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    Shipping company in liquidation

    Yes get in contact with BAR-we did..they are friendly but need chasing up.Basically you need to pursuie it yourself and get all tyhe parties talking. Difficulty is when a ne courier is foundthey are reluctant to talk to you till all the paperwork is done. our stuiff will be with us in three days!! Good luck
  2. We gave our shipping to EVL in February.Founfd out through PIO that company in liquidation (although apparently now trading under a different name). Going through British Association of Removers (BAR) but still havent located our goods. Anyone else in a similar situation with advice as to how to get things going
  3. This thread is bit worrying as we have only just found it and are waiting for a shipment of our stuff...we will be contacting company tommorow but need tio know if anyone has any info now. We are needless to say worried
  4. ollsbolls

    Wollongong and surrounding area

    Thanks John Appreciate you giving the time to respond-i'm putting all this in the mix-good luck with your decision- Olly
  5. ollsbolls

    Wollongong and surrounding area

    Hi John I posted as I really want to hear all viewpoints... this is a big move for us and we welcome positive and negative views of areas we are considering. If you felt able to elaborate on your feelings that would be useful. It's all about listening to others opinions and views and then following our gut feeling. Please post back as we are interested in hearing your story. Thanks Olly
  6. ollsbolls

    Wollongong and surrounding area

    Hi Claire Dont know if your stil viewing all this. Just writing as myself and OH (PR's) are loking to move to the Gong in December. Only visited once before (although we have lived in Sydney for a yerar and a half previously). We have two kids (2 and 5) and are looking for a good family area (schools, activities etc). I am a social worker my OH a landscape architect. We are considering the Northern Illawara, Thirroul etc. Just wanted to get an update from you as to your experience of this area. An Ozzy friebd from Bundeena described Wollongong as 'a bit rural' in rather sinister tones although another friend from the Gong cant rate it highly enough. If you could recommend any areas nearer Wollongong or around that would be great. Have decieded that amove from London is also a move away from the big city(hence not Sydney-there is a cost element to this as well). Ant thoughts, suggestions gladly appreciated. All the best Olly
  7. ollsbolls

    Norther Illawara,Thirroul

    Thanks Jamesgong and Skippy. I will contact the Illawara thread. At present we do not have jobs to go to but I am applying for a position in the area. One of our best friends in Oz is from Wollongong and he recomends it so highly... This is such a big move that it is all about where we live then getting the job to suit our area. We were in Oz a year last December for a month..so another reccie before upping sticks probably wont happen. Thanks for the info and I will keep posting ideas I have ben given for your comments.. Olly
  8. ollsbolls

    Norther Illawara,Thirroul

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Skippy. I 've read a lot of your stuff and find it highly informative. Would you suggest anywhere else around Wollongong that we should consider? Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully recieved. Regards David
  9. ollsbolls

    Norther Illawara,Thirroul

    Hi I am a social worker;OH a landscape architect. We are re locating to Oz at Chritsmas (both PR's). We previously lived in Sydney for a year and a half, came home had two kids and now want to find a great area for families within proximity to Sydney although we wouldnt probably work there. We both liked Wollongong on our previous stay although we dont know it well. We have been recommended Thirroul or the town s around it and are loking for advice re location, schools, shopping activities etc. As for us, we are slightly wooly liberals, like a good coffee, want the opportunity of making a diverse group of new friends and, of course we love the beach. We intend to rent initially and to buy after a couple of years. All suggestions and advice gratefully received. Thanks Olly
  10. ollsbolls

    Social workers heading for gippsland

    Hi I am a social worker in the UK, with Permanent Residency for Oz. I considered applying for this but didnt as have lived in Sydney previously and want to return there. I just wanted to ask how you have found social work where you are and also how it has been being further away from the big centres. Any comments appreciated. Hope it's going well
  11. ollsbolls

    Working and commuting from Bundeena

    Thanks for responses..varied but all useful...any other opinions appreciated..
  12. Considering Bundeena as a place to live when we arrive in January. Would possibly work in Woolongong or in Sutherland Shire. Has anyone got an opion of this. We are aware that 'the Sire' can be quite parochial and are unsure if we would 'fit in'. Comments welcome and appreciated.
  13. ollsbolls

    Gippsland as a first place to live

    My wife and two kids (2 and 5) have the opportunity to work in Gippsland. Our family and social connections are in Sydney. Can anyone advise on if this would be a good place to start off. Part of our thinking is to avoid Sydney (and cities in general) for a while. Anyone have experience of the area and what we could expect?