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  1. I know no one will care but I'm leaving Australia on Friday............. but only for long enough to put my UK house on the market. In the words of MacArthur "I shall return"!
  2. Jo_uktooz

    I want to go home

    Hi Geoffrey, I'm an an interesting situation,I'm here with my aussie OH waiting for a visa grant,I don't want to go back to the UK but if my visa is refused then I will have to and Nigel will then have to move to the UK to be with me,which would be very difficult for him because he has lived all his life in Australia and has no love for the UK,he doesn't hate it by any means,he's proud of being born there but he doesn't love it there. The other option would be for us to divide our time between the UK and Australia which would be very tough logistically and financially,I guess I am fortunate that he has given me an assurance that he will never leave me but I hate the thought of us spending the rest of our lives in a country that we both really don't want to be in. It's a tough situation and I feel for anyone who feels trapped somewhere they don't want to be,I don't think there is any simple answer but I hope that everyone will soon be where they are happiest. Cheers Jo
  3. <p><em><span style="color:#800080;">Just noticed your status.Hope all goes well for you xxx</span></em></p>

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR6wok7g7do:biggrin:
  5. Jo_uktooz

    Warning Mr Robinson!

    Just ask any of the mods ,they can give you an official warning if you like,(But you have to do something bad to get one !)
  6. Jo_uktooz

    5 years and counting

    Yep,the OH has been out all day and I've got the dinner ready,just waiting for him to come home (he's probably down at the pub) so I thought I would have a discussion with Dom.:smile:
  7. Jo_uktooz

    5 years and counting

    Fair enough but only if you return the favor.:biggrin:
  8. Jo_uktooz

    5 years and counting

    I've seen many Dom,mostly people who seem to have an aversion to anything positive about Australia,and who accuse people who have found a niche here and who enjoy their lifestyle of not seeing the big picture ,of ignoring the faults and having those "rose tinted glasses" (funny I have looked in many stores here but I haven't yet found one that sells them),in reality it's just that some people will find Australia is "their cup of tea" and settle down quickly and have a good life here but others will never feel at home here and they feel lonely and isolated,the people who are unhappy here need to have their voices heard,and that is what PIO is for,but it is not against the rules to post opposite points of view and as long as that doesn't involve nastiness or personal abuse then I don't see what the issue is in rebutting others opinions. I certainly have not been nasty in my responses to the OP,(at least not that I can see,perhaps I am wrong there),all I wanted to point out is that whilst I feel very synpathetic to the OP's situation and wish there was something I could do to help them there experiences are not necessarily what will happen to others,the previous poster,Stuju,has indicated that they relate very well to the comments the OP expressed so obviously some,maybe even many, migrants will have similar experiences but it doesn't mean that everyone will and that is an important thing to remember,that's all I was trying to convey in my post,at no point did I intend to convey any sense of criticism of the OP-far from it,I have a great deal of sympathy for them. Cheers Jo
  9. Jo_uktooz

    Pre september applicants-let us count how many of us?

    Hi Gill,Absolutely correct,the High Court of Australia is the highest court in the land,it used to be possible to appeal to the Privy Council but that was abolished by the Hawke Government in 83 probably because hardly anyone bothered with the time and expense,I think I'm right in saying that the last appeal to the Privy Council against an Australian court ruling was back in the 70's. Cheers Jo
  10. Jo_uktooz

    Holiday back in Britain

    Have a good time Pete,maybe if you have time you could renew it while you are there,it's much cheaper. Apologies again for leading you astray earlier. Cheers Jo
  11. Jo_uktooz

    Holiday back in Britain

    HOLD THE PHONE!. I have just checked the UK Foreign Office website which has travel advice for all countries for UK citizens and it now says that Australia has NO minimum validity for passports but that if you are travelling to other countries then the situation may be different. My apology to you Jordans for leading you up the garden path-I used to work in travel in the UK and I was positive that Australia did have a 6 month rule at one time but apparently I was wrong. Sorry. Australia travel advice Cheers Jo
  12. Jo_uktooz

    Holiday back in Britain

    Yes the average time for a UK passport renewal in Australia is 4-6 weeks,and of course there is the cost aspect as well,(288.45 AUD vs £77.50 in the UK),all passport renewals are now processed in New Zealand,you need to download a form and fee sheet from Passport forms and take them to an Australia Post outlet,they check the forms and photos and take your money then they send it on to NZ who process it and send the new passport by return mail. Cheers Jo
  13. Jo_uktooz

    Holiday back in Britain

    Hi Jordans, Yes Australia does require you to have a minimum of 6 months expiry left on a passport when entering the country,the situation as regards the UK is that a UK passport holder can be immigration cleared to enter the UK by presenting a passport that expired up to 12 months prior but returning to Australia is a different story,there is also a chance (maybe a slim one but still a chance) that if the passport does not have the required validity then the airline in the UK may deny boarding for the return flight,airlines can be heavily fined for boarding passengers with incorrect documentation and they can,and have,denied boarding in the past. If you can renew your passport prior to travel that is probably a good idea. Hope this helps Cheers Jo