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  1. It Would be a Disaster as usual Australia would want everything their way. . It's never worked for New Zealand and it wont for Britain. ,Britain Needs to be very Careful of Australia's demands The only thing Britain needs to take on from Australia is Australia's immigration policy nothing else.NO free Movement Deals.
  2. Zack

    Labour's Election plans for Pensions affect you

    Don't know where you are getting your figures from , But i retired in 2001 and i recieve 98 pounds per week and my wife receives 48 pounds per week. We get a part pension from New Zealand and a Part pension from Australia.As a Veteran Our vote is for Labour whatever happens .We would never vote for the Tories they have betrayed everyone .Even our Armed Forces, Jailing Veterans and serving soldiers ,accused of not following the Rules of war going back decades.All on the information from our enemies,They betrayed Commonwealth Countries.For the EU.The Tories Betrayed the people's Referendum . They themselves instigated .And Now they have the Buffoon as PM. With a deal he's signed with the EU, and it's a shocker. Brexit in name only.The Tories will never give up The huge EU bonuses,some business ,The wealthy ,the privileged and the Royals receive.Meanwhile they are bankrupting the country ,they will sell off the NHS It's hemorrhaging Billions P/a. With all this Mass unvetted immigration into the UK. Britain's debt is now in the Trillions.Cameron And Osborne were even printing their own money ,To arm all the Rebels to overthrow Assad in Syria,including the Taliban and Isis. Then they armed the Rebels in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi.They spent Millions Bankrolling the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the elected Government in Egypt.These two Tory traitors increased The Foreign Aid Budget every year since 2010. Even paying China and India aid and still are, imported over 300,000 unvetted immigrants into Britain every year.And the Tories are still importing them in huge numbers .The buffoon says we can't get enough, My Restaurant i use is even short of Labour. Mi5 has warned the Tories over and over . That out of every 1000 unvetted immigrants from the EU there are 9 Muslim Terrorists.THe attacks in Britain go on,and the tories answer was to sack 20,000 police and cut Terror surveillance in Britain by 50%. All the News papers and the Media are Anti Labour . Nothing at all about the Incompetent Tories.The Tories have sold off all of Britain's essential services except one. And it's next the NHS,
  3. Zack

    Any help....I’m totally stuck !!

    Thinking having a better life in Australia for your kids in Australia is a Myth,We brought 4 out with us, and there is one left in Australia and she is divorced.One is dead One is living back in Britain and the other one is Divorced living in NZ, This Place in the 35 years we have been here has gone from bad to worse. It's Rip Off City. The Banks are still ripping us off and now the Government is Ripping everyone off THe ATO, Australian Tax office has the Power to take money from your bank if they say you owe them money,There's a class action going on against the government. The Tax office is Screwing people wherever they can.And you have to prove they are wrong. If you are financial secure at home. You would be mad to move out here, in this prolific heat .Our Town in Qld. is not far way from running out of Water ,And The Council has announced it's building yet another park. For $3 Million a 4 'klm stretch of road for $20 million..And there Towns people are screaming for them to sink some Bores And Build Reservoirs .
  4. Zack

    how to deal with creep at work

    . i know where you're coming from. This is the wild west. And these Ockers will take advantage if u know what i mean, This mug is trying it on. Your Husband should have a word with him. . Go to there Police and things could get nasty. These Ockers can get nasty and stick together against poms or any other foreigners.
  5. Zack

    Info for anyone applying to renew UK passports

    Not so just renewed our British Passports online and never had to do that.
  6. Zack

    Undecided about moving back to Oz after 5 years in the UK

    Some weird and wonderful stories. You Don't get a full pension in Aus if you have other income.. We have lived and worked in Australia for 35 years and don't Get a full pension. .. Australia is heading for some long tough years ahead. I can see this LNP Government having another go at Introducing Work Choices.Then the shit will really hit the fan.Things were tough in Australia when we had 17.95 % rates and now it's)0 .75% and people are whingeing and struggling.The problem is they have let the cost of living and House Prices get well out of control .It's all unsustainable now. No wonder they are talking about a financial Collapse./ To give a better idea the Regional town we live in ,In Queensland most of the descent shops have closed ,Taken over by op shops.We have a Council from hell .There are more Renters now than owner occupiers. We are running out of water and they are Building a $3 million new Park. And talking of building Dual Carriageways going to nowhere.And our Rates and Chargers have gone through the roof, up 27% from last year. On a 2.5 Acre block my rates have gone from $238 pa to $1150 Half Yearly.,And we still have no Town Sewerage after 20 years
  7. Zack

    Bulk billing??

    Where do you find a good Doctor in Australia? Especially in Regional Queensland .All our doctors are part time doctors from 3rd world countries that are at the surgery 2-3 days a week and go to training the other 3 days. To get a appointment it takes up to 2-3 weeks.The hospital in our town is useless.No permanent doctor ,understaffed and not even a Xray Machine. News last Week All regional Hospitals in Regional Australia are 3rd world.THey need modernising,and trained staff to run them. and a huge injection of funding. How the LNP government is planning to send all new immigrants to Regional Australia to work in Regional Australia because the Big cities are bursting at the seems beggars belief. There no services.Then this absolute shocking report ,From the Royal Commision inquiry into the mistreatment and absolute cruelty to the Elderly in Care homes. In Australia, Can't see much happening on that front,with this LNP Government. It will be the same as the banks. That are still ripping us off. .And the Shocking news about more cruelty to animals.Retired Race horses this time.
  8. Zack

    6 reasons that you came to live in Australia

    Why Are these Posts still on here ,they are so old? They are all Meaningless in 2019;
  9. Zack

    Three snakes in three days

    Harmless Pythons . Although i had two in my aviary where i kept my canaries . I cut one open and it had two of my Canaries in it.But there is really very little in Australia that will attack you.only the things you can't see. Like viruses. The worst things what u can see however are flesh eating Spiders in every garden
  10. Zack


    How interesting reading your post.About your high blood pressure .And mentioning White Coat Symptom.Although i have been in Australia for 45 years .In Australia when you reach the a age of 75 you have to have a medical to renew your driving licence every year. I had changed my doctor, when i moved from the sunshine coast back to the Lockyer Valley. so when i went for my medical /. This Doctor from overseas , told me in no uncertain terms if i don't get my blood pressure down he wouldn't sign the form. I went mad at him and told him it was his job to get my blood pressure down and walked out. And went to another doctor who said to me you probably have white coat symptom.Id never heard of it He said buy a Blood pressure machine take your blood pressure every morning and night at the same time and come back to see him in a week. Which i did .And it was normal .So now i take my blood pressure every day. as he said when you come for your next visit I'll check your readings i go by that.Apparently the majority of Australians have high Blood Pressure besides being obnoxious Why people jump through so many hoops to come to Australia .is to be honest ridiculous.Especially when they have got a good job And probably their own home. When we came here we didn't have to have any qualifications, medicles, a written test or anything else . We have two friends that have been here over 25 years He is a engineer And they never took out Australian citizenship. His job takes him overseas now .And every time he goes overseas he has to have a re-entry permit.As when they went for their citizen test only last year they both failed.And they are both English. So now they have to wait i think it's 4 years to take another one. Just how ridiculous is that.Many are in the same situation had many have gone back to England. Plus if you are a citizen and you are convicted of a criminal office they will deport you And if you haven't taken out citizenship and you get old and sick they will deport you , Some have left it to Late to take out citizenship and have been deported . Is it really all worth it? one tip to new immigrants coming to Australia never ever buy a new Property or a Highrise Apartment 94% have building defects. And there is no one to turn to,You pay for repairs . If they are repairable. Australia is rip off city. To those on here that love criticising my grammar and spelling !! I don't care. don't read it!!!
  11. Zack

    Brisbane here we come!

    We lived at Postmans Ridge Qld during the 2011 floods ,i know about floods it was the biggest for over 100 years. But believe it or not the idiots in charge of the Wivenhoe Dam Should never have let the water out all at once ,they should have started a week before,not wait till it was nearly overflowing. That was what caused Brisbane to flood as much as it did. .But the damage and loss of life in other places could have been avoided if houses were not built in flood areas , if creeks were cleaned out, And not used as tips. the same places flood every time we get lots of rain. Our two elderly neighbours were drowned ,their brick highset house on Murphy's Creek road was swept away, to this day the slab only remains.You are right .Be careful where you pick to live.We have not seen any rain for ten months .And we know what follows drought and Fires Nothing has been done by Council or the Qld Government We are still paying a levy of $58 on our rates for the 2011 flood. .No Flood drains have been dug,and nothing about the drought And stop the town from running out of water. The dam is running dry. And they have spent millions beautifying the Parks.Instead of sinking Bores.or even another dam. The authorities would rather just hope for rain.And waste Billions.
  12. Zack

    Brisbane here we come!

    Whats back to democracy mean?Australia is very short on that. There's a big thing on that at this point time. The new LNP government doesn't believe much in Democracy .It's their bad laws,what is the problem you abide with them or be prosecuted and go to jail.They need to be changed. Australia is virtually a police state, Journalists homes are being raided. Lawyers and Barristers are being prosecuted for doing their job. This LNP Government has given powers to the ATO to take funds from your bank account if they believe you have fraudulently falsifying your tax return.But 9 times out of 10 they are wrong.THen you have to get your money back IT's the same with centrelink They claim you have been overpaid they demand you repay it. And it's up to you to prove they are wrong. Again 9 times out of 10 they are wrong. But some people have had their houses repossessed as centrelink say they have been overpaid for 20 years.
  13. All you have to do is look up self contained holiday lets in Victoria and book in for a couple of weeks.Then you can look around for a Permanent rental .Plus rent a car at the Same time . And pick that up at the Airport.
  14. Zack

    Buy house in Queensland

    Not a great place to have a investment property ,the Gold coast is full of young drunken or drugged up thugs, that don't work that club together to rent a flat. You need to do a lot of research. We have friends that have regretted they ever invested in high rise rental apartments there. Plus there is a ongoing situation with Building faults in most high rise apartments all over Australia. And no Insurance. The Message out there is buyers beware.
  15. Zack

    Living with Bushfires 2019-2020.

    It's not just Bushfires now ,here in Queensland this week, we were so lucky not to get burnt out ,And we are not in Bushland it was dead grass catching alight or some are saying set alight by kids It's time they jailed them.Thank god for the Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade. And the Volunteer NES people. .They are the Legends of this Country .Not Millionaire Footy Players , Cricketers or any other sports people.And they get no reward at all .Some have even been sacked from their workplace for taking time off to fight fires and floods And ..AS usual what follows drought is the floods to come ,as sure as day follows night.