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  1. jodznsez

    820 visa / 801 visa and my NZ wife!?

    thanks for that. Appreciate the help. she don't qualify for those 2 dates so we only qualify for the 5 years thing. ugh. I did some further reading and i think that 10 months in NZ meant the 5 years started again in july 2017 ffs!! GRR.
  2. evening all... doing some digging on getting perm' res' in aus after almost 10 years on 461 visas (uk passport / nz wife) noticed there's a partner of eligible NZ citizen 820 (temp) and 801 (perm) - the 801 says i might need an 820 first!? seems mad. but is that gospel? anyone done that? or gone straight for an 801? Or is it best to my wife to apply for the 189 perm' res' for nz citizens!? (we've been here almost 10 years but we had 11 months back in nz between aug 2016 / july 2017) does that means her 5 years to apply for perm res' restarts in july 2017?? THANK in advance for help/advice.
  3. jodznsez

    461 visa and beyond...

    thanks for the advice mate...
  4. jodznsez

    461 visa and beyond...

    1 - No. 2 - yes but for a couple of months in 2004. So basically irrelevant. and moving back to NZ (where I'm a PR, but obviously that means **** over here) is looking like only option if we ever want to buy a house...
  5. jodznsez

    461 visa and beyond...

    Jeeez this is all going over my head a bit haha!! thanks again all. All info is good info. The reason I'm worried about the situation is, that on my current visa I'm not able to get loans etc (cars are in the Mrs' name) and obviously means no mortgage. We're now weighing up whether we can actually stay (well obviously she can!). In a nutshell, I can't get skilled migrant, as I'm not skilled, and my current job is a contract expiring March 31st 2015, plus I'd rather not go the work visa route. So it seems after reading the replies, that our best option is wife goes for AU PR, then i go for after.... over $6k later we might be able to stay,, haha
  6. jodznsez

    461 visa and beyond...

    Thanks for the replies, I'm too knackered to take it all in so will read in the morning... so it seems that my 5 years does count onto PR/citizen qualification. I'm kind of sick of getting so many mixed messages from the immigration office.. ok. Thanks all again!
  7. jodznsez

    461 visa and beyond...

    evening all.. I'm 3 and a bit years into my 5 year temp residency (461, partner of NZ citizen). I got given some duff info from immigration when i first got this visa. Firstly they said that the 5 years DID count towards getting PR and or citizenship (I'm uk passport holder). When it doesn't. Now my only option according to them, as i can't get loans or anything on this visa, is for my kiwi Mrs (nz passport) to get an "official PR" status, I can then apply off the back of her for a PR for myself. Now, without holding for an hour, has any kiwi's on this board done that? if so what did you do and how much was it? the immigration website sheds zero light. My MRs doesn't want to do it if it means giving up her NZ passport, so I'm at a crossroads on this atm.... can anyone shed any light!??!? my work is too busy at the mo to be holding for ages on the phone.
  8. jodznsez

    461 Temporary PR? What next?

    THanks , yeah can get another but doesn't help my situation with us settling and buying a house. At the moment only the mrs can get a car loan etc....
  9. jodznsez

    461 Temporary PR? What next?

    thanks for reply Sorry i think I can get another 461, however it leaves me in the same position of not being able to get loans/mortgage meaning that me and the wife settling here (which is what we want) is virtually impossible. I was told by immigration that I could become a full PR and now that seems to have changed, or i was misinformed. Either way it's made everything seem a lot harder than i wished. I'm on a contract at work (exp July 31st) so this is a major issue for me now. Not happy to be honest. would love a 2nd opinion, so might call immi back to see if the story changes (which I've had before with Aus and NZ immi)
  10. jodznsez

    461 Temporary PR? What next?

    Morning all. I'm in aus already, have been almost 3 years now. I'm on a 461 (partner of NZ citizen), which for those who don't know is a 5 year Temporary permanent residency. I was told originally that if I worked for 2 years with in that 5, I could apply for a full time PR visa. However just been told that I can't do that and that I also can't get another 461 meaning I can only go business or skilled migrant, neither of which I qualify for. I asked about becoming a citizen, and was told that i need to be a "proper" PR for at least a year to do that even... Anyone else had this issue??? What choices have i got?
  11. jodznsez

    Help!! HUGE fear of spiders.

    with in a few weeks of arriving in Melbourne from sydney (where we saw none) we had a GIANT huntsman in the garage.. when i say huge, i MEAN EFFING MASSIVE.. I'm from london and the misses from Auckland, no spiders in either place apart from house ones... this thing was easily had the leg span of a 6 or 7 inch side plate - i almost wet myself.. however I killed it with a whole tin of fly spray, some glasses of water and a giant broom. Since then we've not had any that size, but we've had 2 more huntsmen in the garage, one in the house (AAARGGHH!!) and 3 on the outside of the house... Lord help us !!
  12. jodznsez

    Suburb questions for the experts!

    thanks - interesting, express bus.. to be honest we were both aiming, if we did move, to work in the hills/west anyway. The train aspect was more for social/personal use... but a short drive to the station is never a problem on non=work days as we have to do that here in Melb too.
  13. jodznsez

    Suburb questions for the experts!

    yes - i have that open also - will do. thanks
  14. Hi all, ain't been on here for ages!.. In the middle of another huge decision - bit of background. (if you dont want/need background skip to paragraph 3) I'm a londoner, the misses is a kiwi (half japanese) from Auckland. We moved to Sydney 2 years ago, we rented a ****-hole house in Stanmore (another story) and we moved to Melbourne 5 months later as she was offered a dream job down here. So, I got a job here in Melbourne on arrival , the job was crap, i knew it was crap and the pay was crap - so took as stop gap. 18months later and a year of solid job hunting and applying with a few interviews sprinkled in, I've got nothing else. I've since left that job and have been jobless for 3 months... now to stop boring you - basically.. Misses loves Melbourne lifestyle. and rent prices - But career wise for me - Sydney is amazing, and as it's nearing us trying for a baby, my career is taking centre stage. I'm looking for suburbs in Sydney that have similar modern-ish housing to the links below ... that are well connected to the train without being so close that you hear each train go by, AND that aren't in the famous sydney flight paths we all love. and of course are under $700 a dam week.. Places kind of like these - I'm not saying just like these, but semi-modern with no other houses attached ... http://www.domain.com.au/Property/For-Rent/House/VIC/Malvern-East/?adid=8389697 http://www.domain.com.au/Property/For-Rent/House/VIC/Glen-Waverley/?adid=6659251 I've been looking around Epping/Beacroft/The Hills districts.... am I missing somewhere!?!? Thanks
  15. jodznsez

    Short term rental..!!

    hi all.. me and the wife are due to be in melbourne (moving from sydney) in 2 weeks and 2 days. We've still got NOWHERE to stay... we cant afford another trip to melbourne before we arrive so going straight into a proper long term rental aint going to happen. So we'll have to do the short term thing. I'm jobless as it stands , but the wife has a job in Mulgrave. We're looking for a short term furnished rental somewhere within a 20min drive to mulgrave. And we're struggling. i'm on gumtree all day pretty much, not sure where else i can look. I've checked http://www.moving-to-melbourne.co.uk/ and though there are short terms, they're all a bit pricey (except for one in Box hill which is $595, however that's still a bit over budget)... Can anyone help, advise, or just shed some light as i'm getting a bit nervous... Thanks