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  1. You will probably struggle to get work as a qualified member of staff, unless you have your skills assessed. Your degree when complete will get you lots of work in child care as everyone seems to be screaming for qualified staff. Good luck Tracey
  2. Hi, Not sure of all the details just yet, but are there any Child Care Centre Managers looking for fulltime work near the city? Please PM if interested. Tracey
  3. TraceyT

    moving to glenelg

    Hi there, We live a couple of suburbs down the coast in Brighton & have been here for 4 months now. Glenelg is great & sounds perfect for the work you need. You may find it a little busy in summer though, but there are many beautiful suburbs surrounding it well within walking distance. To live this close to the beach down here is quite frankly living the dream we wanted. The people of Adelaide are so welcoming, I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world.
  4. TraceyT

    One of the gang......

    Hi, Good luck guys, not been on for a while, hope the court case went well. Glad to see you are moving in the right direction. Not seen the new town centre in Blackburn, it was finished after we left, but prob not a patch on Melbourne! Tracey x
  5. Hi Geoff, Well we have left sunny old Blackburn & landed in bloddy freezing Adelaide on Tuesday. Saying goodbye was hard, my advice after talking to other poms is to leave family in Blackburn & taxi to Manchester, it certainly made it easier for us, compared to others stories. Diazipan is a god send!! Hubby needed it to fly, but the jetlag set in once here & have been too tired to think. Get a car ASAP, otherwise you are isolating yourself, we didn't have one for 4 days and have now hired one, which makes life far easier. We have made friends with a great couple from Poms in Adelaide, the kids haven't joined any clubs yet, so haven't made friends with Aussies. TBH it feels like any other British city, which is a strange feeling & until the kids met kangaroos and koalas in the wildlife park yesterday I don't think it sank in that we are on the other side of the world. Just be there for each other, especially when you feel down. I can't wait to say it is the best thing we have done for our kids (too early yet), but surely getting out of Blackburn has got to be a positive move. I also think what is helping me is that I want to go back and visit later on next year to meet a my newborn neice, it seems to have made thinks seem easier for me. Anyway, good luck with the move. When are you coming? Tracey x
  6. Thanks for that, I will look into it
  7. Does anybody know of this offer? We are in Singapore for 18 hours and want to go into the city. Can you hop on and off this tour? Thanks in advance. Tracey
  8. TraceyT

    Hand over files??

    Sorry, may sound thick but can you clarify what you mean by 'visit bulk billed check up in with visit' - Is that for the doc or dentist? Not over in Oz yet so don't understand the lingo.
  9. TraceyT

    Our Visas have been 'Granted'!

    Fantastic news for you and your family, enjoy the celebrating, now you can really plan.
  10. TraceyT

    Nvq 3 in childcare- is it valid in wa?

    Hi, I have been told on here that with the level 3 nvq you may still need to pick up a couple more units when you get out to Oz. I am level 6 and still may need to do that (will prob see in June when I arrive). My Food safety, first aid and safeguarding (called mandatory reporting in Oz) run out this summer, so I am waiting to do them in Oz (not cheap), but will obviously be recognised. Before you get an assessment by TRA, go on to the ANZSCO code for Childcare Centre Manager and make sure you have all the necessary requirements. Good luck
  11. TraceyT

    Hand over files??

    We go to Oz at the end of June and just had a check up at the dentist. I asked for our hand over files and they said we won't need them, they said the dentist in Oz will be able to tell by just looking at our teeth what has been done to them. So I am chilling. Also my kids high school will email the new school any reports, as it is all electronic now. I have heard on here that a doctor will charge upto £15 per person for medical records. So unless you have a complex medical history I wouldn't bother getting the details. I have also heard that when you sign up to a doc in Oz, the initial check up is expensive!!
  12. TraceyT

    Dubai Airport!

    Hi, Just been recently and found it really busy. There are loads of shops (a lot of jewellers), but I don't think it will fill your 19 hours. There will probably be an airport website (Singapore has one), so you might be able to see what is on offer. We only had a 3 hour wait for our next flight, and it was the middle of the night, so didn't feel much like shopping. We fly through Singapore in June and have 18 hours to kill, so we are exploring the city on a tourist pass, it might be worth your while doing something similar. Good luck.
  13. TraceyT

    Education - Northern or Southern Hemisphere??

    My daughter started school in England far too young, she turned 4 in the July & the same Sept, she started full time education. She had a 2 hour sleep every afternoon, propped up with pillows in the quiet area with the kids being taught around her. She was later diagnosed as having dyslexia and is now doing rather well in her GCSE's (fingers crossed). This is down to her hard work and graft, she needed to prove to her peers that she isn't thick. We land in Adelaide in June and she goes back to year 10!!! After reading all your comments, I do feel relieved by some of the comments made about the Oz education system. Can I also add to the parents of other young dyslexic children that I have spent literally thousands on extra lessons & none have made the slightest difference to her spelling and punctuation. It is me that has had to chill and accept her requirements as a parent & stop presurising her.
  14. TraceyT

    Your Pro's & Con's......

    Anyone from SA?
  15. TraceyT

    Shipping from Manchester

    I am using Crown Relocations, who are based in Leeds. They come tomorrow and apparently will pack everything for us. We are taking no furniture but will prob fill quite a few boxes. They were the most helpful on the phone, so fingers crossed.