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  1. She was on a tourist visa then applied for student visa. My concern is that he will lie and tell Immigration/authorities that she only married him to get visa to stay in Australia. Thanks for replying Sent from my SM-G930F using PomsinOz mobile app
  2. Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on divorce or annulment in Australia please? My friend married an Australian citizen in November 2016, she is here on a bridging visa, pending a decision being made for student visa. They separated just after 6 months together, no spouse visa applications were submitted. He says he can have marriage cancelled or arrange divorce and claims if he applies to have it cancelled she will not be allowed to visit Australia again. Surely the only option is wait 12 months and apply for divorce? If anyone can give any help it would be much appreciated. Thanks S
  3. Is there any fitter turners out there who have completed their skills assessment form to get a 457 sponsor visa? Would anyone care to share some info on what they put on the part of form where it asks about skills & experience? Thanks Scott:confused:
  4. Hi, can anyone give me some information on skills assessment please? I have my 417 working holiday visa, when i call recruitment agencies most of them say they cant help me until i get my certificates transfered over to the Australian equivalent? Am i right in thinking the way i do this is to do my skills assessment form? On the form it asks for information on training, tasks and what machinery i'm familiar with. how in depth does this need to be? Any information anyone can give me will be greatly received. Thanks Scott:confused:
  5. Hi guys, i have my 417 years working holiday visa, i arrive in Perth in 7 days. Can anyone tell me the best way to go about getting medical cover? Would it be cheaper getting it before i go or wait till i'm in OZ? Any info anyone can give will be appreciated. Cheers Scott
  6. BIG SUR

    ARG Applicants...

    Hi, i had an interview for a mechanical fitters job in July. Is anyone in for the same as me? and have you had any emails from ARG since the one received on the 7th? Getting fed up waiting now! Scott
  7. Thanks everyone, you have been very helpful.
  8. Cheers mate
  9. Thanks bud.
  10. Thanks very much, i'll try that. Cheers
  11. Hi, was in Perth last year and couldnt get any of my Halifax/Bank of Scotland debit cards to work, they were both Visa Debit current accounts. Does anyone know which Uk bank cards are likely to work? Moving to Perth in 4 weeks or so, cant wait to get out of the UK!!
  12. BIG SUR

    10 best things about living in oz

    Drive through off licences, Little creatures pale ale and the people are happy!! It's the little things that make the difference. Scott
  13. BIG SUR

    Shipping TV from uk to oz?

    Thanks for the info mate. Scott
  14. BIG SUR

    Little Creatures in Geraldton???

    Nice one mate, thank you very much. Scott
  15. Hi, do the bars and off licences in Geraldton stock Little Creatures Pale Ale? Cheers Scott