usual country of residence). ● A bank statement showing the name of the account holder, all transactions for the past three (3) months and the final balance of the account or other evidence of your ability to financially support your stay in Australia (for example: taxation records, official employment payslips and/or evidence of other income); ● A letter from your employer stating the length of your employment, your salary level and approved leave period to travel to Australia; or ● Evidence of your self-employed status, including a certificate of business registration and tax records for the past two (2) financial years. Now then, I am ok with the top 5 points...... although my bank statement isn't going to be the prettiest thing in the world. Half of that time I have been in my overdraft. But the bottom two bullets have got me snookered. For one of the past two years I was travelling Australia on my 2nd WHV, and for the last year I have been unemployed. I have the funds to cover my trip, plus a lot of my time in Australia this time will be spent staying with family. I have got myself all worked up and stressed that they aren't going to let me in. So I just need a little bit of advice on the right things to tell DIAC. I am a genuine tourist and I am able to afford my trip. Presumably they know I would like to live/work in Australia seeing as I have had 2 WHVs plus I have previously been granted a 457 which fell through before I even left England because the sponsor company could no longer offer me work. That being said, surely I am still allowed to escape the British winter and holiday in Australia over Christmas. I have no intention of doing any work out there, because A. I don't want/need to and B. I wouldn't be stupid enough to jeopardise my future chances of getting visas. I hope that all made sense. Any help/advise would be appreciated. Should I tell DIAC what I just told you? Cheers, Joe
  8. Penfold

    2nd WHM Visa - Cabinetmaking

    Thanks GollyWobbler! You got further through that ANZIC document than I managed. I got a bit lost and thought I was barking up the wrong tree! Cheers
  9. Penfold

    2nd WHM Visa - Cabinetmaking

    Hi As my 457 Visa seems to be causing hassle I'm thinking about forgetting it and applying for a 2nd Working Holiday Visa IF that is possible. I have only just realised that you can get a 2nd WHV through doing SPECIFIED work rather than SEASONAL work. I have done almost 6 months in regional areas as a kitchen fitter/cabinetmaker/joiner. However, I am not sure whether these jobs qualify....... I would assume they come under CONSTRUCTION and therefor DO quailfy. However I can find nothing to back this up........ Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)
  10. Penfold

    457 Cancellation? Apply for PR?

    Hi all After working for a cabinetmaking company in Queensland on a WHM visa in 2007, I applied (from the UK) for sponsorship on a 457 visa towards the end of 2008 and this was granted in May 2009. By the time the visa was granted my sponsor had already been in touch to say the reccession was affecting them quite badly and they did not have enough work to employ me. We agreed not to cancel the visa in case things picked up. Things did pick up and I was supposed to start work in January 2010, but then my Mother became ill and I was forced to pospone the date again. I am now looking to start work with them in October. However Immigration have been on to them and me saying that they will be cancelling the visa as it is "dragging on". Can they do this??!! I was under the impression that the visa was valid for 4 years. There has never been any "this visa must be used within 12 months of it being issued" spiel on the 'paperwork'. Multiple entries for 4 years is all it says. So what are they playing at? What can I do to get them off my back? (apart from bomb to Oz and start work) I really wish I had never gone for the 457 option anyway. I wish I had just applied for PR one way or another. 175 is it? But that seemed expensive and long-winded compared to the 457. I'm toying with the idea of cancelling the 457 myself and re-applying for a 175. Would there be a black mark against my name for wasting the 457 visa?? Also, what would my chances be of being granted outright PR? I'm 28, years of experience in joinery/cabinetmaking but with no certificates or qualifications in it, BA(hons) degree Film & Video, currently working as Physics Technician in a sixth form college. No wife or kids. Girlfriend is a hairdresser (8 years, qualified) but I have only been with her a few months. She was going to come with me on a 417 WHMV. Any advice, options, similar experiences etc would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I'm in a bit of a pickle. Should I just scrap this plan and start again? Ideal scenario: both get PR in Oz Thanks :biggrin: Joe