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  1. Hi, Our family will soon be relocating from Perth where we have lived for the last 7 years, back to the UK. As we have 2 small children it is our preference to try and sort out a rental property to move straight back into rather than a short term one then search for property/car etc back in the UK whilst husband also has a new job to start, seems like it would make our lives a lot easier if we could sort it out from here i just wondered if anyone has managed to do this, if it was possible what were you required to provide the letting agent/landlord? Did you need a guarantor? Larger deposit or were you required to pay a few months rent in advance? Thanks for any wisdom that people can share on this.
  2. KatieLB

    What is Perth like?

    That's a bit harsh in my opinion, the guy was giving an honest account of how he perceives Perth, if someone is thinking of moving here they should be fully aware of its pros and cons, plus one man's pro is anothers con. You can't help but compare Perth with the UK when you first get here as its your natural point of reference. He actually said a lot of positive things about it here. I've met lots of Brits who have struggled initially when they have got here as they expected it to be more British, weirdly enough. Perths biggest draw is the weather and awesome beaches. It is a lot quieter than Melbourne or Sydney, especially if you don't yet have kids and haven't settled fully into surburbia. I'm from Devon originally but moved over from London. It was a shock to my system at first how much slower the pace of life is here but I love it, its a good thing. Anywhere is what you make of it, I love how much more outdoorsy our life is now. It is expensive though so do your research before you come.
  3. KatieLB

    where do you livr in perth

    I live in Subi and its gert lush.
  4. Couldn't make last night, hope it was fun and you all managed to don one another! Let me know if you organise another one
  5. Subiaco, Leederville or Mount Lawley? All close to city, bars, restaurants etc, not as close to beach, although not far in the car. subi is just 10 mins in car from city beach.
  6. KatieLB

    A good curry house in Perth...

    The Royal on Hay Street, West Perth The Cove - Near to Applecross Punjab - Innaloo Best I've tried so far
  7. Hey, are many people going to this?
  8. KatieLB

    New girl in Perth!

    Hey, lovely thread, welcome to Perth everyone who is just arriving (or soon to be arriving) we moved here 15 months ago and can honestly say we havent looked back. It might be raining now but spring is just around the corner and Perth will be even more beautiful, it really seems to kick into life then, with free music in Kings park (starts this weekend I think), outdoor cinemas, BBQ's lazy days on the beach or a wine tour in the swan valley life, BBQ's, weekend trips to Margaret River, life can be very good The cost of food does seem a hard pill to swallow at first (when we first got here we were vegetarians for the first 4 weeks!) but once you start earning aussie dollars and stop converting back to pounds you soon get used to it. Make sure you get stuck into things and put yourselves out there and you will make lots of friends, there are so many people here in the same situation so that helps a lot.We moved here from London and I have loved the switch from the fast paced city life we had before to our more laid back outdoors focused way of living. Homesickness can be tough but make the most of Skype, it is a god send and you'll probably find your friends and family will be itching to come and visit when they start seeing your photos! If anyone fancies meeting up, think there is a meet up arranged for the 16th at the Greenhouse in the city, very cool bar.
  9. KatieLB

    arriving in perth

    Go for the house then, it will make you feel settled much quicker and you can easily break your lease if eventually you decide to leave. I didnt realise you could rent furniture thats a fantastic idea! Mount Hawthorn is a nice area as well, some bars and restaurants and not too far from the city. Our stuff got held in Freo for about a week when it arrived, just while customs checked it, as long as your stuff is clean and they dont find anything worrying then you get it quite quickly. Best of luck with it all!
  10. KatieLB

    arriving in perth

    Hey, Mount Hawthorn is a nice area, however your stuff will take a while to arrive and it might be a pain in the interim to have absolutley nothing. My OH and I came over on a sponsored 457 visa and stayed for 1 month in a self contained apartment, then moved into a fully furnished/equiped house, we arrived at start of May 2010 and our stuff arrived end of June (it was shipped from UK in April, so took quite a while). I would say that a budget of up to $430 for a house is fine (obviously depending on where you want to live as some suburbs are a lot more priceier than others) you should be able to get something decent for that price. When you get here it might be nice to scope out areas etc that you want to live in before you have alreday commited to a contract. Its totally down to your preference though. Good luck, Perth is a great place to live!
  11. Hi, Just wanted to check if this is still happening on Sunday, I might come with my boyfriend and a few friends (also new to Perth) if it is. What time will you be there?
  12. KatieLB

    We have arrived!

    Hey is this still going ahead? how do we RSVP you?
  13. KatieLB

    WA utility providers

    Found out today we cant get the ADSL2 service in the area we are moving to as there isn't a port free in the exchange there. Does anyone have another provider other than iinet who they'd recommend? The other alternative is we go for broadband1 on iinet until a port becomes free, and hope that its not too slow:eek:
  14. KatieLB

    WA utility providers

    Thanks, asking an IT bod is a great idea, I'll check out iinet's website. We also want a voip handset. Also interested in looking into getting a UK proxy I.P address so we can access BBC Iplayer etc. Cheers, Kate
  15. KatieLB

    Council tax and renting a property

    Excellent, I was worried it was too good to be true! Have you found utility bills overall cheaper or more expensive here than in the UK?