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  1. Hi The school that my children went to was just a normal school. There are a few selective schools but I dot know which ones.
  2. Hi All three of my children went to Woolooware high school, they all loved it and did very well. 2 girls training to be teachers and a son doing Avionics engineering. You also have a few other good school in this area. There is a Catholic school that it very good. There's not many schools I have heard of that are bad in the shire. Hope that helps Anita
  3. Hi and welcome. We have been here 6 years. We also marked and took pics of everything. It was meant to be a two day pack but my husband and I helped wrap and pack, it was done a lot faster that way. As for cleaning things, I think it depends on the packers and who you get this end, OZ. My husband brought all his tools with him, he paid a lot of money for them, all snap-on, he didn't clean them all just a few of the things. I found pickfords great, I brought my dogs ashes with me that they wrapped, was meant to get it in writing what it was but we didn't. Like I said it all depends on who you get. Hope that helps, and good luck with the move
  4. fact it is cheaper in the uk. Everything is i'm sorry to say
  5. an1ta

    Chicken pox for a second time

    My eldest daughter got it twice, she was the only one that did. She also got a mild case of measles too. They had all ha their MMR too. She was just unlucky.
  6. an1ta

    Emigrating with an asthmatic toddler

    Thank you for giving me this info. My son is now 19 and after seeing the best specialist in the UK from the age of 6 months old. He and I both know how to control his Asthma. I find the Drs know nothing. and I find that very sad. My Dr controlled my son asthma all the time, not a hospital. Drs don't seem to care in Australia. JMO
  7. an1ta

    Emigrating with an asthmatic toddler

    I think its different for people. My son suffered/ suffers with Asthma. He still does, normally the winter month's. The problem you have it can be so warm during the day and cold at night. I haven't found a good Dr at all since living here in Sydney. My son used to see a specialist every 3 months in the UK, he's not seen one since moving here 6 years ago. You need to go to a specialist to say that your child has got Asthma and normal Dr cannot do that. And I don't understand that at all. I expect its a money thing. Top up on inhalers in the UK..
  8. an1ta

    Is Darwin worth a visit?

    Hi I was there 2 weeks ago for the weekend. I didn't find it at all interesting. its was great to have a look at the beach, but they where nothing special. I found it to hot and to dusty. I wouldn't go again. You might enjoy it though.
  9. We opened out account over the phone in the uk with HSBC. When we got here we just took our passports in and that was it. They aren't the greatest of banks but I find them better than any of the Aussie banks. 6 years down the line and they are still our main bank.
  10. Hi people have said change it to Germen, we changed ours to Spanish and it worked/ Good luck
  11. an1ta

    White goods

    I really cant believe how many people have said don't bring. Everyone I have met apart from one have brought everything with them. My tumble drier is still working as is my fridge, witch is now a beer fridge, but it works perfect, my freezer works too, as do all my electrical things Tele, (My Tele was brand new) videos, DVD surround sound, play station. And I have been here 6 years. We didn't have one thing that didn't work. Yes you have to change a plug, its not rocket science, I taught my kids to that b4 they where 10. Things are more expensive here, yes look it up at Harvey Norman.Most utility rooms are a fair size. Yes my tumble drier is on top on my washing machine, but I have a front loader and always will. If I had to do it all again I would still bring it all with me. Australia isn't as cheap as what people think.
  12. an1ta

    White goods

    Hi I bought all out white goods with us, My fridge was brand new and still works now. The washing machine worked too. I had to buy another one last year and I hate it. If you can afford to bring your stuff with you then do so. Everyone said don't bring my TV well I have been here 6 years and its still working fine like my dvd, video, and surround sound system. Good luck with the move
  13. an1ta

    5 years and 9 months in...

    I couldn't agree with you more when you talking about schools. I moved here when my children 13, 15, and 16 and everyday I thank god they went to school in the UK first. Gun crime in Sydney is scary drugs are another big issue in Sydney, is it safer for my kids here or in England in the south. Not everything is a bed of roses there are also a lot of thorns that go with them. I have been here 6 years and if I could turn the clock back I would. Australia is a beautiful country but so is England. I hope everything turns out ok for you and the family. And like you said u can always come back. Good luck
  14. Hi I have been on this site for well over a year. We moved to Sydney nearly 6 years ago. We where told to move to this and that place b4 we got here. Well I didn't move to any of the areas that people told me where nice. We hired a car and drove around with the kids looking at houses and areas. From the northern beaches to the Sutherland shire. People don't realise how big Sydney is until they get here. I would tell everyone to do the same. Just because one area is good for one family doesn't mean it will be good for you. Think very carefully b4 you lock a house down, its very hard to unlock it once done. Good luck with the move, hope everything goes well
  15. an1ta

    Hello x

    Hi and welcome, there's a thread on here, looking for friends in the shire, try looking posting on that. Good luck x
  16. Hi is this just for people with young children, or is it for anybody. My Children are all older now, but I would still like to meet up with other people, for Coffee, Lunch, or even drinks. I live in Caringbah..
  17. an1ta

    Car accident advice please.

    Well I can only go by the what the coppers said to my daughter. I also got told you don't need to carry ur driving licence, and then got stopped and fined for not having it. who knows the rules in Australia it changes every time u talk to a different person. At the end of the day I hope the person in the accident sorts everything out and gets a new car
  18. an1ta

    Car accident advice please.

    Yes I'm sorry I wrote it wrong the 1st time. But you also have to have insurance for your car, even if its only 3rd party. You cannot drive a car (or should say you should not drive ur car without it The first thing my daughter got asked by the police when in a hit and run was who she was insured with, and if she wasn't then she was breaking the law
  19. an1ta

    Car accident advice please.

    If you live in NSW you have to CTP and 3rd party insurance
  20. an1ta

    Car accident advice please.

    Glad to hear that no one was hurt... Let your insurance deal with it. The one thing that you might lose os your no claims bonus, but you will get a brand new car..The police should be taking this woman to court, and if I was you I would be reporting her again to the police. Its against the law to drive without any insurance... Hope its all sorted out fast for you
  21. Hi you do not need 6 months on your passport. I flew to the UK in feb with my daughter and shew only had 3 month's left on hers. I phoned the airlines, not the travel agents...I was told by them as long has the passport was in date the days your fly then you can use them. I would get them done when you get there. Hope this helps. We have just had this convo on another site I go on, and someone else has just done the same as my daughter
  22. I dont know anyone that as done it in 12 months yet. The normal is 18 to 24 month's.. what with everything u have to do, 2 years is a good time scale...
  23. Hi Marie and welcome.. I cannot answer you 1st question but I will ask my daughter has she works in a nursery.. You can only get RA private rent if there are not any houses at all. If you only have 1 child or even 2 the chances are there are 3 beds around, so u will not get a private rent. Manly freshwater are great places to live, I don't know how long it takes to get to work from either of these places... I live in Caringbah and have done for nearly 5 years and love it here. Fantastic train link, one train into the city 50 minutes... Good schools, great for shopping, and beaches to die for. My husband bough himself a motorbike to get to work/ He leaves here at 6.30, like most I know from Manly and Freshwater, no trains there either all travel is by bus or car.. He is back in the house by 4.30 everyday sometimes b4... It's very hard when you don't know anything. Hope this helps,, if you need to know anything else just ask. I will let you know about the nursery
  24. an1ta

    British & Irish Lions Tickets

    Just so people know more tickets went on sale today for the tesy match im Sydney..