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  1. sm79

    Budget vs location

    Hi, I have been offered a position that will be based in Chatswood and I am in the early stages of planning an interstate move to NSW. Having searched on various real estate websites and read endless posts on this forum, I am seeking advice on areas to focus my search for a rental property that wont (by Sydney standards) burst the budget. I have been primarily looking along train lines (as I'm sure most people do) to try and avoid the need to commute by car. In a perfect world, I would be looking for a 2 bed property (apartment or otherwise - not fussy) with weekly rent of around $500 per week. I know this is ambitious and will likely push it out to $600 if needed but I'm keen to at least try and find something at the lower end of the scale. In addition it would be good to be somewhere that has a coffee shop or two and/or some personality to it (or neighbouring a place with these elements). Given the above, my search thus far seems to have drifted towards North Strathfield, Rhodes, Wentworth Point, Meadowbank, Ryde, West Ryde (that general arc/area) as it is a commutable distance by train to Chatswood and not a million miles form the city by train for weekends etc. I would love to hear views on the above areas and/or opinions on other possible areas I could target my search. Googling and searching only takes you so far and it would be good to get first (or second) hand accounts about what these areas are like or suggestions of other areas that might fit the above criteria. Many thanks for taking the time to read
  2. sm79

    form 1100

    Hi, Hoping someone can offer some advice. I was granted SS for VIctoria and subsequently applied for my 176 online. As per instructions I provided my TRN to Vic via the email address from which they confirmed my state sponsorship and requested they send form 1100 to DIAC. I'm just a bit unsure if this is all I have to do to request form 1100, and if this is the correct email address to use. Also, does anyone know how long it takes vic to send this to DIAC? Thanks
  3. sm79


    Thanks again for the replies. I think I might have answered my own question from looking on the immi site: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/health-requirements/health-exam.htm States I will require the blood test THanks again
  4. sm79


    THAnks for the quick replies. I should have mentioned in my original post that its a 176 visa I've applied for. I'm sure the medical centre knows what they're talking about but just wanted to double check for peace of mind. I just thought everyone had to get the blood tests done, not just temporary visa applicants etc. I'll have a look around the immi site and see if I can't find clarification THanks again
  5. sm79


    Hi, I contacted the Health Centre in Edinburgh to discuss booking an appointment for my meds and they advised I only need a blood test/HIV test if I work in health care or if I'm applying for a temporary visa. I was under the impression that everyone had to submit a blood test. I would be really grateful if anyone could advise me on this as want to make sure I book the right one. Also the cost without blood tests is £290 , with blood tests its £375 so reluctant to spend the extra if it isn't necessary. THAnks
  6. sm79

    Are my documents attached??

    Hi, Really hoping someone can advise me on how to check whether my documents were uploaded successfully or not. I just spent ages uploading everything after submitting my 176 online application. After the final piece of evidence I clicked on 'ok' instead of 'add another' (or whatever it says) and the system seemed to crash and gave a message about the website timing out. When I log in to check the progress of my application I cant see any documents attached (not sure where to look) and there;s no option to attach any more documents. Really confused and concerned and would be so grateful if anyone could offer any advice?? Thanks
  7. sm79

    Work or PR

    post deleted
  8. sm79

    doctors open on a Sunday

    Does anyone know of any GP's open on Sunday in Melbourne? Anywhere in the metropolitan area will do. It's not an emergency but rather was hoping to avoid time off work to visit. Had an appointment with one this morning but for various reasons was forced to cancel it last minute and Google hasn't helped thus far. Thanks
  9. sm79

    5-a-side football in Melbourne

    There seems to be a good amount of interest so far...are we close to having ten bodies yet or are we waiting on all the June arrivals to make up the numbers? :biggrin: I'm itching for a beer....I mean a game!!
  10. sm79

    5-a-side football in Melbourne

    Just wondering if you managed to get ten bodies together for a kick about or not?? I've been in Melbourne a few weeks now and starting to miss playing so I'd be up for a game of 5's. I'd be able to play 90% of the time but the nature of my job means there would be the occassional last minute call off. Let me know Cheers.
  11. Hi, I have just been told by my employer that they will not administer LAFHA. They are saying that because I applied for a position with them I am not entitled to it. According to them I am therefore moving voluntarily, and would only be entitled to it if I was being told/asked to move by them. This doesn't seem right to me. I am coming from UK to Oz on a 457, contract is a 2 year fixed contract. My understanding was that I should qualify for LAFHA on the basis that I will be working in Australia on a temporary basis and will be returning to my normal place of residence after this period of time. Can anyone help me here?? Thanks :unsure:
  12. I'd be really interested if you could provide some more information on car dealers in the South East...if not on the forum by PM. Moving out early April and will be looking to get a car ASAP after arrival Thanks
  13. sm79

    Teaching registration

    Hi, I'm sure this has probably been asked numerous times in the past but I can't find the information through the 'search' option. We will be coming to Melbourne on a 457 (through my work). My GF is an experienced primary school teacher and I have been looking into registration etc to enable her to apply for relief work when we arrive. It looks as though she only needs to fill in the relevant forms for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. This seems a lot easier than I expected so I am wondering if I'm missing something? Is this all that is required to enable her to teach in Victoria? If so, can anyone give an idea of processing times for these applications? Thanks
  14. sm79

    Cars & costs

    Thanks Hoff, The plan is to pay out of my Oz wages, the difficulty I'm having is I'm not sure what sort of car I should be looking at and following on from that, how much I should budget per month to lease/repay finance. Cheers
  15. sm79

    Cars & costs

    Hi, So I've reached the stage of researching car options etc for arrival in Melbourne but don't really have a clue where to begin. The trouble I'm having is that I have no knowledge of cars in Oz and don't know which ones to look at to help me work out finances etc. Can anyone suggest a reasonably economical, reliable car to look at thats not completely repulsive to look at (vain I Know) and also comfortable on the highway as I'll be driving a bit to/from work and also during the day as part of my job. Doesn't need to be too big but prefereably 4 door and maybe at minimum equal in size to VW Golf in UK or bigger (currently drive an LPG converted Passat in the UK). Also for budgeting, any indication of monthly costs would be appreciated (lease etc). Second hand is ok too. Cheers