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    Dyslexia in Australia

    I am a dyslexia specialist (been here 3 yrs now) and run my own business here for dyslexia. Schools know very little about it and many people still think that Irlen lenses will solve all the problems! Support for anything other than behavioural issues and ASD are exceptionally hard to come by. There is no recognition in most schools here in NSW and it is very much up to parents to help. The good news is there are lots of great programmes that you can implement at home as well as asking the school for some simple accommodations that don't cost anything. Uni's and TAFE's generally cope better and accommodate learners more in my experience. If you want any more info feel free to message me!
  2. Hi Loretta we are going to be moving back to Leonay in a few weeks as we really like the area. We also have 6 and 3 yr old. My daughter goes to Leonay Public and I feel it is definitely one of the better schools. When you get here and settled, let us know and maybe we could get together. In the meantime if you need any other info, just message! good luck with the move and hopefully we will catch up in the future!
  3. Hi I would try looking on teachersonnet website - they advertise positions in independent and Cathholic schools mainly. Dept of ed jobs are usually advertised on their own website - NSW have a jobsfeed where they list all the current positions. I don't kow if QLD has a similar thing. Teaching over here is very different and very hard to get work in any vaguely nice area. I have Aussie friends who are teachers and even they are struggling to even get interviews. Unfortunatley lots of schools already know who they want, cheap newly qualified teachers. In NSW there has been a real shift with dept of ed designating jobs as in the past - most schools here seem to advertise and it tends to be all about who you know! This is the experience of my aussie teacher friends! But Maths and Science Secondary are always needed. IN NSW there is a big recruitment drive to get current unemployed teachers to change to secondary maths! Hope this helps!
  4. rebrol

    Teaching in OZ?

    Hi Mike - teaching jobs vary according to location and subject. Generally speaking teaching in the desirable areas is much more difficult to come by and casual work tends to be in the less desirable areas. Secondary subjects are more in demand than primary and male teachers are always going to be better off than females. Check out www.teachers.on.net it will give you a rough idea of availability in your preferred areas. The dept of Ed websites in your state also have jobfeeds which may be worth a look. If you are going to make the move get your CV done beforehand as this will save you time. Good Luck!
  5. rebrol

    school for kids with severe dyslexia

    Dyslexia awareness is growing but very very slowly and there is a lot of generalisations about it over here. I would maybe try contacting SPELD QLD and Margaret Hardy who runs Dyslexia Testing Services in QLD - she may be able to give you some advice regarding schools. However, as Quoll says it gets covered in school but schools don't always have specific programmes.
  6. Hi We would definately be up for a meet up (although hubby prob won't play footie) but we also live in Leonay. We have 2 children - pm me if you fancy a meet up or let us know if people are meeting up for a BBQ!!!
  7. We were in a similar situation when we moved here - no jobs, just some savings. Rentals are fiercely competitive in and around Sydney - we were turing up to look at houses with 60 others - all queuing outside. We eventually looked a little out of town and found a place in a nice area which we really liked. We got a 10 month lease as the owners were coming back in 10 months. We loved the area, but as the weeks went by, it was a real pain being out of the main area as we were using so much petrol. We couldn't wait to move and have now found our ideal area. It may be that you end up looking in areas which are not so popular (I don't mean rough areas) just less popular! Bring evidence that you are a good egg as it were, mortgage statements, loan statements - anything to prove you pay your bills and you should be fine! Good Luck!
  8. rebrol

    After positive things about oz plz

    We have been in Sydney for nearly 18 months now and although we pretty much knew what to expect as we had lived here before, we have no regrets about moving back. It is very different from when we were here before, but mainly due to the exchange rate. However as others have said you have to stop doing that because you earn dollars! Having been back to the UK very recently as soon as I landed, I knew I would never want to live in the UK again. We are so much better off in Oz, we can afford to go on several holidays, go for days out and eat out more often. The real bonus for me is I don't have to work full time and I had to in the UK. The only slight negative (and to be honest it isn't really) is we can't afford to buy as we have to build up our credit history here before we can get a mortgage - usually 2 years if you have a deposit. So we are renting a fabulous house which is massive compared to our 3 bed terrace in the UK, and unlike the UK you are actually better off renting as it is cheaper - no rates (council tax) only pay for water usage! The lifestyle is great - my husband finishes work at 3.30pm and 12pm on Fridays - allowing weekends away without using up holiday days. Of course there are days when you miss friends/family but the good days definately outweigh the bad!
  9. Hi Mark and Jodie Have you tried the park near Cables Wake Park in Panthers? It's got a huge air pillow and play area. There is also the Coffee Club opposite the Nepean River which has a play area, or there is nice park opposite and a nice walk along the river to other parks as well. Lollipops is an indoor play area which we go to occassionally - they wristband the kids and give you a matching security tag which gives some piece of mind! There is a small park at Emu Plains which has a nice park attached with a smallish track around - good for bigger ones on bikes and scooters as well as a kick about. Lookout in the paper over the holidays as Panthers do a free family funday Sunday - bouncy cstles, face painting etc and they do an open air movie at 6pm for the kids - think it is the first Sunday of every month! Bicentennial Park in Homebush is great but always v busy and we love the parks in Darling Harbour - when we get into the city! Featherdale Wildlife Park in Doonside is great and you usually get 2 for 1 with Coles shop-a-docket! We are having a BBQ with Jo and Jon (also from PIO) on Boxing Day which you are more than welcome to come to, otherwise meet up anytime - PM me or my contact details on my website below. I know that it took us awhile to settle in, still finding our feet a bit now and it's definately so much more expensive than it used to be - but much prefer the lifestyle! Hope this helps!
  10. Hi Anne We live in Leonay at the moment and love it. The local Primary School is lovely and my daughter will be starting next year. We live in a 4 bed house with huge living areas, a massive outdoor entertaining area and a reasonable garden. 10 min walk to the river and we overlook the golf course! We pay $500 a week to give you an idea. Houses here tend to be a little more pricey to rent, than Penrith. We started renting in Blaxland which is just up the mountain a bit, but it was just too far for us. Glenrook is nice, but pricey and can be noisy due to the highway! Emu Plains also nice but we prefer the houses in Leonay and I prefer the school here! Only my opinion! Also Leonay is less fierce for rentals as most people want to live in Glenmore Park or Penrith. We got our rental very easily and there are usually a few in Leonay as opposed to queuing with 60 others for houses in Penrith and Glenmore Park!! Leonay is also close to M4 which is great for getting into the city. If your husband needs to commute you would be better off here than Glenbrook as trains from Penrith go direct to city, mountain trainlines are slow and he would need to change at Penrith. To give you an idea of costs we pay $1000 a qtr for electric, $150 for water, $200 food (2 kids as well) we have a loan for our car but we only need one as hubbie gets a company one! If I can help with anything else feel free to ask.
  11. rebrol

    Hello, teachers question

    You have to get registered and pay your annual fee (in NSW it's $100) but all states differ. SEN is very different in Oz, much more emphasis on certain programmes (Reading Recovery and Multilit in NSW). SEN jobs are hard to come by - as is teaching jobs in more desirable areas!
  12. rebrol

    TV, phone and broadband providers?

    It all depends where you live. Some places only have one option - usually telstra and we pay about $100 for broadband and phone, but there are no free calls, it's all quite expensive. We were with TPG before but we kept getting slowed down because we exceeded our download limit. Where we are currently we only have the telstra option! It is so much more expensive than the UK!
  13. rebrol

    Emirates vs. Etihaad vs. Qatar Airways

    Have flown both Ethiad and Emirates a number of times. Both very good and very similar experience. The food and service was excellent much better than BA and Qantas. Abu Dhabi airport is rubbish though - nothing at all there to do! Very small.
  14. rebrol

    Living in the Blue Mountains

    Hi Cal I live in Leonay currently and lived in Blaxland for a bit when we first got here. I love Leonay, it has such a nice feel and it has great access to all areas. The mountains definately have a small town feel, everyone knows everyone. Lots of great cafes and parks. Try these websites - www.infobluemountains.net.au and www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au Hope this helps!
  15. rebrol

    Dreading the flight ..

    Depending on the airline, they can be quite funny about children sleeping on the floor. Some will allow it and others are total Hitlers about it. I know the dreaded feeling, flying with a 3 yr old and a 9 month old last year, but wasn't as bad as I expected. My 3 yr old did walk around the plane a lot but I thought, she isn't disturbing anyone, surely it has to be better than her screaming because I am trying to confine her to her seat! As others have said most people are understanding, and those that are not - well it is only 1 day-not a lifetime! They'll get over it! My advice about medicine to make your lo drowsy - just make sure they have taken it before and they don't have an altogether different reaction. My friend also recommended phenegan but another friend did this on a long haul and it made her lo hypo - I mean seriously hypo! I am sure they will find you seats together - most airlines are pretty good and we have flown several times and never been seated apart! Good Luck and hope all goes well!