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  1. hi les thanks for that, phoned them the other day and got all the info , can i ask whi is doing your shipping and the cost. thanks pauline
  2. hi lynne thats good, when you planning on going, the visa did not take long applied in feb got it july 12th this year so ver fast for visa, we have family friends in perth, still having second thoghts, hope you dont mind whats the name of the company, keep in touch paulinex
  3. hi lynne how are you, hows things going with the move to woods. change of plans for us we have our 176 visa and are moving to perth end march next year, i know it has taken us long time to get ourself in gear lol. thanks pauline
  4. hi hope anyone can help, what insurance company is good for shipping and what is the cost like, and do i have to list everything, not sure how it works. thanks the raes
  5. hi everyone we are from hamilton south lanarkshire not far from glasgow, good to see some other people moving, we got our 176 in july so just starting to plan the move, looking to go march next year will rent the house out, their is me my OH and son age 8, very worried about everything cant sleep at night , take it this must be normal i hope, it would be good to get some hints and tips from the people who have made the move, things you did things you wished you had done good shipping company. the raes
  6. the raes anyone any help and advice
  7. the raes got our visa, need some help and advise as were to start with all the planning, it would be good to get names of companys to use , things you have done or wished you hadent . all advise would be great pauline,david,callum age 8:biglaugh:
  8. Hi susie thanks for that, hows things going for you. pauline,david,callum:biggrin:
  9. hi everyone we used stephen dickson as our agent, he is in austrila and is registerd, we applyed for our 176 visa on feb 2011 and got it granted on 18th july very fast, stephen made it very easy any e mails i sent got a reply right away and he takes the fee in stages so you can do some of it yourself, i would defo recomend him. the rae family tra march ,ss sa april, june 176 submited, visa granted july :biggrin:
  10. hi hope you cant help got our visa gtanted today, do we all need to go to valadate it or can main aplicant do it. thanks the raes
  11. hi i was trying to work it out the other day , great post i would love to know how much people have done it for also. thnaks the raes
  12. the raes

    would the cost off living make you move back

    hi thanks for all the help, just need to grow a back bone and get on with it. thanks pauline david and callum
  13. the raes

    SS 176 visa fees - advise please

    hi we are using a agent and at same stage as you its only the ist payment you make, hope that helps the raes
  14. the raes

    would the cost off living make you move back

    thanks for all the thoughts, not sure if its to much of a gamble, do we want to strugle i am 37 and at a stage in life were we are comfortable, house prices seem to be through the roof we would need to spend about 400k and take it over 25 years again. pauline,david and callum
  15. we are thinking off making the move got our TRA and SA sponsorship and now just need to press the button with the visa fee, but got cold feet can we afford to live their, we only have 10 years left on our house and have 50k profit on it if well sell it and some savings to take with us and OH has job to go to 60k year but overtime their also and i would get a job, is it possible on this or not. pauline, david , callum:realmad: