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  1. Balman

    Getting a mortgage??

    Hi As long as you have a job and a couple of payslips it should be pretty easy. Even easier if your deposit is 20% or more.
  2. Balman

    Oz Tax Returns

    Subsequent to my last post I called the ATO again for further clarification. Spoke to a gentleman who explained everything and said that you only need to declare foreign income earned after becoming a resident in Australia not other incomes earned prior to arriving in Australia. (Apologies to RockDr) Hence if one is earning interest, rent, etc overseas but living in oz these will have to be declared and converted at exchange rates available on the ATO website. He also said that the tax free allowance would be prorata for the period you have been in oz. Cheers
  3. Balman

    Oz Tax Returns

    Not to sure about that . Because the ATO (Australia Tax Office ) has clearly said that foreign earnings and tax paid on these earnings have to be declared in AUD (Conversion rates are available on the ATO website. Another question - when declaring tax paid on UK earnings should we include NI deductions?
  4. Balman

    Oz Tax Returns

    Hi It that time of the year! Situation - we migrated to oz from the UK 6 months ago, hence have both UK and Oz income for this tax year, and will continue to receive interest income from the UK. Questions - I believe we need to declare our UK earnings on our tax returns, However these have been taxed in the UK. Will we have to pay tax on these in Oz? Do we need to see an accountant for our returns? I made to understand that there are numerous tax offsets eg : internet, school uniforms that we can claim back , is that correct?How is interest income on joint accounts in oz worked out for tax purposes? Any advice / suggestion are more then welcome. Cheers
  5. Used Crown - Excellent Service - door to door in less then 8 weeks (Surrey to Perth)
  6. Used crown from Surrey. They packed and picked up at the end of Oct 2010 and the goods were in perth on 1st dec 2010 and were ready to be delivered 2 weeks later. They were really good with the packing and unpacking. Nothing was damaged which is always a positive. Cheers Balman
  7. Hi Lesley Wondering if you could pm me further details . We are looking for a rental . Cheers
  8. Hi Try crown and dorree bonner you may be pleasantly surprised by the quotes. Also remember crown include the AQIS fee. I had JM , DB and crown . JM was the cheapest. However I negotiated with crown and have gone with them (They do not sub contract in perth as they have there own offices out there, which means you are dealing with the same company throughout the move.) Balman
  9. Hi You mention Jeyes Fluid. I got some the other day from HB and no one in the store could tell me whether it had to be diluted or used straight out of the can. Any suggestions......??????? (will be using it on bikes etc) Cheers Balman
  10. Hi Had 3 Quotes in for a full 20 ft container surrey to perth John Masons - £3600 DB- £4200 Crown - £4600 Quite a difference. Though JM did not impress me by saying it was my responsibility to stuff drawers etc. Debating between crown and DB....... any suggestions ? Regards Balman
  11. Hi We are looking at booking our one way tickets to perth in Nov 2010 and are contemplating one of the above airlines. We are also looking at a stopover in Bangkok/Singapore or KL for 3/4 nights. Any suggestions / thoughts are more than welcome Cheers Balman
  12. Balman

    Sellling house - has anyone managed to do it?

    Update: Just accepted an offer 35k below our asking price. Not what we wanted but looking at the positives the buyer is happy with a deffered completion to suit our departure to Oz and we won't have to deal with Estate agents when we are on the other side of the world. Now the what if's have kicked in ....... what if the buyer pulls out? what if the buyer cannot arrange a mortgage? etc........ we really want to book our one way tickets for the end of Nov but are hesitating just in case..... don't know what to do ...... HELP!!! For those of you waiting for buyer's, hang in the buyers are out there and as they say it takes only takes one to say yes. Good luck. Regards Balman
  13. Balman

    Sellling house - has anyone managed to do it?

    Mrs Nix Well done on getting the buyer. Where abouts in surrey are you? We are in epsom. My estate agent is saying the same...... That the Market may drop again and that there are more properties on the Market than buyers.
  14. Balman

    Sellling house - has anyone managed to do it?

    I have to agree with you, that the market is not as vibrant as it should be over the summer period. Hence I will probably be selling up and taking the 40k loss (not really a loss but less than we would have liked to take with us ). Having contemplated renting, I think its really not worth the hassle dealing with tenants, estate agents etc. when one is on the other end of the world. We want to be out by the 30th of Nov as airfares go up considerably in December and this will also give us time to sort out schools etc. We are heading to Perth. Hopefully the buyer walks through your doors this week ... fingers crossed.
  15. Balman

    Sellling house - has anyone managed to do it?

    Sorry steve...... dont know the answer to your question around ss....... but feel the pain around the price. Shaz...... did your ea ask for the price reduction? you say you have dropped the price by 25k. As a percentage of the property value is that a substantial amount? When do you hope to be in oz by?