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  1. dasalcedo

    On 457 withdrawing a 189 application

    AFAIK you never had bridging visa as your 457 was still active. Bridging visa gets place as soon as your current visa expires.
  2. dasalcedo

    189 Visa Lodged October 2014

    My application took exactly 2 months and it went straight to Granted. I lodged on 30 August and got my visa on 30 October.
  3. dasalcedo

    189 visa lodged September 2014

    Yes, we all get that message after lodging the visa application. Nothing to worry.
  4. dasalcedo

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Got our visa today!!! Lodged on 30 August, have been fighting for this visa from 2007. We were the unfortunate applicants pre-September 2007. Now we can rest. Hope you get yours soon.
  5. dasalcedo

    Student Visa/dependent question

    What course is your wife intending to do? If your wife is going to study a master at Uni you will be able to work unlimited hours.
  6. dasalcedo

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Fantastic news, congratulations, I also applied onshore but on 30 August... good news coming soon I hope.
  7. dasalcedo

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    That is a very good news woodymelbourne!! I'm also Onshore but I applied in August 30.
  8. dasalcedo

    189 visa lodged in july 2014

    Very good news Leafer, congratulations!!!
  9. dasalcedo

    Passed Academic IELTS

    Congratulations cherries002, I know that feeling :jiggy:
  10. dasalcedo

    International Student to Partner Visa

    Yes but the purpose of listing them is for them to get the visa too no matter if they are going to travel or not with the main applicant.
  11. dasalcedo

    International Student to Partner Visa

    I thought that you had to put your dependants in the application for student visa. I remember I read it somewhere that you can't exclude dependants in the applications.
  12. dasalcedo

    International Student to Partner Visa

    AFAIK they don't need to apply to any visa. If he is an international student, his son should have been included in the application so he can come to Australia as a dependant of his father in the same visa.
  13. dasalcedo

    Student visa/457

    I don't think they are going to cancel your student visa without asking you for an interview. I have been in Australia with my wife for 7 years as International students. One thing I have learnt along the years extending visas is that when money is involved, immigration will try to sort everything so you can continue your studies provided that you have not done anything illegal.
  14. dasalcedo

    Student visa/457

    What she said was that if you get your student visa cancelled, you won't be able to get Bridging visa. You will have 28 days to leave the country.
  15. dasalcedo

    189 visa lodged August 2014

    Lodged on 30 August. I'm here as an International Student and my visa expires on 30 September. I got an email from them where it states that we got Bridging Visa and it won't be active until my student visa expires. Will let you know if it would be any quicker for being here in Australia or not.