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  1. Hi all, thanks for all of your thoughts so far, it's helping to clarify a few things and definitely good points about both London & Sydney!! humm will put this on the back burner for a few days though i think for variety and excitement London's the place to be.... I should just have to hang out in the parks more instead of the beach
  2. Hey yes I know totally agree, and have tried both especially meet ups and i have made some fantastic friends through there, i think that its just a combination of things pros and cons... I guess ultimately it's whats most fulfilling across the board on balance thanks for your input
  3. Hey thanks for your reply! Yes I do think that guy to girl ratio is somewhat different, as do my girlfriends.. I guess yes sense of humour is important, and I know that there's no shortage of that amongst the brits
  4. Hey, thanks for your reply! I work in advertising, so comparable salary in Sydney is better on balance I think, even though Sydney is expensive, I think that I have more disposable income here than in London on the same job... I think! A friend of mine is getting sponsored by their company from a 457 for PR so know its possible, but haven't looked into it myself... Are you based in the UK?
  5. Hey all, I was hoping to get some advice on this forum about UK and Oz, and thought what better place to go than Pomsinoz I am trying to weigh up the pros and cons of Sydney vs London I'm from London and moved to Sydney 2 years ago for a change of lifestyle and pace, the weather, beaches and out door lifestyle all were very appealing, so i decided to make the move... Well my circumstances have changed now and my role have come to a close, so my 457 visa is now at critical point where I'd need to find something asap to keep it active.... Roles haven't been coming through so time pressures are accelerating this process of a possible London... So the question i am faced with is should I head back to London or try and stay in Sydney? I miss all London has to offer culturally and of course the Brits! but commuting and weather not missed at all!!!!!! I've also found Sydney not to be the most friendly place especially when single, I also prefer the brits sense of humour Is there anyone on here, that has been in living Sydney as a singleton and moved back to London? How have you found the comparison and experience so far? Also cost of livings and work / life balance? lots to consider! To add to this i am in my mid 30's so no spring chicken! (lol) but i feel that it's easier to meet people in London than here in Sydney, also another contributing factor!!! I am worrying about the stress of London life and sometimes I think that the standard of living is better in Sydney (and possibly in my field better comparable salary), but coming from London, Sydney's feel not half as exciting and much less variety on offer I love the diversity of London - but not the stress. Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated about how London is now!!!
  6. Hey robyn that sounds good, glad that the test went ok. I have actually taken it before, got good marks but unfortunately wasn't quite up to scratch! got a 9 / 8.5 / 8 and a 6.5 for reading so its was good until the last bit! But yes let me know if you want to meet up, southfields is just around the corner, though not sure how you message someone on this without sending your email address, if you know let me know! spk soon K
  7. Hey Robyn Sorry I haven't been in touch, have been away.. I hope that you're ielts test went well? I did try to contact them to get a slot for last weekend but they didn't seem to have any, so the next available will be 8th of May at Southwark college by the looks of things? Or if you haven't taken the test yet and still looking to do it then it would be good to get in touch? You're based in SW London, i'm based in Wimbledon, so maybe we could hook up and put our heads together! I am also applying for a 176 through my aunty ... I just need to finalise a coouple of things on my application, then I am submitting!!! (and of course the test ;0) ) So if you think this might be useful, let me know! k
  8. Hey Robyn I live in south west London, how about yourself? Thanks 4Ian thats great, I was frantically thinking that i had to submit my application before the end of April, and try and get my ielts test in before then! so if i can submit the app in may that would be good as I can probably get a test by may Does any one know by chance what the process is for how my relative (aunt)submits the application for my on my behalf, do they have to do it at the same time as i submit (in may) or can this be done after - i am not sure what steps my aunt should do next?! hope you can help Thanks
  9. Hey Robyn I have been reading the thread that you posted with intent, and it has been really useful as I am in a similar situation as you it would seem! I have just got my skills assessed (as an Advertising Specialist) and would like to log my application asap before the new SOL becomes effective. Would you know, or those experienced in these matters know, what the cut off date is for the application to be assessed under the current SOL - before they become effective in Mid 2010? I need to do my ielts test (to be the 25pts) but know that I may not be able to get a test date before the end of April |(when the new list will be announced) I would really appreciate the forums insight on this one!! Many thanks scumptious
  10. Hi there, hoping someone can help... I have been trying to find out information about whether it would be possible to get a working visa / make a move to oz and have tried to explore different options though I am not coming up with definative answers so was hoping somebody here would know more than me to see if I am legible I am 34 Brit living in London with my career experience being in marketing & advertising. I have tried the option of getting a family member (auntie resident in perth) to sponsor me, though I have heard that they don't allow this anymore - is this correct? Does anyone have any suggestions how to increase my chances of getting sponsored, what i need to do, is it really tough, and what my overall chances are! really would appreciate some advice, a point in the right direction, i realise that its difficult but I would like to try my best for this... hoping for some advice Thanks