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  1. crispysince70

    804 and an expired medicare card.

    Thanks Marisawright I also thought that they must be wrong regarding the EHIC card, but the lady down there was quite insistent about it, so this link is great! So, regarding the knee op, do you think that she should ring the lady from the hospital back, and explain that she is on a bridging visa, and therefore was under the impression that she would not be able to receive treatment in a private hospital, only a public hospital? Not sure where to go regarding this, as maybe it is dependent upon circumstance? We are in Tassie btw, where the hospital system is under serious pressure at the moment, and all necessary surgeries are going down this route ( from what i understand ) Thanks
  2. Hi I recently headed down to centrelink with my mother to re-new her medicare card that had expired. ( mum lives here on a bridging visa whilst waiting for an 804 aged parent visa ) So, she was told that she needed a EHIC card in order to renew the medicare card as it has been more than 5 years since she moved her from the UK and also, that she is not to be treated in a private hospital. However, when looking to get another EIHIC card the requirement is that you are resident in the Uk to receive it. Just to confuse things further, when she got home, she had a call from the hospital telling her that the knee operation that she needs has been outsoursed to a private hospital and will be getting a date shortly for surgery. Ok, so through previous experience with centerlink, I know that sometimes they don't get it right. Does anyone have experience of this problem?
  3. crispysince70

    How has Australia changed your health?

    I have less teeth than i used to have. Luckily they are at the back. chris x
  4. crispysince70

    Aged parent visa

    Have a look on poms in adeleide. There is a sticky thread that gives you lots of information on this subject. chris x
  5. crispysince70

    How long between shipping your goods and leaving UK

    Definatley best to do without in the UK. We still spent about 4 weeks without anything and that was too long, still ended up having to buy a load of stuff cos we had rented out an unfurnished property, and had allready moved in. good luck with the move x
  6. crispysince70

    Meet up for Pomsinoz Tasmania!!!!

    Hiya Tastastic Yes it's child freindly, we are taking along two of ours. Hopefully there will be a bit of entertainment on, it's usually a live band, so we could sit outside in the beer garden. Wendy Parfitt will also be there, and some more freinds, so if you could make it, that would be great, it will be so good to meet up at last Chris x
  7. crispysince70

    Meet up for Pomsinoz Tasmania!!!!

    That's a shame, maybe next time? chris x
  8. crispysince70

    Meet up for Pomsinoz Tasmania!!!!

    Hi all There is going to be another meet up on Sunday 5th of April 1pm at The Longley International,( @longley! ) if anyone's interested, at 1pm. Would be great to meet freinds old and new! Chris x
  9. crispysince70

    It must be getting clise Tastastic!!

    How far off your move is it now? It must be pretty close! don't forget if we can help in any way, just get in touch. chris x
  10. crispysince70

    Mount Nelson / Taroona

    Hi Wow! 2 months will fly by! We made the move just over 3 years ago now, and can honestly say we've never had a moments regret. i'm so pleased that we chose this as our new home as it suits us perfectly, the weather, the people, the pure beauty of the place...i could go on, lol we have some freinds whos kids go to Taroona high school, and they have nothing but poitive things to say about it, and what a novelty, having your school right on the beach! Our eldest went to Kingston high school, and we found it a great school also. hope the anticipation of the move isn't killing you too much! chris x
  11. crispysince70

    Mount Nelson / Taroona

    Hi Tastastic when's the big move happening? it's such an exciting time isn!t it? Was just bringing back a few memories of when we made the move. Chris x
  12. crispysince70

    Anyone fancy meeting up for a drink in the Hobart area?

    Hi wendy, We'll be there!! chris x
  13. crispysince70

    England World Cup Games in Hobart

    Was just saying at work today that it's a bit different from the uk, where every man and his dog has a bit of a patriotic moment when the world cup is on, wheras here, not even an aussie flag in sight, and on doing an interrogation with my customers today, nobody seems even interested in watching it! chris x
  14. crispysince70

    Poms in oz meet up at Salamanca ( Hobart ) 24/05/2014 6.30 pm

    Hi julie, its just a spur of the moment thing really, i'm sure there will be another one coming up shortly, will give a couple of weeks notice on here, and hopefully you might spot it ) chris x
  15. crispysince70

    Running your own small business

    I had a barbers shop in the Uk and now also own one here. No business qualifications needed other than the trade qualification. Chris x