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  1. dfactor

    Support or advice needed please

    Apologies, I've not posted on here for a good few years so wasn't sure under which topic it was best to post under hence the Australian folder and then the Health folder. I wasn't able to cut and paste what I had posted in the other folder hence the abbreviation. Thank you for the reply Dan
  2. dfactor

    Support or advice needed please

    Psoriatic Arthritis. Sorry I shouldn't have abbreviated it.. Dan
  3. dfactor

    Support or advice needed please

    Anyone else suffer in Australia? Thanks Dan
  4. dfactor

    Support or advice needed please

    Hi everyone, I am seeking some sound advice from people who have either been in the same position or have any constructive advice on what and if I can do anything with my circumstances. I emigrated to Perth, WA in October 2015 and arrived to a job that I had previously obtained a four month trial with brick laying. I was offered a salaried position with Super, bonus and all the trimmings that come with being Employed, a very rare chance in the construction industry especially in Perth. Work was good great and the first year flew by, I had settled into life/work. In the November of 2016 I started experiencing pains in my feet which were initially not that bad but when in pain felt like someone was stabbing me in the sole of my foot. I went to the GP and they prescribed anti-inflamories and I was told to rest etc. The pains started getting worse and I went to maybe a GP appointment maybe once a week until April 2017, in the February of 2017 I had a little girl, we had a few problems along the way but she was born healthy at 37 weeks. Fast forward to June/July 2017 and although I was still going to the doctors I still was only been given tramadol (I became addicted) and OTC anti-inflamatories. Worked started to slow down for the company I was working for and they had already made some redundancies so I felt I wasn't in a position to speak to my employer about what was going on with my feet/health. In September of 2017 I literally couldn't walk I was struggling that much and the GP signed me off sick after sitting in her office crying and saying if you dont sort this out my employer will make me redundant and because there isn't much work in Perth with the economy at the moment we will have no choice to go back to the UK as we cant live off my partners wage alone and I still dont know what is wrong with me...…… The GP charged me for a double appointment ($160.00) as id gone five minutes over the first one and I left no clearer. I remember sitting outside in floods of tears with my partner and young baby knowing what was coming. I had 5 days off with the sick note and in that time met my employer do speak about why I was off and told them the doctor said I had Plantar fasciitis (Wrong diagnosis) He made me redundant within three days of returning to work. We had to leave Perth within three weeks and because we didn't have an Australian or British passport to be able to leave Perth we moved over to Brisbane with some friends just for support and to try and tie all our loose ends up in Australia, passport,resident return visas etc. We got back to the UK Feb 2018 with nothing. All our stuff was being shipped back. We had nothing but lived with parents, not easy with a baby. I attended my old GP and explained the situation, he said he didn't have a deep enough understanding of the symptoms I was experiencing and referred me instantly to Rheumatology. I was seen within a week and started treatment for Psoriatic Arthritis. It not a degenerative Arthritic condition and is purely the immune system creating inflammation. I've been on various drugs which they use to treat it and hopefully send it into remission, these haven't worked so now and its purely based on funding via the NHS I can have biologicals which should work. Its take a year to get to where I am now in the UK. All the medication I've had/will have is either available via medicare or if not via the PBS so its not unusual for people to have this in Australia. MY question is after the long background is do I have any chance or do I pursue a Medical Negligence claim against the GP in Perth? We love Perth and my partner has a job to come back to, I will probably have to re train because of the economy and the fact that I dont think I would get my old job back now?! Its hard and I struggle mentally with it all as I feel like I've denied my little girl the chance to grow up where she was born, she has duel nationality. Financially its killed us and im not sure how we would afford to get back it very expensive to do once never mind twice. Until we came back to the UK and obviously had something to work with I have felt some kind of relief as I nearly have my life back again now, I'm only 38. I'm not looking for legal advice some so advice on what we do?? We have 4 years left on our Residents return visas...……. Thank you for reading and I'll reply as soon as I can Dan
  5. dfactor


    Hi, I'm aware this post was posted a good few years ago but I'm just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on PsA and Australia. I was living and working in Perth until a year ago when I was made redundant due to mis-diagnosis of PsA. If anyone is still active on this tread please can they either reply or send me a private message. Many thanks Dan
  6. dfactor

    PR Visa rules

    Hello all, Please can someone remind me how the following works..... I've had a PR state sponsored visa since 2010. I went to Perth to have a trail period in 2013 for four months and everything was great. Due to my personal circumstances I haven't been able to return within the expiry date of my original visa deadline which was Jan 2015. I applied for an extension and was granted 1 year extension which now expires on the 24th December 2015. I am heading back to Perth on the 12th October 2015 with the absolute view of staying for ever and so eventually gain my citizenship. So my question is..... If I need to return to the UK after I arrive on the 12th October 2015 what is the criteria on the 4 years you have to do to gain citizenship? Am I right in thinking that if I do two years straight from the 12th October 2015 then I will get a 5 year grace period and as long as in that next 5 years I do another 2 full years I will be eligible to apply for my citizenship? The only reason I ask is I have 2 rental properties in the UK and am wondering if it worth the hassle of keeping one of them. I have family in the UK who can sort things out on my behalf but I could also do with the funds from a sale to set myself up properly in Perth and/or I might be better off investing in Property in Perth long term even if i did return to live in the UK one day. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated. Regards Dan
  7. dfactor

    Free return flight from UK to Perth

    Morning David, I have replied on this same post on the Perth Poms forum. If I can be of any help please send PM or post on either forum. Regards Dan
  8. dfactor

    Meet ups in Perth

    Hi I am a 33 year male from sunny yorkshire. I'm coming over to Perth for a three month job trial in January and am wanting to meet like minded people. I will be staying in girrawheen and working in the building trade. I am laid back and up for a laugh. I do have a few contacts and friends in Perth as i've lived there before but i'm coming on my own and it would be great to meet some people before we return to Perth later on in the year. Please PM if you would like to have a get together. Thanks Dan
  9. dfactor

    Time scales

    Hi, Could anyone give us a realistic time scale to work toward on getting things ready to migrate. My partner is in the final throws of finishing her doctorate which she should finish in June 2013, how much time before that do you think we would need to sort everything out? There is just the two of us and we have a two bed cottage to get rented out and a share of a container to ship. Any help or guides would be great? Thanks Dan
  10. I wouldn't bother,we spoke to our shipping rep yesterday and he advised that dependant on the type of gas used in the fridge/freezer then you may have to pay for it de-gassing then re-gassing at the other end. You can buy 50/50,70/30 fridge freezer out there anyway Regards
  11. Bump. We are in the same situation and if anyone could answer the OP question,it would be very helpful. Regards
  12. Not sure if this is any help,but....... I recently lost my new passport with my new visa in it. Simply sent my new passport,a covering letter explaining the situation,and my acceptance letter from my agent to the Australian immigration office in London town and they just re-issued it in my passport within a week. I know its a little bit different but might help Regards
  13. We used Concept Australia in Manchester after a recommendation from a friend whom used their Kent office. We found them to be fantastic, very efficient,helpful and there to update us at any point throughout our application. Our application wasn't the simplest with us being in a D-facto relationship but they helped no end and i really cant speak highly enough of the service they provided. Its a lot of money using an agent,but for the help and knowledge that they had i'm glad we spent the money as it was more than worth it. 10/10
  14. dfactor

    Victoria state sponsorship

    Nice one!! Thanks very much for your quick reply!! Regards Dan
  15. dfactor

    Victoria state sponsorship

    Hi, I'm after finding a way of contacting the Victorian state sponsorship office/department of immigration? I've got the e-mail address for the Western Australian contact details,but can't find any for Victoria? The WA one is information@migration.wa.gov.au,but i'm not sure if the Victorian one is simular obv with vic rather than WA?? Any help would be great!! Regards Dan