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  1. I'll be applying for a 820 in a couple of months and I'm a bit confused about when to submit the medical and police check. I've had advice from a visa agent not to include this at the time of application as they expire after 12 months and it make take longer than this to reach a case office. BUT the Partner migration handbook says that police checks and medicals SHOULD be included at the time of application. Which is correct? Has this changed recently with the 820 going online? Is there a form that you need to submit additional documentation after application? I can't find a definitive answer on this on the Immi website.. Thanks.
  2. londonengineer

    Sydney Rental Costs Still Rising

    I wouldn't listen to that industry body. Most of the Aussie media has a vested interest in saying how great an investment property is. I've been renting in Sydney for 5 years and find that rents/vacancy rates are extremely seasonal.. Everyone seems to want to move in the summer, you get a great pick in the winter. I've also found, that over 5 years rental prices are pretty stable, I wouldn't be surprised if the loss of LAFHA has had a knock on effect on the market. I would be interested in seeing the same stats over a couple of years, rather than month to month.
  3. londonengineer

    820 Partner Visa - Relationship Registration - Time Living Together

    I don't think anyone takes it lightly. Often, for genuine partner-relationships the 12 months don't work out with visas expiring, leases, property and other commitments. You've got to take what you can! A wedding at short notice, with family members overseas is not ideal.
  4. Hi, I'm weighing up some options for visas and I have a quick question. Getting a relationship registered in NSW apparently waives the requirement to live together for a full 12 months in a de-facto application. However, you must be living together at the time of application. Are there any rules about a minimum period of living together that will be considered acceptable if the relationship is registered? 3 months? 6 months? I'm sure the answer will be 'it depends' but it would be great if there were some ideas or hints. Thanks!
  5. londonengineer

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hi, I've an 856 (DRC) lodged in late June. I've been waiting 11 weeks so far and I'm going nuts, there are redundacies happening at my workplace. I can't get the update email from Parramatta, I think it isn't responding to my gmail account. Can someone here post the lastest email update? Lodged 29th June Ack letter a month later Not a peep since Structural Engineer British 4 years working in Oz
  6. Hi All, There has been a great deal of discussion on the LAFHA issue recently and I've got a question that I can't find an answer to. I work as an engineer and LAFHA has been part of my salary package for the past three years. I have just submitted an application for PR through my company. Who knows how long it will take and it's no guarantee that it will be approved, despite costing me an arm and a leg. I've always thought that once you applied for PR you could no longer claim for LAFHA but I've heard that there has been some court cases where this was proven not to be correct. Applying for PR is no guarantee that you will get it. And even with PR status, I may not stay in Austraila indefintely, it just makes life a whole lot easier while I'm here. (healthcare, insurance, housing) Does anyone know the definite answer? PS Please no pom-bashing re LAFHA being a unfair.. I'm just making the most of my opportunities.
  7. londonengineer

    457 Visa - Transfer Employers

    I've just posted in another thread. My new nomination for an existing 457 took 5 weeks. This is longer than the entire 457 visa process 2 years ago. I though the new ruling was supposed to make things easier? The immigration advice is also that 457 workers are needed and desired to boost the economy. I think my employer will be thinking twice about going through the process again. I missed out on joining them in time for a big project they needed help on.
  8. londonengineer

    457 Nomination Timeline

    It took about 5 weeks which made things really difficult for me and my new employer! It would seem that 457 related stuff is taking much, much longer than 2 years ago.
  9. londonengineer

    457 Nomination - How long?

    That's good to here that I'll hopefully be hearing soon. The DIAC states that 457s shall be processed in 2 months. Are there anymore time limits / guidelines for the individual parts of the process? It seems crazy that this part takes so long, it has definitely slowed down since two years ago.
  10. londonengineer

    457 Nomination - How long?

    Hi all, I'm changing jobs with a valid 457 and my new employer has lodged an nomination application for me. I'm a straightforward case with no dependents and will be working as a structural engineer for a company with it's head office in Brisbane. How long are people finding nominations take to approve at the moment? My last one was approved overnight! It's been 2 1/2 weeks now and things in my current job aren't good.. I'm going nuts!!! Thanks
  11. Hi All, I'm on a 457 at the moment and would like to apply for independent PR. As a 32 yo structural engineer, I have enough points under both schemes. Do we think that once the new points scheme is launched, these applications will get priority or faster processing? I'm thinking of uploading everything on the 1st July to get first in the queue. Surely the minister will want to get people onto the new scheme?
  12. londonengineer

    457 Nomination Timeline

    Hi All, I'm currently on a 457 as a civil engineer. I have a job offer that I've accepted with another company. They are a well established company and have lodged a nomination for me before easter. Two years ago, my nomination was approved overnight. Has anyone any idea how long nominations are taking at the moment? I've been checking the status checker like crazy. Does anyone know how often it's updated? Thanks.
  13. londonengineer

    Changing between 457 employers

    Hi, I moved over to Sydney on a 457 for an employer that I'd never worked for before. I love living in Sydney but really haven't liked my job right from the start. I've found a new job and I've applied for a new 457. I am a little confused over how to change jobs without risk. I obviously don't want to quit my current job before the new visa is approved. However, once the new visa is approved, the old 457 is no longer valid and I cannot serve the 4 weeks notice in my contract. Other people must have been through this process. What is the right thing to do? I've rang immigration a couple of times and they haven't been much help. Thanks in advance.