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    Customs- tea and vitamins

    cheers googled and it came up with fish oils or capsues containing green may be an issue. but these are white tablets and vegan so no animal product. all shut except the one i'm currently using. it's the tea i'm finding toughest. one box is sealed so may give that a go. but the rest are open.
  2. k8bug79

    Customs- tea and vitamins

    Thanks Vicky, can i check if you were talking about the tea the vitamins or both?
  3. k8bug79

    Evidence of DeFacto relationship

    wow i always thought mine was a formality, married for 3 years, together for 5 and 2 kids. wonder why it was refused especially after appeal! to ythe OP we provided pretty much the same as you did. invites past present and future and statements from friends and family
  4. k8bug79

    Movecube Insurance

    hi my movecube is halway there and i checked it with them. total loss is automatically billed for at a set minimum value as stated on the first of the two nsurance pages, you can specify a greater level of cover and it breaks down the extra cost. the next page asks you for an invetory. you only need to fill this in if you've selected to cover certain items. we didn't so left it blank. not sure their total loss is worth it. but put it on anyway. asked what it covered and it seemed a bit of a grey area. obvious if it goes over the sude of a ship. but what if moist of it is water damaged??
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    i suffer too but mainly with silent migraines. all the symptoms but no pain. a relief in someways but an attack has been known to last 3 months and it semi paralyses oine side of my body. always stress and diet related for me.
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    required documents for renting

    we've just secured our first place. we sent a covering letter outlining our situation. offering them 3 months rent in advance ( which they did take) a bank statement demonstrating ths. low down on our employment history inc cvs to demonstrate our employment record. id was Hubby's oz passport his driving licence and bank card. my passport, my driving licence, a wage slip and a credit card statement. aso be realistic inwhat you an get. we wanted a roof over our head in our ideal lcation. we've secured a 6 month let on a place that is being bull dozed after that. it's nice inside but not te aussie dream. 3 bed when we would lie 4 no pool. but because of this we were the only onex to appy, got offered it straight away and had the keys 3 days later. we xan nw get to know the area and look for our dream home :
  7. Hi, last minute panic. i fly on my own next week with my 3 young kids. i just want to check i've not overlooked something obvious. i'm going on a subclass 100 permanent spouse visa. I have been tokd it's all e visa so i don't need a stamp that our passports will tell them all they need to know. i have a print out of my visa grant notice as i'm flying from france and it was granted in London- so just for safety i thought it best to keep a copy of it all. But do i need anything else?
  8. k8bug79

    passport control- please reassure me

    thanks Rossmoyne, i hope so :biggrin:
  9. k8bug79

    passport control- please reassure me

    thanks George had horrid visions after being so prepared i'd have forgotten something really obvious
  10. k8bug79

    passport control- please reassure me

    thanks. me and kids are on visa. hubby already there- he is oz citizen. i am with singapore airline but french won't give us double. got 30 kg each which is gonna be fun as i am having to carry most of it myself. somehow i have to manage 3 suitcases and 3 holdalls plus kids have 3 little suitcasesa and their handluggage. oh and my hand luggage. done a reccie of cdg airport and will have to manage on the transfer bus and shuttle but can then get a trolly. wish me luck lol
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    broadband options

    thanks guys, i went with Optus in the end. we're on cable so i figured it was best to get the faster speed over the adsl. for £110 got 1 tb of data and unlimited calls to landline and mobiles plus fetch tv. Also some international calls but i think i can upgrade to get unlimited int calls.
  12. k8bug79

    broadband options

    Hi we've secured our first rental in Sydney and move in Friday :biggrin: i've got round to setting up phone line/ broadband and i'm bamboozled! Am i right in understanding that I can have b/band without a phone line? we've been told to go with either telstra, dodo or optus so i looked at telstra but it seems very expensive at $130 a month, does that sound too much? i took the entertainment packages off and had 100gb data but on reflection i'm not sure i need a landline. i only use it to speak with my bestie for hours on end and she'll be on skype. we'll both aim for contract mobies asap. we have 3 kids and therefore we have lots of wifi divices and useage on internet. Can anyone advise on the best options and req of a landline?
  13. k8bug79

    broadband options

    um:twitcy: i think thats boggled my mind a bit more.............but thanks will keep looking at it.
  14. Hi, we arrive in 2 weeks and my husband needs to pick up some carseats for our kids. my Son is almost out of one in the UK so needs just a basic booster, my youngest daughter is still in a highback booster but s uses te seatbelt. she could come off onto a normal booster but i'm not sure what Australian rules state. anyway trying to pick them up cheaply had a look on gumtree and ebay but they are not much cheaper than i've seen new. generally they're quite expensive- checked target and big w. anyone got any recommendations of where to buy? online or in person. hubby is staying near Stanmore :
  15. k8bug79

    so how much to get over to Australia these days???

    Going on a spouses visa- costs so far visa £2000 medicals £270 for me £90 per child police checks for me and hubby £70 flights £3000 then we havevabout £10k to see us through.
  16. k8bug79

    Good place to buy carseats?

    I completely agree an i'm over zealous when it comes to carsets. i was quite surprised how relaxed the Oz law is compared with UK regulations. If my children were "normal" i'd be rushing to buy them all hi back boosters, my eldest (10) has been over the 135cm guideline since she was 8 1/2 and no longer fits a car seat. my son (almost 7) is following suit, he is 130cm so won't b much longer til he's too tall. Being to big for a seat is equally as dangerous hence only buying him a booster to do him the next year.
  17. k8bug79

    Good place to buy carseats?

    Thanks will check out Babies R Us
  18. k8bug79

    How to search for schools

    Hi, my husband is in Sydney and we arrive with our 3 kids in 3 weeks. My hubby has highlighted areas that will suit are needs but it's vast, basically inner west down to southern Sydney so we need to start eliminating areas. It seems to me that a good way to do this is by looking for suitable schools and with space etc. I know to look for schools in the nsw.gov website but it doesn't really give results or opinions on schools. My eldest daughter has 1 year left at primary so i need to consider comps as well. Is there a website i can look up a bit like ofsted ( i know there is no ofsted type of org but one that gives impartial advice beyond the schools website) or any advice on how to look at schools and whittle them down? Thanks
  19. k8bug79

    How to search for schools

    thanks :biggrin:
  20. k8bug79

    travel insurance eek

    Hi we start our month long journey to Oz next week. we are driving to france, staying there for a bit then flying out from paris. we have a bank account with travel and car breakdown insurance included so we thought we would be covered. but jus called them and no they won't. which i think is a bit ridiclous as if we are only really using it to protect our flights what difference does it make froma holiday, fair enough re medical care out there. i think we can wing breakdown insurance as it's uk cover and they have no reason/ way of knowing why/ where we driving. we were tben getting temporary european insurance to cover the rest of he drive. but'm wondering if all travel insurance co's wil be as diffcult. any have any recomendations / experience? only wantto cover or flights in case someone gets ill.
  21. k8bug79

    travel insurance eek

    tbh i'm not sure, they just said it wouldn't cover it. i can understand it being void re medical expenses as otherwise i could use it indefinitely in Oz but can't see why they won't cover me until the moment my visa is validated as until that point i'm a UK resident
  22. k8bug79

    General Advice Sought About Getting A Fiancee/Marriage Visa

    Hi, Good luck with your application. I don't know much about the Prospective marriage visa but I applied for the Partner visa by ourselves. It was relatively straight forward, although our case was relatively straight forward as we are married and have 2 children together. Even so we did still fall down in a few places. Most of the time they'll ask for more information rather than throw it out. Plus there is loads of information on the forum on how to fill it in and provide the evidence they require. It is perfectly achievable but if you feel there is any difficulties in your circumstances or providing evidence etc I would enlist the services of an agent.
  23. k8bug79

    jeyes fluid

    ok here's a random question :err: i'm wondering how much jeyes fluid to buy lol. t's blinking expensive so don't waht to buy 5 l when 300 ml will do. i have 5 peoples shoes to do plus some xtras for my youngest as she grows. some skates and cars that have been used outside. a box of tools and a welder and copressor. nothing like bikes and when we got quotes for shipping they said tools etc would be fine as long as there is no soil on them. Do you thisnk 300 ml or a litre would be enough?
  24. k8bug79

    this is what fits in a movecube

    following on the theme. here is my shipment ready to pack next week. it's a large cube and in it are 30 boxes all reasonable size, 3 bookshelves, 1 tallboy, 2 chest of drawers a double bed a single bed, 2 toy boxes and various mirrors and pictures. phew
  25. As far as I am aware there is no agreement in place so therefore it's what you agree between you. I undertand there is some link between CSA and Australian officials (sure I read tha someowhere) but I think that was for the other way round him in Oz and you behind. Maybe someone who has experience in this will be able to answer, I have said to my ex don't pay maintenance use it to buy a flight to NZ (where his family is) as i'm not paying towards her coming home. He hasn't paid a penny in 5 years so not holding much hope