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  1. lavender776

    North Lakes - good/not so good areas

    No kids but a dog and enough stuff to make it look like we have about 8 kids! :wink:
  2. lavender776

    North Lakes - good/not so good areas

    Thanks fish.01.
  3. lavender776

    North Lakes - good/not so good areas

    Thanks Johndoe. I noticed you're in Bracken Ridge. Would you recommend it? I'll also have to go there sometimes (I'll be working at TAFE) but probably not so often.
  4. lavender776

    North Lakes - good/not so good areas

    I forgot to add, we don't yet know where my partner will be working, so we don't want to be too far north.
  5. lavender776

    North Lakes - good/not so good areas

    Hi I will be moving up to Brisbane in the next 3-4 wks for work. I will be based In Caboolture mostly but will also need to go into the city at least once a week (and further south on some occasions). All things considered, we've decided that North Lakes may be the easiest option for renting while we get a sense of where we might want to buy. (I'm after somewhere newish for renting but would probably buy something/somewhere older eventually). Given the last minute nature of this move, I haven't got long to get everything sorted. I'm hoping to come up and have a look for myself in a couple of weeks. What would be good is if anyone can share good/areas to avoid in the suburb. If it helps I'm trying to keep rent within the $400-500 bracket to help save for an eventual house purchase. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  6. lavender776

    Doctors in the ACT, how does it work?

    As someone else has said, it's a struggle to find good doctors (or bad doctors) who are taking new patients. I haven't got round to sorting it yet, but I needed to go to the doc's yesterday. Garema Place (in the City) is taking on new patients and I went there yesterday. Obviously, I can't really judge after one visit, but I was impressed yesterday. The location's not ideal though, unless you work close by (which I do). I have also used the drop in centre at Phillip. Everyone at work has told me that can be a nightmare (can't book appointments), but I must have been lucky on the day that I went as I didn't have too much of a wait. In fact, not much more of a wait than in the UK, when I actually booked specific appointments (which were never on time).
  7. lavender776

    Schools and Accomodation in Canberra please help

    I'd definitely secure the rental in November if you come over then. If you're only paying for a month when you're not there, it will probably be cheaper than a short term rental anyway. I'm currently in a short term rental which is not great and only 1 bedroom and I'm paying more than the top end of your budget. Very bad customer service from the company involved too. Would definitely not reccomend them. (PM me if you want the name).
  8. lavender776

    Mobile phones: Is it worth getting them unlocked?

    You must have a lot of patience to ring 3! I tried to ring about unlocking the other day and had to hang up after what seemed like 5 hours. They drive me mad. I'll be glad to see the back of them. Is it easy to unlock then phone by the way.
  9. lavender776

    Plastic boxes

    Yeah, I will do. Just being impatient asking on here. I'll post the response when I've spoken to a few.
  10. Don't worry, as I said, you nearly gave me a heart attack. I wondered what the hell had happened since I'd been to sleep. :wink:
  11. I meant the actual digits the wrong way round, not the conversion. 1.15=1.51?
  12. lavender776

    Plastic boxes

    Bugger! It would have made me feel much tidier today, if I could have sorted things into boxes.:biggrin:
  13. lavender776

    Plastic boxes

    Hi I will probably be moving in the next couple of months. We're just starting to have a sort out in the loft and so far we are putting a lot of stuff into plastic boxes. When we do have the shippers in, are we allowed to keep it in them or do we have to use their boxes? I only ask as there's quite a good deal on the boxes near me at the moment and I was going to buy a few more - but its not worht it if I have to empty them and use something else.
  14. You nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw 1.151 - thanks god you had it the wrong way round! Phew!
  15. lavender776

    Going to Canberra this year?

    What time of year does it start to get harder? I can remember it being mentioned loads, but just to save me searching for those threads. I seem to remember January, is that correct?