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    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    Moved back to Scotland exactly 4 years ago. It took a bit of organising with mortgages, etc and my husband came back 6 months later as planned. It was a stressful process but it's been a great move for us. I was the one that wanted to move back most. I had two babies and felt really isolated and missed my folks, never really suffered with homesickness prior to that. My kids love seeing their grandparents most days, we live in a lovely village and job wise it has worked out really well for my husband. We can also travel down south to visit his family 3 or 4 times a year. We both miss Oz at times, especially in February when you think you'll never see the sun again . All in all, it was the right thing for us as a family, everyone's situation is different. I don't envisage myself ever moving back to Oz but you never say never.
  2. Kirsty M

    Feels almost as good as getting a visa!

    That's great news! We sold our house last year and had the same UNBEARABLE wait. At the last minute the buyers had to delay as their funds hadn't arrived from overseas and we had to delay another two weeks, during which I was convinced it was all going to fall through...but it didn't. It was the first step to heading back and felt awesome. Now, we are heading back next Tuesday...I know it's the right thing for us.
  3. Kirsty M

    More nervous about the return home?

    We head back in two weeks with my husband following later this year. I came to Oz by myself with a backpack and no real plan, but leave with a husband and two kids, so there is much more at stake heading back. I'm nervous as I know everything is still ahead for us. My husband comes back for a month in July and we will go house hunting then. I will feel happier when we have a new home and when we know what my husband is doing in regards to work. I'm still glad to be going back though.
  4. It's funny to read your post as I could have written it myself as our situation is so similar. Heading home in 2 weeks and I'm really interested to find out about the NI situation also
  5. Kirsty M

    Feck feck feck. There are some knobs

    I see lots of crap advice on this site regularly. What can you do? It's all so subjective and people hear what they want to hear. I remember a thread where someone was going to be based in Sydney and asked if $60k and was enough to be able to support his family. I mean seriously??? Yet, the usual billy bullsh1tters said it was. "Oh, you can shop around and blah blah blah". Shop around?? Yes, if you live in a tent in Campbelltown. So wrong!! They say Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities...really? It's growing so fast and house prices are so expensive, people are being pushed further and further out of the city fringes and the infrastructure cannot cope! I'm a stay at home mum at the moment and it's a real struggle for us on one wage, albeit a good wage. This is our choice obviously, but going back to work I would be leaving the kids pretty much 11 hours a day in day care. I couldn't do it. People need to know it's still the daily grind here, instead of the fairy stories that people tell on here.
  6. Kirsty M

    457 visa cancelled - nasty boss

    I'm glad to hear that you got it sorted in the end. Both my husband and I worked for small companies when we arrived in Oz and had terrible experiences with them. Both were very unprofessional with staff and clients. When I left I discovered that they had not been paying my super at all. It didn't occur to me to check whilst I was working there! I had to ask several times for it to be paid and threaten them with further action. You have to be a complete b!tch right back at these kind of cretins. Glad you got what you were entitled to
  7. Kirsty M

    Car Insurance - No claims drama

    I've managed to get cover. I did find initially that lots of companies weren't interested but I used comparethemarket.com and they allow you to tick a box for overseas no claims, and that saves all the phoning around being told "NO". The other compare websites don't have that option.
  8. Kirsty M

    Homesick, preggers and thinking of going home!

    Congratulations on your little bubba! Also, on making your decision Your post showed up in my email and it was funny to look back at my reply to your original post. I too, had a baby girl last year. She is 9 months now and staring at this laptop and planning her attack! We also made the decision to go back and my hubby is keen now too. We are heading back in May and hubby will follow later. I'm not a citizen yet because I was too lazy to sort it out sooner. I did my test in Feb, but they are very slow in my neck of the woods, so it's taking a good 6 months to be invited to the ceremony. Of course this all depends on your local authority, but the citizenship process isn't complete until you attend the ceremony. My hubby and kids are citizens so hopefully they will let me back in should we decide we've made a terrible mistake (can't see that happening). Anyway, I just wanted to give you the heads up to apply asap once you are eligible. Good luck with everything
  9. Kirsty M

    Moving back to a new area - good or bad idea?

    Sorry to detract from the OP but where are you moving back to Jules? Just out of pure nosiness
  10. Kirsty M

    Never thought I'd be feeling like this.....

    I'm not sure why Juls is getting it in the neck. The Polmont comparison is fair enough. Polmont is only 24 or 25 miles out of Edinburgh and most people who travel into Edinburgh city centre for work get the train or bus.
  11. Kirsty M

    Never thought I'd be feeling like this.....

    Hey Emma, I'm originally from Stirling and heading back in May after 9 years away. Why don't you consider setting a date in the future to reassess things? I'd give yourself another 6 months and try not to overanalyse everything until that point. Just try relxing and enjoying yourself for a while. Please don't take this the wrong way, but stay the hell off this site and don't let all the pro's and con's suffocate you. I've wanted to go back to the UK for the last 3 years and I had spells of being on this site alot and then not going near it for months. It helps to just focus on your own situation and your own views. Hope that doesn't sound bossy
  12. Kirsty M

    Car Insurance - No claims drama

    Hi Folks, I'm heading back to the UK in 6 weeks. I've just got my no claims certificate from my car insurer here in Oz. My dad just collected a car for me and I need to sort out car insurance for it before the 5 day complimentary inurance runs out. I've been on Confused.com and got quotes but I'll need to call around to see who will accept the Oz certificate. Can anyone point me in the right direction with companies that might accept it? Also, in a really shitty twist of fate, I reveresed out of my driveway into a parked car today...so will my certificate be checked out in the UK or will they accept it at face value? I've never had an accident in all my years driving....sods law!!! No moral lectures thanks :wink::wink: Tks
  13. Kirsty M

    What have you done today to get home?

    I'm off in less than 7 weeks. My dad has just been to pick up a car for me yesterday and I got my Oz no claims certificate today...
  14. Kirsty M

    Are you an Oz8er?

    I don't hate Oz. In fact there are lots of things I like, principally lots of fine weather (not the really hot days), nice parks and larger living areas in houses. But the things that annoy me, really annoy me. I don't know how people can deny that Australia is expensive and that there is not as much choice in the supermarkets. This, as far as I am concerned, is not a matter for debate...it's a fact. The people that talk about shopping around must be mentalists...I have no desire to drive around like a blue @rsed fly with a two year old and baby, trying to find things on offer or driving miles to farm shops. I have a life! Also, the 'lad' mentality of some Australian men with their bourbon and cokes, unwashed look and 'how ya goin?' patter really makes me vomit. Loads more irritations, but I'll leave it there
  15. Kirsty M

    What do you say when.....

    I'm at the stage where people here in Oz are wondering why we are going back. I usually say that I want my kids to have time with their grandparents, as there's not really much anyone can say about that. It is true but there are lots of reasons why we are going back. It's a complicated and personal decision. I can't be bothered trying to explain it to people and the expats are the worst. I can't be bothered entertaining nosey parkers I sometimes feel like saying ' because it's sh!te here and I'm sick to death of sunshing and BBQs" ...hehe, obviously I don't say that The truth is that Oz has been good to my family and me. I had a really awesome time here up until I had my kids and then my feelings changed completely.