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  1. cjmre76

    Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    Hi I concur with the forum moderators on this topic. I haven't posted for ages, a couple of years I reckon. I just happened to randomly log in today out of curiosity and I see its exactly the same people posting in the moving back to the UK forum as it was years ago. Some of those don't even live here or havn't done for years for years. If you want to move here do it. Its definitely not utopia and you are still you if not a little bit more sweaty ! I sense I'll be posting some ranty posts somewhere in the forum real soon. Watch this space :-)
  2. If your going to push the NSW Driving laws do it on the day after double demerits finishes. It never ceases to amaze me how the police presence magically vanishes completely the day after a public holiday !!
  3. cjmre76

    Life of a Forum

    There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about and that's not being talked about. - Oscar Wilde
  4. cjmre76

    Quickest way to move to oz ???

    Partner Migration - Booklet 6
  5. cjmre76

    Watching UK TV in Australia

    any quality VPN through a lap top
  6. cjmre76

    How has Australia changed your health?

    My Health is about the same. OH's hay fever about 90 % better in Oz and only needs to take occasional tablet Vs whole summer season of meds and inhalers in the UK
  7. cjmre76

    End of The Property Boom?

    And a free meal too Oh wait maybe I'd be better off somewhere in remote WA dessert land then
  8. cjmre76

    End of The Property Boom?

    If Only ! A great big crash so I can buy a 4 bed detached 1/2 acre plot on the Lower North Shore for 99 p. Cheers Then
  9. cjmre76

    Decided to escape

    See I told you so :-)
  10. cjmre76

    Decided to escape

    some truths in there. You'll certainly inflame some of the Ego's on here
  11. cjmre76

    What would you change about the UK ?

    Knock down the remaining 1960 ies council tower blocks
  12. cjmre76

    FORM 80.. Emplyment Section Help!

    Yes this form is a nightmare for anyone that's had any semblance of a life. The Trick is not to lie anywhere on the form. Put periods of unemployment down as such. If you need to just be approximate to the month and year of some of the jobs you cant really remember and if you were travelling and just did incidental work just put that down as best as you can remember. So long as your passport matches up with you general whereabouts in any given timescale they are not going to be that bothered. Just get it done and make your you keep a copy in the event you should emigrate to Mars at some later stage. Although I'm pretty sure no where else will be as picky as Australia to get in.
  13. cjmre76

    Moving back to England ruined my life

    Wherever you go. There you are
  14. cjmre76

    How do you feel now that Abbott is gone?

    Bla Bla. Couldn't give a rats. Lets face it its the same shower of Bast$$$s lying as their lips move whom ever is in power !!
  15. cjmre76

    Tony Abbott out....

    Its still the liberal party regardless of who the figure head is. Same S**T different day