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  1. Weasie

    Medial assessments and work related stress

    I am not a doctor and it is worth checking - however stress is not a medical condition. If you were not diagnosed with anxiety or depression then it is not a medical issue (please don't take my word for it and check it - however I am pretty sure this is correct).
  2. Weasie

    My Husband Is Miserable and Talking of Returning to UK

    Two passports - why did you guys decide to move to Australia? Once your partner has a job and you can move somewhere a bit more central are you going to get what you were looking for? You have to accept there are downsides of being here compared to London and start embracing the upsides as soon as possible. The middle of winter in Melbourne isn't the best time to take advantage of the great outdoors...
  3. If anyone has recently moved to Melbourne or is planning to with a visa in the near future with the above skills / experience, I would love to speak to you. There may be some opportunities coming up where I work... Please send me a PM Thanks Simon
  4. Weasie

    Manufacturing in Melbourne?

    I am an operations manager for a global food manufacturer and am happy to discuss - do you want to PM me - happy to offer any advice I can. There is lots of doom and gloom in the media, however imho for good people there is still a shortage.
  5. Weasie

    Bulimba - great place for a family?

    Great post - thx @ fish01!!!
  6. Weasie

    Bulimba - great place for a family?

    Any experience of the primary schools anyone? Appreciate the info so far!!
  7. Weasie

    Bulimba - great place for a family?

    Thanks SRP - will check out the other site. Ref. being hot - any time anyone puts a post about moving to Queensland, someone always says it is hot!!! Just pre-empting this discussion!! ;-))
  8. Hey Having migrated two years ago to SA, I am considering a job offer in Brisbane. We need good access to the University, CBD, airport and Springwood!! We are considering areas such as Bulimba / Balmoral / Seven Hills and would really appreciate some advice on great primary schools in this area. Alternatively - any other options for areas. Look forward to hearing from you (and yes, I know Brisbane is hot!!) Weasie
  9. I live here if you want to pm about schools etc
  10. Weasie

    trade work in SA

    Is that domestic or industrial electrical? Either you will not have an issue imho
  11. Weasie

    Tax returns grrrrrr

    Are there any accountants that can help me with both UK and AU tax returns? Please PM me. Thanks Weasie
  12. Income Tax Calculator - Yahoo!7 Money Matters This was within a few dollars for me
  13. Rachelandjon I would recommend speaking to your CO if you can. Making that personal contact and being 'unreasonably reasonable' can't hurt. Best of luck
  14. Weasie

    Tax Returns in Oz and UK

    I am in the same position and I am expecting to fill out a UK tax return... sorry but it is inevitable I think
  15. Weasie

    Mount Gambier

    red back - that would be cool - could you pm me? Cheers