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  1. Hi thanks for your reply. What I don't understand is why haven't they made it clear in the letter that my mother cannot be added because of so snd so.....also why state that i should send them a copy of her passport if I want to add her as a non migrating family member, why give me that option? Also, my visa class is VE 176 skilled sponsored not a a Skilled (Residence) (Class VB) visa. Whats your take on that?
  2. Hello everybody I have already lodged my 176 Skilled sponsored few years back. I recently requested DIMIA to add my newborn and now widowed mother to my application. DIMIA replied back in a letter stating that I needed to send them my newborn's birth certificate and passport copy which is not a problem. However, regarding addition of my mother, they state she can only be added as a Non-Migrating family member and is not eligible for the grant of a subclass Skilled - (VE 176) Independant visa as per migration Regulation 2.08A. It also sates that if I wish to add my mother as a non migrating family member, I should send them her passport copy also. The letter further states, I draw your attention to Regulation 2.08A - Addition of certain applicants to certain applications for permanent visas. 2.08A (1) If: (a) a person (in this regulation called the original applicant) applies for a permanent visa of a class for which Schedule 1 permits combined applications; and (b) after the application is made, but before it is decided, the Minister receives, in writing in accordance with Division 2.3, a request from the original applicant to have: (i) the spouse or de facto partner; or (ii) a dependent child; of the original applicant (the additional applicant) added to the original applicant's application; and © the request includes a statement that the original applicant claims that the additional applicant is: (i) the spouse or de facto partner; or (ii) a dependent child; as the case requires, of the original applicant; and (d) at the time when the Minister receives the request, the additional applicant satisfies the provisions of Schedule 1 that relate to the whereabouts of an applicant at the time of application and apply to a visa of the same class; then: (e) the additional applicant is taken to have applied for a visa of the same class; and (f) the application of the additional applicant: (i) is taken to have been made at the time when the Minister receives the request; and (ii) is taken to be combined with the application of the original applicant; and (iii) is taken to have been made at the same place as, and on the same form as, the application of the original applicant. (2) Despite any provision in Schedule 2, the additional applicant: (a) must be, at the time when the application is taken to be made under subparagraph (1)(f)(i), a person who satisfies the applicable secondary criteria to be satisfied at the time of application; and (b) must satisfy the applicable secondary criteria to be satisfied at the time of decision. (2A) Subregulations (1) and (2) do not apply to an applicant for:(b) a Skilled — Independent Overseas Student (Residence) (Class DD) visa; or © a Skilled — Australian-sponsored Overseas Student (Residence) (Class DE) visa; or (f) a Skilled (Residence) (Class VB) visa. As specified in Regulation 2.08A (2A) an additional applicant cannot be added to a Skilled (Residence) (Class VB) visa application. I am a little confused by this, can somebody please advise me on what this means? Can I add my mother to the application or not and can it affect/ jeopardise my application?
  3. Hi all I lodged my online application for Subclass 176 Skilled Sponsored (brother with PR status sponsoring me) way back in May 2009. To date, I have not heard anything regarding the progress or status of my application. Does anyone know how long I STILL have to wait? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks. Benny.
  4. Hi My friend, his wife and his 2 children are soon to fly back to Australia from the UK. Both the parents and 1 child have PR. However, the other child, a newborn in the UK hasn't. They plan to apply for the necessary PR / sponsor visa for the newborn onshore, in Australia because of time restraints. However, they plan to apply for an E-visitor visa for the newborn so the little one can travel. Does anyone think that this may cause problems at Australian immigration? Any advice would be appreciated urgently. Thanks.
  5. Hi My friend and his wife both hold permanent residency visas of Australia. Both have been living in Australia for 1 year. They have just had a new arrival in the family but the baby was born in the UK. They are planning to leave for Australia in the next 2 months but before they go, they need to sort out the baby's visa. Does anyone know if the baby is entitled to permanent residence status? If so, how to apply for this and what form to fill in? Or is is better to get the baby an ETA and travel to Australia and apply onshore for the PR visa? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks, Benny.
  6. benny2009

    Holding GBP in Aus

    Hello all! I was wondering if anyone is holding or has held their GBP in Australia in order to exchange at a later, more favourbale rate. The reason I ask is because the GBP to AUD rate is completely terrible at the moment. Also, when exchanging the GBP to AUD at a later date e.g after 1 year of residence in Australia give rise to any tax? Has anyone experienced this situation? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.