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  1. We are currently on a 457 visa sponsored by the hospital that I work and am planning on applying for permanent residency for two reasons really, 1) this will give us the freedom to move wherever we want - at them moment we are completely tied to the hospital for a visa and 2) so we can buy a property here. We have had a big dilemmas as whether to apply for PR independently or through the hospital. We really dont see ourselves staying in Sydney for another three years since we would really like to buy somewhere and sydney is just way too expensive. We have looked at moving to Perth and are thinking of doing so one our PR comes through. I was told that although I sign something to say that I will work at the hospital for three years this isn't a legal thing and that if i wanted to leave before that then I could. However I have just seen a declaration on the 47ES form for PR that If I am applying under ENS then I am agreeing to take up the position for at least three years. Oh dear! I hadn't actually planned on staying for another three years! Has anyone else been in this situation? Applied for the ENS 856 visa and then left your job before three years? What did immigration do? I have rang immigration and asked this question a couple of times - the first person said that once we have PR immigration dont actually care if i leave the job before three years is up (but the hospital might be a bit pissed off!) Then the second person I spoke too said that we would have to consult immigration is we left before the three years is up and that they may potentially cancel the visa - it is taken case by case so they couldn't tell me what would happen for definite. Would really appreciate any insight anyone has into this matter as I think we have ourselves in a bit of a sticky situation now! Thank you!
  2. I have been working at a nurse at Sydney Children's Hospital for over two years now and I love it. We are so much better staffed, better supported, better payed and more respected then in the UK. It is a million times better! I was ready to leave nursing after having worked for two years in London and having a terrible experience at University College Hospital. I looked into doing teaching and even got a place but i though i'd give it one last shot in Australia since it was something I'd always wanted to do and Im so glad that I did as I love my job again! I think the biggest difference is the support you get here. I was newly qualified when I worked at UCLH and we had very little support - it was a sink or swim situation! When I look back now I cant believe the responsibility that we had straight out of uni and how little support we got. Here there is always someone to help you out - i guess the staffing probably makes the biggest difference as people actually have time to help each other out and work as a team. Each ward has an educator who are fantastic. We never saw our 'educators' at UCLH - they were always in their office! They were meant to be our support as newly qualified but when I went to one of them with a problem he told me to stop talking before I'd even started because he didnt want to have to deal with it! Here we work as a team, we all get breaks and actually finish on time! I was sick of working 12hr shifs without a break at home and never finishing on time. No wonder people used to take so much sick leave at home - we were exhausted. And the other big difference here is that if someone is sick we get cover - either agency/casual pool or someone from the ward will do agency - not like at home where you were just left short. I didnt mean this to become a slagging off the nhs speil but i cant help it! I will never go back to the nhs! Working in Australia is a hundred times better, i get so much job satisfaction as we actually have the time to do a good job and really make a difference. You'll love working here and will never want to go back to the nhs! And I get paid almost double what i got paid at home! That helps too!
  3. touch107fm

    Sponsorship question

    Hi all Just a quick question regarding getting sponsorship (457) I posted on here a few weeks ago regarding the same issue. My friend is working in construction as a dogs man/ banks man (directs cranes) the company he works for really want to sponsor him, He get on really well with the company owner. Q. to get a 457 visa does his job need to be on the skilled shortage list to be able to get sponsorship. If his role is not on the list what are his options, His current working holiday visa is up in Feb 2012. Any help would be greatly appreciated. D
  4. Hi Guys My best mate need help with his sponsorship. He works in the construction industry and is not too keen on computers and doing research online for the sponsorship so he has asked me to help him out. His story: He has managed to find a really good company here in Sydney and they like him and his work, He works as a dogs man directing cranes he has some certs and ref from home. He has all the nessiary tickets which allow him to work legally in NSW. My mate asked the company if they would be willing to sponsor him and they have agreed but he would have to pay the costs etc. which he said he will. He is here on a working holiday visa and he worked in the fruit picking area for 6 months so he has a second year lined up as well. He went to a seminar in Bondi and the girl he gave his information to the girl to follow up with him but he has not heard from her, not even a email. he has contacted her but nothing. I am guessing she was a migration lawyer of some sort. Can any of you good folk please advise my friend on what he should do. The company he works for have left it in his hands to do. They will of course follow up with the legal documents etc. He is the sort of guy who would rather just pay someone to do it all for him. Thanks in advance
  5. touch107fm

    1ish year on!!

    Well where do I start, I suppose a hello to everyone is as good as any. I hope you all had a good Easter. I am in work today nobody else is here so I am eating all the left over Easter eggs ha ha!! So this is my recap for you to read. The last 16 months have being a serious roller coaster ride for me. About us. Me: I am Irish (30) I lived in London for the last 10 years. I work in weird and wonderful media industry. Girlfriend: English (27) works as a nurse. Story my loving girlfriend came out here nearly 1.5 years ago absolutely loved it was only meant to be a 6 months thing, I was over a few years ago as a backpacker loved it but knew when it was time to go. I had a really good job in London and was happy out there next thing the bubble burst jobs where being shelved everywhere. The recession was in full force weaving its axe on jobs and most of us in work where thinking when was it us how was going to get the chop!! I worked in a deportment with a team some of who had being working there for 25 30 years, I had only being there 2 years so after much talking with the missus we decided to see if I could come over to oz. The GF was over the moon as she loves it here.... So about 5 weeks later I was on route to Australia. I was coming over on a 457 defacto visa. Mine took just 3 weeks to come through happy days!!! So here we are we are still here and still getting used to life in Australia, My Girlfriend loves it I am so so but we are working on it. My girlfriend is a nurse and gets paid nearly 3 times what she got paid in the UK, she loves where she works, lots of support for nurses out here. She was miserable in London as she worked in rubbish hospital run by the NHS. When I arrived (Monday) I had a interview on the Wednesday job sorted by Friday. Job Done!!! No sign of recession in Australia. We like many of my fellow country men/women are living in the eastern suburbs, we got a sweet pad which is great. My missus is now starting to talk more and more about having babies, her friends are starting to get hitch so the hints are being dropped!! She is the love of my life and we will most likely spend the rest of our life's together. So we have being looking at houses in Sydney and are now starting to look elsewhere in Australia for a more affordable house. Sydney is just too expensive. I am not interested in living in a apartment neither is the other half we want a house. We are very outdoors type people I do lots of activities to keep me busy. So we are now thinking of moving to Perth we being looking at houses and we could manage 700 000k which should get us something good over there. Australia: do I like it here yes and no.. First up my job looked like a great place when I went for the interview. Lots of cool people working there, Think of Google style environment! so I was working there for about 3 weeks when I realised that there was allot of unhappy sods working there. AHHHH long story short I had a year here where I wanted to quit pretty much everyday, during the year I was bullied by a group of assholes:shocked:, have not had seen this since my school days Nice!! Long story short it being tough but its only a job and I try to stay positive. I miss the banter from my previous roles back in the UK. I am the only Irish/UK person working in the company most are all Ozzy. I am not looking for another job I wanted to do 1 year for the experience if I had to work there for the rest of my life, i think I would rather be back in Ireland on the dole!! Do I think life is better here YES Is it tough YES Is it worth it YES Me and my missus are allot happier here we do loads of things on the weekend, camping trips etc we love it. Beach 5 min us who wouldn't love it. I think it would be a great place to bring up Kids (I cant believe I mentioned that I must be getting ready to settle down). It does have it cons of course which are all mentioned on this site, the family not being here, same goes for friends but my missus had a good point maybe this is a good thing as you don't have to planning things all the time seeing people over here we only have a couple of people who are good friends so we don't have to plan much around them The hardest part is when visiting family leave be prepared for lots of tears. My other half was in bit for about 2 weeks after her folks left. Note I was happy to have the place back to ourselves:) If you are thinking about moving over here, come over and get a feel for it first. Its not everybody cup of tea and if its not go back home, its good that we have the opportunity to actually do something like this. I am not a regular on this site I just though I give you a insight into our story, this site is great for getting info I spread the word to anyone who is thinking about coming over here. Also any People who are living in Perth reading this who lived in Sydney, I would love to hear pros cons of both city's or any advice for people who are thinking about making the leap to Perth!! Peace out I am off to raid more left over Easter egg. Ninja Paddy!!! :mask:
  6. touch107fm

    rubbish shipping

    I am not to sure if some of you are asking me about the shipping company I used. I did reply to a few of you who messaged me regarding my crap service. In a nut shell what happened me happens all the time from what I gather!! If you are sending a few boxes of your personal items or anything short of your own container the way most shipping companies work is they wait until a container is full before shipping it. They will tell you in extreme cases it will take 3 months. Mine took well over that. A tad bit annoyed.. I was told that my shipment was leaving 2 weeks from the date I left the UK.. Ya right 35 days later still in a warehouse in London.. I was so annoyed they had lied to me and there was nothing I could do. Now here is the catch the agent who I was dealing with at the UK was such a nice guy and I would give 10 of of 10 for customer service, I really felt like I was getting a good service. Its such a stress full time moving to the other side of the world and having a good shipping agent was such a benefit. If my items had arrived on time I would be giving 'the company' in question a 5 stars. A few tips for those who are getting ready to ship stuff to OZ.. My first question would be: Can you give me a definite date that my shipment is due to leave. I would be asking them to promise me or put it in writing that it would be leaving around the date you told me. If you do your homework allot of people have being stung by shipping companies this way. If you buying anything which is less than 12 months old be aware you may get charged duty. If its spanking brand new.. make it look used. Asking you shipping agent does the final fee include customs Clarence fee. I was told by my shipping agent that you may or may not get charged for this. Its a compulsory fee you must pay. If your moving over here for a few years or so. Bring as much as you can when you first arrive in Australia you will think its very expensive here and it is but as soon as start to make the Ozzy dollar you wont even think about exchange rates etc. I was comparing everything to UK prices. You will get over this. Myself and the missus went a little over board with bring over clothes. We ended up giving the charity shops a few bags of our clothes that we shipped over. Find out which company will be dealing with your goods when you arrive here in OZ. Check out there rep. I have been dealing with Gxxxx removals and the lady I been dealing with has not got a clue. I had to deal with her blowing her noise down the phone lots of Ahhh and ya maybe I will have to get back to you on that very annoying. If your getting insurance shop around and If I was get insurance again I would get it on itemized items instead of overall insurance.I am only saying this as I had a few things go missing (very random items) Please note !!! Overall in most cases you will get plan sailing and you will be happy with the service you get. Sometimes things happen beyond our control but in my case I really feel I have been let down by my shipping agent.
  7. touch107fm

    rubbish shipping

    Oh yah.. I am not the only one.. I left Middle of March.. Told my stuff was leaving 2 weeks later... !!!! Biggest lie ever.. 40 days later it left London. I was so angry. I got my stuff 1 weeks ago and there was loads of random stuff missing like drill bits. I being dealing with a rude lady at this end here in Sydney. Overall rubbish experience. I can name the company for legal reason but pm me if you want to know.
  8. touch107fm

    import duty tax

    Hi all My good from the Uk is finaly here.... over 4 months.... Long story but got screwed by the shipping company. My goods have now being checked by customs and are waiting to be sent to my apt in Sydney. I have hit a glitch I bought a 100cc engine for my paramotoring about 6 months ago and ''The paraglider that you are bringing over can not be classified as personal effects, This is stated as motorised items, This can not be cleared through Customs in the normal way. The clearances for you paraglider will be done through our Customs Broker, we require the receipt for the purchase of this paraglider. Please note that this will be a Formal Clearance and the fee will be AUD$350.00 in order for this to happen'' So I have paid the $350 but now I am afraid I am going to be hit with a import tax on the engine as its less than 6 months old.. Has any who shipped over goods had to pay import tax on there goods. Thanks
  9. Doree Bonner.... Just thinking of there name makes my blood boil. I already had a rant on this forum about them. I was feed a load of lies about my shipment. It is now just over 4 months and still no sign of my shipment. Would not use in a million years!!!! Fact!
  10. touch107fm

    Quarentine inspection fee

    25 is alot of boxes my 17 came to 80 cubic squared feet. So do the maths. My 17 plus insurance for the value of 4000 pounds came to 670 pounds.. Plus the added cost of Quarantine inspection fee 160 dollars... I would shop around but I would be asking how long is my goods are going to be sitting in there depo until they have filled a container. Read my previous messages above and you will see I got told a load of porkies..
  11. touch107fm

    Quarentine inspection fee

    My boxes have not arrived yet still waiting its due on the 6th of June add another 2 weeks Quarentine time. I wish I sent my winter clothes now as its now cold and wet here in Sydney. I packed 17 boxes my Items which cost me 650 pounds i shipped over everything so I would not have to buy anything I already had owed. I am sure there is probably lots of items I dont need I will update at a later stage.
  12. touch107fm

    Quarentine inspection fee

    OK didnt want to hear that ... 7 weeks Compared to my 16 + and most likely and a few more weeks on to that. Out if interest who did you ship with.
  13. touch107fm

    Quarentine inspection fee

    thanks for the reply.. I was going to complain but I know I was told that there may be a chance I would have to pay the fee not YOU have to pay the fee .. I probably wouldnt have minded only for the fact my shipping company lied to me which meant my 17 boxes will have taken over 4 months to arrive and that only if they arrive on the date they told me!!!! Out of interest how long did yours take.. Thanks again!
  14. Hi all Just a quick question for those of you out there who shipped over a few boxes by sea freight. Did any of you have to pay the Quarantine inspection fee!!! I just received a letter from the company who is handling my good when they arrive in Sydney telling me I must pay the Quarantine inspection fee. I was under the impression that not all shipments had to pay the Quarantine inspection fee, that what I got from my shipping company in the UK. I have being screw over by my shipping company and this is now the nail in the coffin and I still don't have my goods yet. I have being feed nothing but lies from the shipping company. I will not get into it as it will just make my blood boil.. D
  15. Hello fellow pomsinoz users.. I got a serious rant !!!! I am not one to complain but I have just found out from my shipping company that they have let me down big time. As this is a forum about expats in oz I feel the need to share with you my experience so far with my shipping company. I left on the 12th of March from London, I was told by the agent that my boxes would be picked up on the 11th of March and shipped from the UK to Australia one week later. I just got off the phone with the company to check up on my shipment and was shocked to find out they have not left London. I am so bloody angry, By the the sounds of things its going to be well over 3 months more like 4 months before I get my stuff. The whole Ideal was that we would save a fortune by not having to buy the same stuff over here in Australia.. When I spoke to agent who organised my shipping he was very sorry etc etc etc I was giving out stinks and just by magic my shipment was pushed forward by one week. Its now due to leave the London on the 20th.. Over 40 days after I left the UK. I really feel let down by these guys. Its a stressful time at the moment with the whole move to the other side of the world, getting work, apt, car etc I am sure most shipping company's will do the same stunt tell you one thing do another. Please chose wisely when picking a shipping company, Rant over ...... Admin Note: Please PM the poster if you wish to know the name of the shipping company, we cannot allow name and shaming on a public forum