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  1. k3nj1

    Returning to the country without valid Visa

    thank you kimsdu. I guess that means a visit to the immig offices and hours of waiting then
  2. I have left this one a bit late - I am in the middle of applying for a Permanent Residency visa through my company who are currently sponsoring me on a 457 visa. The 457 visa expired 2 weeks ago (without my knowing - I just realised now upon checking my passport). I am due to be travelling to Europe for 15 days in 3 days time. How will I be able to come back into the country if my current visa shows it has expired? Also, will I have any problems leaving the country? thanks
  3. k3nj1

    applying for PR through company vs alone

    Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. I've been at the same company in Sydney for 3 years, having been in Australia for 4. They've been sponsoring me on a 457. Now I want to apply for my PR so I can look for work at another company (in Sydney). Is this possible? I have been told that if I apply for my PR now I have to sign something to say I'll be staying at the same company for a couple more years. My intention is to leave the company as soon as I have a PR, but am not sure if this is possible. Please help!
  5. k3nj1

    Australian half sister

    Hmm interesting. Thanks everyone for your input. Joebloggs, my sister lives in albury wodonga - I'll have to check if that's classified outback.
  6. k3nj1

    PR rules

    Apologies if this is a duplicate thread If I get a PR visa through my company, am I allowed to leave Australia straight away? And if so for how long can I be abroad until my visa expires? I want to go to Europe for a year or so safe in the knowledge that I'll be able to return to live and work in sydney again
  7. k3nj1

    Australian half sister

    Yes they probably will but I don't want to stay with them for more than 6 months - I'd feel bad asking for sponsorship then telling them so long!
  8. k3nj1

    Australian half sister

    I am currently on a 457 visa and have been working on this for 3 years here in Sydney. I am looking to apply for my PR. I have a half sister (same father) who is Australian - would she be able to sponsor my application? Or have me on some kind of family visa? Thanks
  9. k3nj1

    Advertising intention to marry

    yes, this is what I need to find. I could just google local papers in Sydney but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations to save time
  10. k3nj1

    Advertising intention to marry

    yep, it has to be an Aussie paper and I need to have access to it - the law here states I have to cut out the ad 7 days in succession and send it to the marriage office here in Sydney. Then they'll issue me with some doc that I need to take to Japan.
  11. Hi there I'm due to be married in Japan with my Japanese fiancé. In order to do this, I need to advertise 'intention to marry' in a newspaper for 7 consecutive days - strange process, I know. Anyway, my problem is I can't find a paper that will do this for a reasonable price - it can be a local paper, or anything that is in print daily. I live in Sydney - does anyone have any recommendations? So far I've tried the SMH (just to get a baseline price for a national paper) and the Wentworth Courier. I'm trying to save every penny for my expensive Japanese wedding, so any help would be most appreciated! Thank you
  12. k3nj1

    Carpet cleaner

    Thanks Susie! I can always reply on you! Have a great Xmas and NY too
  13. k3nj1

    Carpet cleaner

    Does anyone know a cheap carpet cleaning service in Sydney? It's just for our small living room so I don't want to pay more than $50. Thanks
  14. k3nj1

    name registration

    Hello Is it possible for my Japanese fiance and myself (Brit) to register our marriage in Sydney? We'll be getting married in Tokyo next October but would like to register it here first if possible so she can change her name asap. Thanks
  15. k3nj1

    Day trips from Sydney

    Thanks so much everyone - I'm overwhelmed by how helpful everyone on this forum is!