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  1. Dear Poms, After having no luck finding work in Adelaide, i've decided to move to Melbourne. The Skills Recognition Service in SA assists migrants prepare to find work in the Australian jobs market. It is funded and run by the SA government. Is there an equivalent organisation in Melbourne for migrants ? The advice given by the SRS in Adelaide is said to be tailored for SA employers. I look forward to your responses. Ploppy
  2. Hopkins2016

    Spare room to rent in Adelaide ?

    Moving 2 Melbourne, Thanks for the reply and suggesting couchsurfing.org. This website appears to be for short stay travellers and I require accomodation for the longer term. I'll keep searching. Ploppy.
  3. Hello people, Planning to come over to Adelaide end of March 2012. Does anyone know of a room to rent ? or somewhere that advertises at a reasonable cost. All suggestions welcome. Thanks. Ploppy.
  4. Hopkins2016

    Ielts 3rd December

    Sporty, Took my Ielts General Test last December. Got 8.5 overall so not bad. Bought the Ielts plus 2 book recommended by the test centre. Well worth the preparation as I did all the tests in the book twice. They were harder than the actual general test so worth the effort. The Academic test is a lot harder. From memory I started with the listening test, then reading test which I finished early at this point its worth going to use the loo. Then the writing test which I just about finished. There was a short break between each. Break for lunch then the speaking test in the afternoon which involved a lot of waiting. The order may differ between test centres. Make sure you keep to the timetables given, although the test centres are well versed in this sort of thing. You would have to try to miss an exam. Good luck. Ploppy.
  5. Hello Rory2112, I'm also a Building Surveyor looking for work in either HA or Local Gov. Applied for a few jobs direct to organisations and have not had much luck. The agencies stated point blank that they would not entertain my application until i'm in the country. Going over next year as it's unlikely I can sort out work before I move out. Would be great to hear of your experiences. Ploppy.
  6. Hopkins2016

    Building codes for Australia ?

    Sparkylee, Thank you kindly for e mailing the building code documents through. Much appreciated. Ploppy.
  7. Dear Poms, Apoloigies if this is the wrong forum. I'm hoping to move to SA at the beginning of 2012. I would be grateful if anyone can provide a list of documents I'll need to rent acommodation and start a new job. Things such as references/ tax file number would be useful and anything I should prepare in the UK before leaving. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks. Ploppy.
  8. moving2melbourne - Thanks for the websites. I'll go through them. John Newland - Thanks for the reply. I'd appreciate the name of the recruitment company. Ploppy
  9. Dear Poms, I would be grateful if anyone can advise me on a recruitment agency that specialises in construction professionals. I am a building surveyor and have got my 176 SS visa for SA. I'd like to hear from anyone who's had a good experience with a relevant specialist agency. Look forward to the posts. Ploppy.
  10. Hopkins2016

    Recommend a Good Emigration Agent UK to Oz

    Try Ian Harrop & Associates based in Oxford, but moving offices to Edinburgh. He managed to get my 176 visa last Friday. The original quoted cost was honoured and the service was superb. It does not matter where the agent is as most correspondence is by e mail or post. I've never been to their offices and still managed to obtain my visa. He was recommended on this forum for taking on difficult visa applications other agents would not entertain. Ploppy
  11. Hopkins2016

    Building codes for Australia ?

    Sparkylee, I'd also like to jump on the bandwagon. I've also sent you a PM with my e mail. Thanks. Ploppy
  12. Hopkins2016

    Building codes for Australia ?

    Hello Sparkylee, Could you possibly e mail a copy of the Building Codes to me ? Ploppy
  13. Hopkins2016

    Building codes for Australia ?

    Sparkylee - Where did you obtain a PDF copy of the building codes ? Ploppy
  14. Hopkins2016

    Building codes for Australia ?

    Thanks to all for the previous posts. I'm specifically looking for the generic building codes for Australia or SA. It's very expensive to purchase in hard copy. Does anyone know of a book that summarises the codes eg in an illustrated guide or free download. Any advice would be gratefully received. Ploppy
  15. Dear Poms, Can anyone advise me of where I can obtain a copy of the Australian Building Codes (either hard or electronic copy). It does not have to be the most up to date edition. I have found copies on the internet, but they are very expensive and guidance/ text books are non existent. Any advice would be gratefully received. Ploppy