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  1. Lavalamplulie

    Help:- Where to settle in Melbourne?

    Bayside - expensive but everything you've asked for.
  2. Lavalamplulie

    Sandringham or Elwood?

    Deffo Sandringham (look at UK playgroup on FB)
  3. Lavalamplulie

    Brighton East lease break

    Maybe neither will we, we are back in the uk for hols in September and will be looking to change things from October onwards, maybe we should keep in touch!!
  4. Lavalamplulie

    Watch British TV in Australia dirt cheap

    We use Adtelly for £6 a month- iplayer radio and telly, saved my sanity!!!
  5. Lavalamplulie

    Brighton East lease break

    Having been here 18 happy months we are ready to size up to a bigger house and being the impatient type I want to break our lease. Anyone fancy a neat and tidy 3 bed townhouse with air-conditioning in the fabulous Gardenvale Primary catchment? Walking distance to north Brighton and Gardenvale train stations into the city, tram, Landcox park and so much more! We are only moving around the corner cos it's a lovely area!
  6. Lavalamplulie

    Anyone in or near Brighton?

    My hours vary Tuesday generally good ( after running club of course done by 10.30) and every other Friday free. Will try and fit in with everyone else ( might have daughters in tow but they are pretty civilised !) luisa
  7. Lavalamplulie

    Anyone in or near Brighton?

    Nope but I'd still be up for a coffee and a gossip! Luisa
  8. Lavalamplulie

    Anyone in or near Brighton?

    I can do after 12 on Weds, Friday iffy as I'm waiting for our bed to be delivered but am looking forward to getting together. Luisa
  9. Lavalamplulie

    Anyone in or near Brighton?

    Sounds like enough people for a coffee morning if anyone fancies!
  10. Lavalamplulie

    Anyone in or near Brighton?

    Hi Vanessa I am in Brighton East and working part time - always up for a coffee. If I can work out how to send a private message I will send you my mobile number. Luisa
  11. Lavalamplulie

    medicals for 457 visa ??????????

    Hi Helen we didn't. (and I work in the health service to) good luck, Luisa
  12. Lavalamplulie

    Any joggers amongst you?

    Sounds like a plan - you're not at Fitness first are you? Would be happy to walk with buggy if you want to get out? If not - yes a week on Wednesday plus coffee sounds fab. Luisa If you want to give me a ring 0415045977
  13. Lavalamplulie

    Any joggers amongst you?

    Don't worry - did you go somewhere nice? I drop the kids off by 9 so depending on where, any time after then. Only restriction is picking them up again at 3.30 Luisa
  14. Lavalamplulie

    Any joggers amongst you?

    Hi Cheryl, fancy starting next week, Wednesday (i would say monday but its holiday isn't it) Trousers far too tight to ignore now.. Luisa
  15. Lavalamplulie

    Any joggers amongst you?

    As I have no life I am free any day - I have got a bad neck at the mo from constant furniture moving/suitcase lugging/more furniture moving which I have found is made worse by running. I will need to power walk for about a week then I will be flying (ahem). Happy to power walk together or if that would be holding you back I can wait till the week after. Whatever suits you. Luisa