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    I'm gutted too!

    I find this disturbing too. And had the shoe been on the other foot and it was a group preaching the same hate message against muslims I reckon there would have been an outcry from that community....complete disgrace that hate like that is allowed to be broadcast so freely. Is it any wonder the issue will never be resolved? She showed an amazing amount of restraint when the guy poked his finger in her face...shame on him!
  2. lambfamily

    Sydney v Melbourne.

    Visited Sydney in 2009 when we thought we were going there for work but have ended up living in Melbourne. Both cities offer something very different but I much prefer Melbourne for the variety, climate and general vibe. We too are over 40 so not into hipster scene but for us, Melbourne just 'felt' more right than Sydney. The other factor for us was the silly prices of housing in Sydney and having to live a stupid distance from the city to find anything remotely affordable for us but hey ho...it's all relative I expect. It really is a matter of personal preference and what suits your own requirements. Ours was actually having a job to be able to live here...so Melbourne it was! :wink:
  3. lambfamily

    Moved back now not so sure....

    Great post! Nostalgia can get us all in a fix but the future is where the focus should be.
  4. We flew out last November and tried to do the increased baggage allowance via the ANZ offer (50kg each at the time). What a fiasco. We opened our account and were sent a link for Emirates to book. Did this and got the flight details up which were more than the price on their usual website...so paying higher premium to start with. Still, it was cheaper than excess baggage. The stumbling block ended up being that this was NOT the first time we'd entered Australia on our visa...despite this being a one way flight...the customer services would not budge. They were hopeless and very unhelpful. Shocking customer service all ways round. I suspect that even if we'd been able to book, we would've ended up being stung for excess baggage because it seemed like left hand didn't know what right was doing. Even when I went back to ANZ and ask if they could help, two promises of calls back resulted in nothing. Ah well. You live and learn. In the end up, we booked flights with them via their website and binned the idea of asking for more. I did find a company though that I could get 30kg excess baggage shipped out for around £250 which wasn't bad but we didn't use it in the end. All in all, I think ANZ are not on top of this and with the recent changes to the arrangements between Quantas and Emirates, I suspect it's not going to be available. I did check with Singapore airlines who said we'd be eligible for 40kg each as long as it was the FIRST time we'd travelled to Australia on the visa we were travelling on. It may be worth a try with them but unfortunately we couldn't use it. Good luck
  5. I've just tried to watch something on 4 and can't after uploading Hola. Not tried iplayer though. Meanies! :frown:
  6. lambfamily

    5 cents or 5 pence , would you pick it up ?

    Yes...always pick up and my children do too. Since moving to Melbourne, we've noticed a lot of people don't return their coin operated trolleys and my son has a little side line going on that one...if he sees a stray trolley and it has the coin in it, he returns it to the trolley store and bingo...$1 or $2 richer. On average, each month he collects around $10...not bad eh?
  7. lambfamily

    What is there to do for teenagers in Melbourne?

    Hi My two older boys are 14 and 13 and both into skateboarding and scootering. We have found Melbourne to be awash with skateboard and scooter facilities both in and outdoor. As for swimming, there are any amount of pools around. Depending on where you're located, I could give you some names of places we've already visited so if you'd like to pm me, I'll let you have any info I can provide. As far as 'cultural/art' goes, mine too would've turned their noses up but to be honest, they've thoroughly enjoyed the events and activities we've taken them to in the city, many of which are free (what a bonus). Fed Square is our 'second home' - there's just so much on offer here, it's difficult to be stuck for something to do. Look forward to hearing from you and if there's anything else I can help with, I'd be happy to. Regards Debbie
  8. This pretty much sums it up I think...we moved 6 months ago and although we don't regret the move, we don't know if it's a long term stay for us. For now, we stay put. We moved for lots of reasons and we're very glad we had the opportunity to do so. We haven't burned bridges with the UK (still have our house) but we had to make this move because we'd have regretted not doing it. What did we expect from the move? Nothing! We came with an open mind and understood completely the need to establish new social groups, adapt to a new culture and also that it was going to be a challenge. You can change your way of life here from an indoor one to an outdoor one because the weather allows that BUT if you don't like being outdoors then nothing will change (as PP quite rightly says) and you'll find the tv is pants! I will never moan about British Tv ever and thank the Lord for ABC and SBS is all I can say. The bottom line is if you have unrealistic expectations the only thing you can expect is disappointment. My advice to anyone making the move is....have an open mind because all the research in the world will never prepare you for how you actually feel and deal with a life changing move to the other side of the world. It affects each and every one of us differently. Good luck and best wishes
  9. Hi Westbound We brought everything and even brought our washer and dryer because we had the room in the container. Glad we brought everything and actually wish we'd brought more because we held back some stuff to use for the month we were without our stuff before the move. Silly, because we ended up leaving it and could've borrowed it from family and friends and sent it. Ah well, you live and learn. You're right in thinking that money will disappear faster than a rat up a drainpipe. Just paying for school uniform will make your hair stand on end not to mention the school books, etc. If you know the area you're moving to, check out the school websites and get those costs before you come so you know what you'll have to pay. If you have to buy a car our of the £10,000, then as a previous poster said, that will take a huge knock because second hand cars are frighteningly expensive. Do some online research on prices before you come out to give you an idea. If you haven't already looked into rentals, check out the realestate.com.au and domain.com.au for rental costs in the area you're planning to move to so you know you have a realistic price range. As far as salary is concerned, $140,000 is good, but again, this is subjective depending on your lifestyle requirements. It's a very personal thing. We as a family only have the one income which is significantly smaller than that figure and manage quite well and we have 3 children in school as well and live in the Metro district of Melbourne. As a 457 holder, I understand you're required to have private medical insurance which needs to be factored into your outgoings because that isn't cheap. Other costs you should consider on arrival are: - Drivers licences - One month rental bond as well as rent - Buying household supplies you constantly had in the cupboard at home - Car hire if you haven't already organised that before you arrive - Insurances for car and your contents - these are very expensive - Connection charges for utilities and phone if they're not already in place in your rental - Bedding/towels if you haven't brought them in your suitcase The bonus for you is that your husband will be starting work on arrival so having Aussie dollars coming in helps to get into the swing of things and you don't have to use your savings. It makes it feel less painful as you're not seeing those hard earned savings dwindle at an alarming rate. :biggrin:It will also help stop you converting prices into sterling...dangerous because it frightens you, so the sooner you forget about uk prices, the better. Above all, try enjoy it and good luck with your move. Debbie
  10. Same here. Shame because it was a one way ticket so bit obvious we weren't on a return journey and they wouldn't budge on it!
  11. lambfamily

    shipping insurance??

    As people have said, make sure you insure absolutely everything and have the Aussie replacement value because if you're under insured, they won't pay out! You'll be surprised how much the actual replacement cost is in Australia. Also be careful about the clause re pairs and sets! Sneaky little thing here that they won't always pay out despite you telling them about it when you take out the insurance. Read the small print because there's the 'get out of jail card' for the insurance company. We're in the process of claiming and it's a bloody nightmare I can tell you. As usual, we're getting the feeling that the insurance company are looking for any excuse to not pay out. What absolutely galls me is that we pay for the insurance in good faith and then get shafted any which way when you need to claim. I haven't made an insurance claim in over 5 years but the test of a good company is when they pay up for GENUINE claimants. Our goods were packed by a reputable company and left our house in perfect condition. We now find ourselves with a very battered dining table that's impossible to match up to the chairs here, a damaged expensive child's cabin bed, our divan bed has a huge hole in it, our beside drawers are damaged and a number of pictures are damaged. Talk about giving us the run around for getting quotes and telling us what they will and won't pay for. To say I'm hacked off is an understatement. Good luck and I sincerely hope you do receive all your goods damage free because the last thing you need when you arrive is the hassle of dealing with a slippery insurance company.
  12. Having just arrived this week, we need to find 2 cars, although 1 will do for now and a fridge freezer (not till around 5th December tho). I'm looking for a car that's a ford focus size or there abouts that's in good condition but not expensive as it's going to be the cheap runaround. Hubby is looking for a car that's newer that would be Camry size or maybe a bit bigger. We're currently staying in the Doncaster area but plan to move out to Mill Park/South Morang/Epping area but would be willing to travel a bit if the right car was available. Thanks in anticipation Debbie
  13. lambfamily

    Ford Focus 2008 for Sale - Melbourne

    Hiya. Is your car still for sale? How much is it now? Where in Melbourne are you? We arrive on 7th November and are looking for a car for soon after then so very interested in yours. Thanks
  14. lambfamily

    2008 Hyundai i30. 1.6CRDi SLX

    Where are you based please?
  15. lambfamily

    Holden commodore for sale

    Where are you based?